Magazine Collage Faces

A favorite project for us to do around here is to rip up and reconfigure faces in magazines. It’s quick, easy and usually gives some pretty funny results.

Sometimes we simply switch around facial features, which is the most hilarious way to do this.



However, if you want to take it to the next level, kids can tear out skin and hair photos from magazines and then rip them up into smaller pieces. We had 4 piles going: 1 for lighter hair, 1 for darker hair, 1 for lighter skin, 1 for darker skin.

After you have your piles started, you can start gluing pieces on over an intact face of your choosing. Fen chose Christy Turlington to deface.

christy Turlington face


Here she goes, with a new mouth, eyes and a stunning new earring. Did you notice that her mouth is upside down? Poor girl.

christy turlington collage


Lookin’ good, Christy. Maybe she’s born with it.

christy face collage


Here’s what the next stage would be to this project, probably for kids at least 11-ish and up: organize the piles of hair and skin into at least 3 shades- light, medium dark. Collage the lightest skin onto the lightest areas of skin on the face, dark onto the dark areas, medium on medium, ditto with the hair. So scroll up right now and look at the highlights on her nose, middle of her forehead, and under her eyes. The light pieces of skin go here!

This gets kids looking closely at light gradations in skin and thinking about working in a painterly manner with collage. Someday… they might even…. want to do this with paint!

Okay, now look at this and marvel at the fact that it was created out of magazine scraps. And then go ahead and click through to see more. So cool.

magazine scrap collages of famous paintings
By Vik Muniz




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  1. I think a fun follow-up project for kids or adults would be to then do a painting inspired by your collage!


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