Drawing Games For Kids And Ridiculously Fun Family Time 2024

Published: November 9, 2012

Drawing games are a phenomenal way to get kids dragging a pencil across a surface.

They get to practice mark-making, they’re using their little noggins to think beyond simply drawing something, and they are fun.

Here is a collection of games you can try with your kids at home, in the car, or in the ever-dreadful waiting room.

After this, head over to my drawing games for kids or drawing ideas for kids, and your kids will never be at a loss for what to draw.

1. Exquisite Corpse Drawing Games for Kids

This drawing game got its start with those crazy Surrealist artists, and it is incredibly fun. One person starts with a piece of paper and drawing utensils and draws part of a figure or animal.

They fold the part of paperback that they have drawn on, leaving a little bit of the drawing shows. The paper is handed to the next person, and they start drawing where the first person left off.

Again, they leave a little bit of their drawing showing after they fold their drawing back, and this continues until the page has been filled.

You can choose to simply fold the paper in half and each person draws half of the drawing, or you can get all complicated and fold the paper into quarters or more. Hilarity will ensue.

Exquisite Corpse Drawings

Exquisite Corpse Drawings

2. Scribble Drawings

Scribble all over a piece of paper with a pencil. This in itself is fun, but then there’s more! Stare at the scribbles and see what pops out.

When you have found something, outline it in black Sharpie or some permanent marker, and leave the rest of the scribbles in the background, or continue to find background shapes in the remaining scribbles.

Color it in if you’re inspired.

Scribble Drawings Scribble Drawings

3. Flashlight Drawings

Shine a flashlight on different objects with the light aimed toward the wall. With a piece of paper taped to the wall, trace the shadow of the object. Here are some examples we made of these.

You will have a distorted drawing of your object, and you can go in and add a scene around it, or just trace a bunch of objects on the same page. (Small Spiderman toys work quite well.)

Drawing games for kids at Artchoo.com

 More Drawing Games for Kids

4. This is a fantastic game from Nurture Store, where one child draws something and then verbally explains to another child(ren) exactly how to draw what they have drawn. This is a good way to practice communication skills.

5. Another favorite around here is for one of us to draw something and the other person tries to copy it exactly. Fen loves doing this especially, and she gets so intense in her concentration.

6. Don’t forget my Blind Contour Drawing post from a few weeks back- it’s always a fun time.

7. One person can start a drawing and pass the paper to the next person to finish. You can set a time limit for each person, or just let them wing it and pass off the paper when they feel they are about halfway finished with the drawing.

8. Similar to finding something to draw from your scribble page, is to close your eyes and draw a quick scribble on a piece of paper, pass the paper onto someone else who then has to use the scribble as the starting point for their drawing.

9. An adult draws geometric shapes on a piece of paper and hangs it up for the kids to see. The adult then calls out a shape at a time and each kid must use that shape in their drawing to form a scene. This idea is based on Cheri Harrell’s idea from Teachers.net.

10. A game I saw in a book once- can’t remember where- is to draw 5 dots on a piece of paper, then, using those dots, draw a person. One dot will be where the head is, 2 dots where the hands are, and two marks where the feet are. Make sense? Wait- I’ll make my stepson draw one for you. Look:

Drawing games for kids from Artchoo.com

Have fun!

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  1. What a fun post and great ideas to get kids excited about art in a playful way. My daughter and I often make up our own art games and play when in car, before bed time etc. I like the scribble game. We’ll give it a go!
    Thank you fir sharing…

  2. We play the one where you pass a drawing back and forth and keep adding to it. I’d like to try the dot one and the scribble sounds fun too. These would be great for kids who are reluctant to draw but like games.

  3. I love these! I am going on an airplane soon with my 5 year old…These games will be perfect. I used to play a game at parties I hosted where we all start out with a piece of paper. We all then write a descriptive sentence at the top. We then hand the paper to the next person and they draw below a picture of the what the sentence describes. Then we fold the 1st person’s sentence back, so now only the picture is showing and pass it on to the next person. They then write a sentence describing the picture they see. And so on. It is similar to “Operator”. It was a hit! Thank you for your post!

  4. My children love making shadows with torches. I have taken photos of some of the crazy poses they have made and then printed them onto paper to use as a creative drawing prompt. However, we have never traced the shadow of an object. Looking forward to giving this idea a go with my children.

  5. Thanks very much indeed…I’d forgotten about lots of these…I’ll have a bit of fun when school goes back after the holidays

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas. My daughter will be having an art themed birthday party next week and I plan to use some of these ideas for ‘games’. Should be a lot of fun.


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