Father’s Day Handprint Crafts

Published: March 26, 2022

There are tons of Father’s Day handprint crafts that only require a child’s hand and some paint to craft. Fathers and grandpas simply love handcrafted gifts from their kids or grandkids.

Here, we’ve curated a list of some of the most inspiring child’s hand Father’s Day crafts that can be created in just a few minutes without making everything messy. So let’s get started right away!

Handprint Football “I’m Your #1 Fan” Father’s Day Card

Does your dad love football? If so, then what better way to symbolize your love for him than a handprint football “I’m your #1 fan” Father’s Day card?

All it takes is a small cup of brown and white paint. Draw the “I’m your #1 fan” line with your fingers or markers and voilà!

Get the elaborated handprint football “I’m your #1 fan” Father’s Day card instructions at craftymorning.com.

Handprint Dinosaur Father’s Day Card

Your dad would definitely love this handprint dinosaur Father’s Day card. Make the dinosaur’s outline, add a pair of googly eyes, and use your hands to make the spikes of the dinosaur and complete the drawing.

Read the full handprint dinosaur Father’s Day card tutorial at craftymorning.com.

Helping Hands Gardening Gloves for Father’s Day

Do you want your father to giggle a bit when trimming down your backyard’s grass? Make them these heart-warming helping hands gardening gloves. It’s as easy as getting a pair of gardening gloves and hand printing your hands on them with paint.

Find out more about the helping hands gloves craft from jenniferperkins.com.

Fingerprint Daddy & Me Mug

If your dad or grandpa is a coffee and tea lover, this fingerprint daddy & me mug would be an awesome Father’s Day gift. All you need is a solid-color mug and some paint. Then, ask your dad to put his fingerprint next to yours on the mug and draw some hair on them.

Check out the full fingerprints daddy & me mug tutorial at craftsbyamanda.com.

I’m as Lucky as Can Be Plaque for Dad

Your dad would undoubtedly love this handcrafted “I’m as lucky as can be” plaque on Father’s Day. You can make this plaque with a piece of pre-cut MDF and some wood squares.

For more fun, make multiple squares with one handprint inside each of them so that other siblings can participate.

Check out how to create this “I’m as lucky as can be” plaque at thehandmadehome.net.

Handprint Darth Vader Card

Is your dad a die-hard Star Wars fan? Then this creative handprint Darth Vader card would be an unexpected gift for them. You just need to handprint your hand in an upside-down position with black paint and add some white paint to mimic the shape of Darth Vader’s head.

Draw a “You are our father!” tag line right below it to complete the craft.

Get the step-by-step instructions from proverbialhomemaker.com.

Daddy’s Little Monsters Handprint Craft

Create some goofy-looking monsters with handprints in this daddy’s little monsters handprint craft. Use a unique color for each handprint to make it stand out and add googly eyes for extra fun.

Get the elaborated daddy’s little monsters handprint craft instructions at houseofburke.blogspot.ca.

Printable Father’s Day Tie Card

Create a printable Father’s Day tie card by cutting a piece of cardboard into the shape of a tie and decorating it with colorful fingerprints using your thumb. This simple heart-warming gift idea works well as a last-minute resort.

Get the step-by-step printable Father’s Day tie card instructions from funhandprintartblog.com.

Official World’s Best Dad Award Printable

This “Official World’s Best Dad Award” can be hung on the wall for decoration. You just need a printable template with the design and some paint for the handprints. You can also decorate the tie in the template to match the handprints’ color.

Check out how to make the “Official World’s Best Dad Award” printable at funlovingfamilies.com.

Hooked on You Dad Handprint Craft

This cute little “Hooked on You Dad” handprint craft would be a lovely gift for your fishing addict father. Use handprints to create the outline of a fish and add an old shoelace to make the fishing line.

Get the step-by-step tutorial from alittlepinchofperfect.com.

Hands Down Best Dad (or Grandpa) Handprint Craft

Sometimes, a Father’s Day handcraft doesn’t need to have a particular theme or idea. Something as simple as a “hands down best dad” handprint craft would definitely give your father an idea of how much you love him.

Take a look at the instructions for the hands down best dad handprint craft at catchmyparty.com.

Handprint Baseball for Dad

Is your dad or grandpa a big baseball fan? How about gifting them a handprint baseball on Father’s Day? It’s very easy to create, making it a good option as a last-minute craft idea.

If you already have an old baseball at home, all you need to do is hold it with your paint-soaked hand and maybe add a short quote to personalize it.

Check out the full handprint baseball tutorial at downhomeinspiration.com.

Dad’s Hunting Buddies

This dad’s hunting buddies card is one of the best handprint crafts for kids who enjoy hunting with their dads. Use brown paint for the handprints and draw antlers with black markers to resemble the shape of a deer.

Get the detailed dad’s hunting buddies tutorial from facebook.com/jaeartworks.

Key Hook for Dads

Looking for a practical Father’s Day craft idea? This key hook is a must-try. Your dad will see it every morning when picking up his keys before heading to work, and it’ll last for many years to come!

Learn how to craft a key hook for dads at freekidscrafts.com.


Is your dad or grandpa known for being the undisputed BBQ party host? Then making him this “DADDY IS KING OF THE GRILL” tray would put a smile on his face. Craft a fun lion outline using orange paint by making multiple handprints in 4-5 different directions.

Get the detailed “DADDY IS KING OF THE GRILL” tray from paintedpigstudio.com.

Father’s Day Handprint “Pat on the Back” Shirt

This is yet another practical Father’s Day gift that kids find easy to make. The father’s day handprint “pat on the back” shirt is a gift that more than one child can participate in. You just need a basic shirt of any color and some paint to put handprints on the back of the shirt.

Check out the Father’s Day handprint “pat on the back” t-shirts instructions at sugarbeecrafts.com.

Superhero Father’s Day Handprint Art

Children usually see their dads as a superhero that can literally do anything for them. But who said that these should just be words? Show your dad how you think of him with this awe-inspiring superhero Father’s Day handcraft art that can be created with a handprint and a footprint.

Get ideas on how to make a superhero Father’s Day handprint art from craftymorning.com.

Father’s Day Handprint Crafts Round-Up

So these were some of the easiest, cutest, and most unique Father’s Day handprint crafts for dad and grandpa. Use this collection to get inspiration for your Father’s Day handprint craft ideas.

Pretty much all of these handprint crafts are kid-friendly, and it won’t take a child more than 10 minutes to craft one of them. It’s amazing to witness what a little child’s handprint can make!

Get more ideas for Father’s Day handprints at craftwhack.com.



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