Halloween Crafts for Teenagers

The spooky season is one of the most festive times of the year. The candy, costumes, and decorations, what’s not to love? So, while you’re stocking up on your M&Ms and curating a list of scary movies to watch, how about you try your hand at some easy Halloween crafts?

We’ve collected a list of fun crafts for teenagers. So, whether you’re a teen looking to spend some time creating Halloween crafts with friends or a parent who needs fun activities of homemade projects to bond with their kids, take a look at the next fun Halloween craft ideas!

1. Halloween Layered Candles

Let’s start this list with one of our favorite Halloween craft ideas: layered candles! Not only are the materials needed for this easy Halloween craft super inexpensive, but you’ll also have fun making and personalizing them with your friends or family.

You can use these candles as simple decorations to capture the Halloween spirit or add a few drops of your preferred essential oils to make them fragrant; the choice is yours!

Learn more about this DIY Halloween Candles craft idea on candlejunkies.com.

2. Fabric Ghost Craft

Ghost crafts are the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season. Fabric ghosts are one of the easiest Halloween crafts for kids and teenagers. You only need cheap fabric like muslin and some yarn to bring your vision to life.

You can incorporate them into fun Halloween party decorations or hang them on your door to give trick-or-treaters a fun scare! To avoid injuries, you may need to ask for help if you’re not good with scissors.

Check the instructions for this Friendly Ghost Craft for Halloween on buggyandbuddy.com.

3. Decorated Skulls

Want to make Halloween fun? Well, skulls are staple Halloween decorations, and it’s about time you created your own handmade decor! The great thing about decorated skulls is that adults, teens, and even preschoolers can embellish them.

Unleash your creativity by painting prop skulls with vibrant colors or dousing them with glitter. The sky is the limit!

Find all three ways to decorate Halloween Skulls on abeautifulmess.com.

4. Spider Soap

Spider crafts are always fun, at least the ones involving fake spiders! If you give this Halloween project a go, we guarantee you’ll give your house guests a proper scare. All you need for this fun craft is some glycerin soap base, your favorite essential oil, a bag of rubber spiders, and a functional microwave!

Teens will love making these creepy soap bars and presenting them as gifts, but if you involve kiddos, make sure that you keep a close eye on them since operating a microwave may require an adult.

Here’s an implementation of Creepy, Crawly Homemade Spider Soap craft on steampoweredfamily.com.

5. Spooky Lanterns

Step aside, old jack o lantern crafts because spooky mason jar lanterns are all the rage now! If you’re not into pumpkin carving but still want to spice up your Halloween decor collection, then this might be one of the best ideas for you.

If you have vinyl paper lying around, you can choose between little monsters, witches, or even princess designs to decorate your jars. Then, spray the jars with some purple paint and let them glow in the dark.

A step-by-step tutorial for these Enchanting Halloween Lanterns is available on adventure-in-a-box.com.

6. Halloween Punch Bowls

Thirsty for more Halloween crafts? Then, you’ll love this punch bowl fun Halloween idea. These bowls aren’t just functional, but they also double as the perfect decoration for any Halloween party.

Teens, kids, and adults can all partake in this spooky project by picking their desired vinyl design, whether they involve princesses, witch hats, or handprint spiders. Stick some googly eyes and spider web designs onto your bowls, and you’re ready to party!

For more great ideas on how to decorate a DIY Halloween Punch Bowl, read the instructions on nobiggie.net.

7. Four-Paint Pumpkin Crafts

Whether you grow your own pumpkins or buy them straight from the market, you can’t deny that they lend themselves to many Halloween arts and crafts projects. Painted pumpkins are simply one of the best pumpkin decorating ideas for kids and teens.

Just choose your preferred color palette of four hues and swirl them onto your pumpkins to make your own Halloween garden ornaments.

You can find a detailed guide for these Gorgeous Pour Paint Pumpkins on bhg.com.

8. Bat Treat Bags

You’re never too old to go trick or treating, so how about you create your own collection of bat treat bags? If you’re a mom, this type of fun Halloween crafts will keep your children busy for hours.

You’ll need crepe paper, glue, scissors, tape, and glue! Cut and glue your bat designs and fill the bags with tasty sweets. Surprising every young house guest with a treat bag will feel just as much fun as trick-or-treating!

For more on how to create these Bat Treat Bags, check sayyes.com.

9. Mummy Pillows

You didn’t think we would forget about mummies when curating a list of our favorite Halloween projects, did you? Well, let’s transform your old, plain throw pillows into Halloween-worthy crafts. This is a winning idea if you’re not good at sewing or want to give your kids something to do while preparing for Halloween.

Ideally, you’ll need to glue gauze or similar-looking fabric onto your pillows to make them resemble mummies. However, you can substitute the fabric with a toilet paper roll if you’re in a pinch!

Learn more about this easy No Sew DIY Mummy Pillow at sugarandcharm.com.

10. Wicked Signposts

This is the ultimate Halloween idea for experienced craft enthusiasts. Take your Halloween ornaments to the next level by making a spine-tingling signpost and putting it in your front yard.

This creation requires wood boards, spray paint, nails, and many other materials, so it’s only suitable for older kids and teens. Since you’ll need to use power tools and sandpaper as well, adults should supervise the process. We recommend adding a garland of fallen leaves to your signpost for extra pizzaz!

Instructions for this DIY Halloween Spooky Lantern Sign Post can be found on momendeavors.com.

11. Realistic Witch’s Hearth

If you want some realistic Halloween crafts for kids and teens, then this witch’s hearth is one of the best ideas you can implement. While this hearth looks challenging to make, it’s actually pretty simple and requires cheap and readily available materials.

With some orange lights, plastic bones, white and black spray paint, a cauldron, and some spray foam, you can create this scary Halloween decor with your kids or friends.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to make this Ultimate Fake Fire Prop for Halloween on makelifelovely.com.

12. Skeleton Snack Boards

No Halloween is complete without delicious snacks, so why not ditch your paper plates in favor of a festive snack board? This is one of the best ideas for kids and teens bored on a Halloween night and craving some easy Halloween crafts.

Just cut a foam core board into a skull shape and add your snacks, including popcorn, cheese, chocolate, and apples. Don’t forget to insert popsicle sticks into the cheese cubes to make them easier to eat on the go!

For more instructions on making a Skeleton Snack Board and some fun snack variations to try, check almostmakesperfect.com.

Here you have it, a fun collection of Halloween crafts for teenagers you can try this October. Most of these Halloween creations are accessible for both kiddos and teens. So, enjoy the Halloween spirit by giving these super simple projects a try; we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect Halloween craft for you and your family!



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