Tiny Rotten Peanuts Top 10

Published: March 30, 2015

While many bloggers do a top 10 post at the end of the year, I decided to put together a random top ten post now. In March. Because THAT’S HOW I ROLL. I’ll try not to ever use that phrase again. Or will I?

Do you want to see what my top 10 posts are now? It’s quite interesting (to me) and they are all art projects, so see if you don’t feel the urge to whip out the art materials after you peruse this list.

Totally easy tangle project

1. Easy Zentangle Project: This one’s a crowd pleaser. I’ve been vaguely following the world of Zentangle for years, and watched as people became Certified Master Zentanglers, and others started to lay claim to doodle designs they came up with. To me, this is the antithesis of what art should be about. When I set out to make a tangle project, I wanted to come up with something easy that anyone could do and still get cool results, and not worry about if they were using the correct pen or the correct techniques or not. This is about experimenting and drawing and enjoying yourself. (End of rant.)

Cool Craft string Easter eggs

2. Cool Craft String Easter Eggs: So this one’s a hot right now because it’s Easter time. But it’s also really cool. It’s messy but easy if you set up my rack drying system as outlined in the post, and they just look really pretty all hanging together.

Zentangle pattern ideas and starter pages

3. Tangle Patterns and Starter Pages: It turns out that to do my fake Zentangle project, people need fake pattern ideas and they also enjoy starter pages to get to doodling very quickly. P.S. these patterns are not overly complicated, but are still lovely and fun.

printmaking techniques

4. 25 Printmaking Ideas: Printmaking with kids is great, because there are so many techniques to explore with them. Printmaking as adults is great, because there are so many techniques that give you great results. This is my roundup of 25 choices you have, right now, to plunge into. Or just go pin it for later.

Awesome drawing games

 5. Drawing Games for Kids: How I love drawing games! They’re fun for everybody, and they’re rad because they get people drawing even if they are intimidated about art-making. Sneaky. 

painting with crayons

6. Crayon Painting: Using melty crayons is terrifically satisfying, as the colors are so saturated and pool on the hot surface, and you can move them around to get neato shapes and lines. Try this with older kids who know not to place their hands flat down on the hot tile.

Golden Ratio for kids

7. Golden Ratio for Kids: I wish this post was #1 just for the cool factor. The mind blowing concept of Golden Ratio really starts to make sense when you can visualize it.

Awesome DIY Lego table ideas

8. Awesome Lego Table Ideas:  If you happen to have a child who plays with Legos, you probably have millions of Legos everywhere that you step all over always, and you need to make a fabulous little Lego station for your kid.

Fun drawing ideas for kids

9. 20 Drawing Ideas for Kids: Yep, more drawing! Drawing for days! You can never have enough drawing ideas.

acrylic techniques to try with kids

10. Acrylic Painting Techniques to Try With Kids: We come to the end of our journey today by recognizing the fact that Acrylic paints are about the coolest material to ever rock this planet. Play with them.



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  1. Ohhh cool projects! I like the drawing games, good idea! I dabble in Zentangle but soon run out of ideas, so thanks for these.

  2. Jeanette: yes, I’m totally surprised sometimes. like “what is cream of tartar and what does it do” being one of my biggest of 2014? Who knew?

  3. Hi,
    I tried the Zentangles project and I loved the way it turned out. I wrote a blog post about it and mentioned this web address. Feel free to check and comment on my blog.


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