Inspired By Zentangle Patterns and Starter Pages

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Zentangle patterns and printable tangle starter pages

First, a word about Zentangle® – It is a technique invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas; please click here to see the official Zentangle site to read and learn more about it.

I’ve got TWO things for you today! Seen above is a free page of Zentangle patterns (inspired by the Zentangle method.  for your downloading and printing pleasure. As seen below, I have designed some completely awesome tangle starter pages.


Yep, I have officially jumped into the role of powerful business magnate with the opening of my shop. I’m starting with tangle starter pages, because sometimes it’s even too hard to get a piece of paper ready to start tearing it up with your hot tangles.

Plus, tangling is freakishly fun, relaxing, and does something magical with the creative pods in your braingoo. It taps into them and makes them sing.

Zentangle starter pages and zentangle patterns


In fact, if you have several of these sheets lying around, don’t be surprised if you soon find other members of your family and random friends sitting around the table with you, drinking root beer floats and chatting about the vastness of space and other fascinating tidbits.

Tangling tends to bring out the best in people.

I had the best time in the whole world designing these starter pages, and I tried to give a good mix of different styles for you to work on according to your whim. Feel free to print out the Zentangle® patterns pdf here to use with my starter pages, or you can use it as inspiration to come up with your very own patterns. Or, heck, just print it out and hang it on your wall.

Find Tangle Starter Pages Here:

 Original Tangle Starter Pages Tangle Starter Pages Round 2 Save Money With the Entire Dozen

Wanna see my finished masterpiece? I decided to make an extremely colorful tangle:

Colorful Zentangle patterns - plus more zentangle ideas and tangle starter pages

More Zentangle Ideas:

Print the same design out for everyone to work on and see how different they look when they’re finished.

Limit yourself to using just black to tangle, or maybe 2-3 colors.

Tangle with a friend: you start one page, your friend starts another, then you switch pages after abut 30 minutes.

Print the starter pages out on heavy white cardstock. Fill in the white spaces with watercolor or marker-color, and tangle over them after they dry.

OMG, combine tangling and glitter! Fill in some shapes with glue, sprinkle glitter over them, and POW!

After you finish tangling, seal your masterpiece with shiny Mod Podge.

Kid craft: cut out tangled circles and Mod Podge both sides with a few coats to use as coasters! (Much better teacher gift than a bruised old apple.)

Here’s another Zentangle project I came up with- a totally easy way to get kids tangling.

Check out these cool ideas, too!

Relaxation Through Art-Making

My book, Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book, for easy directions to draw lots of cool coloring or tangle starters!

Pen recommendations: 

Sakura 3-Piece Zentangle Pen Set
Sakura Fine Point Gel Ink Pen Set, Assorted Colors

White card stock:

Neenah Exact Index Cardstock

And lastly, tell me what you think! You like? You hate? You fall asleep?


  1. Jacky Lavin
    12/14/2014 / 8:10 am

    It’s brilliant!

  2. dulcie
    01/13/2015 / 7:20 pm

    When I draw with my kids my favorite thing to do is take a ruler and draw intersecting lines all over the paper and then color them in. I didn’t know I was ZENTANGLEing!!! Can’t wait to get your pages and start coloring!

    • 01/14/2015 / 12:57 pm

      Ha! You just discovered it on your own. 🙂 Have fun with the pages!!

      • LInda Dochter
        12/12/2015 / 11:24 am

        The starter pages are new. The method has been around for years ( as well as the patterns (

  3. stacy
    01/14/2015 / 12:04 pm

    How do we access the starter pages? I can download the designs, but not the starter pages. Thanks!
    My 2nd grade students love doing pentangles.

    • 01/14/2015 / 1:00 pm

      Hi Stacy! You can access them here: I changed the image so it links right to my store now- I guess that would help 🙂 I’m so excited you’ve done this sort of thing with your second graders. I’d love to witness a whole class full of kids absorbed in doing this. 🙂

      • Stacy
        01/14/2015 / 4:18 pm

        Thank you! You rock! I try all sorts of things with my students each year. This year there is a heavy emphasis on mindfulness at my school. Taking care of the self is very important and I wanted to show the kids that drawing can be very soothing for the mind, body and spirit. I needed to tap into “all” of their interests so I could hook them into the world of mindfulness with different choices. Zentangles continue to be a HUGE hit!

  4. Karen
    03/05/2015 / 7:32 pm

    its funny, isn’t it…most of us have done something like this before. Now it has a real name. But it’s still lots of fun seeing how everyone else does it, and learning from everyone else.

  5. Elaine Foard
    03/08/2015 / 8:08 am

    Fun project with the grandkids. What size paper do you use for the pattern pages?

    • 03/08/2015 / 8:23 pm

      I just use 8 1/2 x 11″ for them-I hope you have fun!

  6. 04/11/2015 / 9:41 am

    I’m beginner in Zentangle. Thank you very much for your ideas. I have much to learn and I hope, my Tangles will be better every day.

    • 04/12/2015 / 7:40 am

      Hi Nora! I hope you are enjoying it- so glad to be of help!

  7. May
    10/21/2015 / 6:51 am

    I love it, my daughter loves it. And since I am doing recess buddies with Gr 1 and 2, can I print copies to work with them? Thank you! God bless you for your amazing ideas!.


  8. Dania
    12/21/2015 / 8:19 pm

    awesome stuff, this is and pinterest are my favorite websites

  9. Dania
    12/21/2015 / 8:19 pm


  10. Dania
    12/21/2015 / 8:21 pm

    All these patterns are so elegant and amazing, whimsy and playful, angry and spicy, boring and plain (in its own good way)!!!!!!

  11. 01/20/2016 / 4:55 am

    Where can I find the Zentangle Starter Pages file please? The link doesn’t work, and I’d really like them.

  12. dawn
    03/12/2016 / 7:35 am

    I love it . thank you for photos

    • dawn
      03/12/2016 / 7:39 am

      and I am Iranian . your website is very good. thanks for your photos

      • 03/16/2016 / 10:55 am

        Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for your comment- I’m thrilled to hear that you like my website. It’s always so fun to hear from people!

  13. Raudha
    09/25/2016 / 11:23 pm

    Hello from Singapore!! I was at Artful Parent page trying out the Zentangle-inspired activity with my 5-year-old girl. It then led to your website for beginners tangling. Thanks for sharing.

    And i LOVE iced green tea too!!!


    • 09/26/2016 / 1:57 pm

      Hi Raudha! I’m so glad you made your way over here. Did your daughter like the tangle project? I’m finding that some younger kids like to do it, and some find it totally boring (like my son) 🙂 Thanks for the comment, and let’s have a virtual green tea together…

  14. 03/29/2017 / 8:42 am


  15. bb666sv
    02/19/2018 / 11:55 pm

    My family all the time say that I am killing my
    time here at web, but I know I am getting know-how daily by reading thes pleasant posts.

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