Flower Crafts For Kids

Kids love getting their hands dirty; it’s what they do!

Luckily, there are tons of flower crafts for kids that’ll keep them busy for a while and help them develop fine motor skills. Whether you want to make some flower crafts for a special occasion, your class, or your children, the creative ideas are more than you can count.

In this lovely roundup, we’ve curated a list of some of the most inspiring flower craft ideas that’ll give you the opportunity to spend some time with your kids making flower crafts. Let’s go through them right now!

Spring Tulip Paper Flower Crafts

These spring tulip flowers would be a unique way to create a festive atmosphere when spring is just around the corner. Kids will enjoy making these simple spring tulip paper flowers; all you need is some paper and straws, and your kids will have enough tulips to play around with and give as gifts.

Learn how to make spring tulip paper flowers at iheartcraftythings.com.

Flowers Constructed From Cupcake Liners

Wait! Don’t throw away those remaining cupcake liners from yesterday’s party. You can make some pretty-looking flowers constructed from mini cake liners in a few simple steps with the kids. It’s as easy as combining them with some colorful buttons and straws.

This is one of the projects that can be quite handy when preparing for birthdays.

Get the full instructions for cupcake liner flowers at firefliesandmudpies.com.

Princess Wand Flower Craft

This one will definitely impress the little girls. The floral princess wand can be made using straws, silk flowers, and crepe paper streamers. Your baby girl would definitely feel like a little princess when holding it.

Get the detailed floral princess wand guide from valeventgal.com.

Greeting Cards From Leftover Paper Scraps

Whenever you’re done with a flower craft project, you’ll almost always have some paper scraps left that you’ll just throw away. Well, guess what? You can make some pretty cool greeting cards with your kids using leftover paper scraps. Let your kids paint them, and they’ll have their hands busy for days!

Find out how to make greeting cards from leftover paper scraps at mamaisdreaming.blogspot.com.

A Beautiful Felt Rose Pencil Topper

Having a hard time encouraging your kid to study? Well, how about making them a beautiful felt rose pencil topper that’ll make them fall in love with their homework all over again?

It’s super fun to make, and you can even use it as a DIY gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for beautiful felt rose pencils topper at whiteflowerlane.com.

3D Folded Felt Flower Crafts

This little project requires some sewing, so either craft it with older kids or handle the sewing all by yourself. These 3D folded felt flowers are perfect for table or package decorations. You can even bundle them up in a bouquet and put them in a vase.

Take a look at the 3D folder felt flower craft guide from applegreencottage.com.

Floral Painted Rocks

Do you want to give your backyard a whole new look? These floral-painted rocks would definitely do the trick. Get some rocks and paint them with your kids, and sprinkle them around in the garden for a wonderful landscape that perfectly displays all the colors of nature.

Read the in-depth floral painted rocks guide at craftsbyamanda.com.

Gorgeous Paper Flower Easter Eggs

You can’t just let Easter come and go without crafting some festive Easter eggs. But if you want to make something new, consider adding little pieces of colored paper to the eggs and create these lovely paper flower easter eggs for your kids.

All you need is a pair of scissors and some paper to make them.

Check out the detailed paper flower easter eggs guide from tellloveandparty.com.

Colorful Paper Flowers From Paper Plates

Cut some plain paper plates and paint them to create these beautiful paper flowers. Try to cut each plate a little bit differently and choose matching colors for the best results. You can hang these colorful paper flowers made from paper plates on the wall for decoration or even use them as gifts.

Find the extensive colorful paper plate paper flowers guide at pinkstripeysocks.com.

Sunflowers From Recycled Egg Cartons

Got some unused egg cartons? Try out this flower craft idea by making sunflowers from recycled egg cartons. You just need to cut the cartons into small pieces to create the shape of the sunflower. You’ll be making a cute piece of artwork while also contributing to a greener Earth!

Learn how to make sunflowers from recycled egg cartons at buggyandbuddy.com.

Cute Flower Cards for Mom

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for kids to craft something for their moms, so how about making her some cute flower cards? All you need is a few pieces of colored cardstock. Add a picture of the kid’s face right at the center of the flower to make their mother happier!

Get the step-by-step guide on how to create cute flower cards for mom at messylittlemonster.com.

Yarn Flower Art

Yarn flower crafts are pretty easy to make. Let your kids get creative with these cool flower yarn art pieces by drawing the outline with glue and filling it with yarn.

If you have preschoolers or toddlers, you can make them fill pre-made figures.

Follow the detailed yarn flower art guide at easypeasyandfun.com.

Button Flower Art

Ever thought about turning your button collection into something beautiful? Check out these beautiful button art flower crafts for kids. These are very easy to make since there’s very little drawing and painting involved. It’s as easy as arranging colorful buttons into flower shapes.

Get the instructions for button flower art from easypeasyandfun.com.

Printable Flower Wreaths

Wreaths have always been a symbol of joy and victory. To create these printable flower wreaths, All you have to do is print the template, make a circular cut-out, and let your kids fill the flower shapes with vibrant colors. Hang the wreaths on the wall for decoration.

Follow the detailed printable flower wreaths guide from easypeasyandfun.com.

Lollipop Flowers

Kids go crazy over lollipops, but decorating them into beautiful flower crafts takes them to a whole new level. These would be wonderful as gifts for your children or kids in your class if you’re a teacher.

Learn how to create flower-shaped lollipops at easypeasyandfun.com.

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelets

Turn tissue paper into beautiful jewelry with this tissue paper flower bracelets project. These colorful bracelets would make great gifts for little girls.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for tissue paper flowers at buggyandbuddy.com.

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage

Make this accordion folder spring flower collage for unforgettable springtime with the little ones. Get a piece of cardboard and fold it in an accordion style, along with some straws or colorful pieces of paper, and voilà! You’ve created a unique flower craft project that can serve as a beautiful decoration item in the room.

Learn how to make an accordion folder spring flower collage at makeandtakes.com.

Blossom Fairy Lights Flower Craft

Decorate your chandeliers with these beautiful flower crafts and turn them into blossom fairy lights. These look very beautiful with warm, calm lighting. You can create these colorful flowers using an old recycled egg carton.

Check out the full blossom fairy lights flower craft at redtedart.com.

Daffodil Craft For Kids

Combine a toilet paper tube with a green chenille stem and some orange and yellow paint to make this daffodil craft for kids. Cut the tube from one side with a pair of scissors to make the petals and finger-cut it from the other side, and bend out the fringe.

Read the in-depth daffodil craft for kids guide at naturallyeducational.com.

Origami Flower Crafts For Kids

Origami flower crafts are super fun for kids and adults alike. Make these beautiful flower crafts for kids with colorful paper and teach them how to master the Japanese paper folding art.

Learn how to create Origami flower crafts for kids at herecomethegirlsblog.com.

Cherry Blossoms

This project is super simple that even preschoolers can work on it. Take a walk in the garden and pick a tree stick with thin branches and decorate them with paper or satin flowers to make cute cherry blossoms.

Get the detailed instructions for cherry blossoms at howweelearn.com.

Flower Crafts for Kids Round-Up

Alright; so these were some of the most fun flower crafts for kids. From cupcake liner flowers to lovely greeting card shapes and paper plate flowers, there are lots of craft projects on your plate that you can start making with your kids right now without requiring special supplies.

Oh, and don’t forget to reach out and tell us which are your favorite flower crafts for kids!

Check out more creative ideas to make beautiful flowers at craftwhack.com.



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