Ceramic Bowl Painting Ideas

Ceramic Bowl Painting Ideas

Pottery painting is soothing, enjoyable, and results in beautiful utensils that awe everyone. Not to mention, it gives your kitchen an irresistible charm and helps you reflect your personality on your dinner table. But, if you want to take up the hobby, you need many ideas to get you going. That’s where we come in to help!

We’ve made a list of many ceramic bowl painting ideas that you can try out in your free time. So grab your painting tools and jump in!

1. Sharpie Art Bowls

You can use many materials to paint on ceramic bowls, and sharpies are one of the easiest because you’ll have more control over your hand movements using them. As a result, you don’t need advanced painting skills to finish this project.

You can buy sharpies in different colors and draw beautiful floral patterns on your bowls. And for more ideas using sharpies, you can check

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2. How to Paint Ceramic

In this project, you’ll use food-safe colors and masking tape to create geometric shapes on your ceramics. This painting style won’t take much of your time, and you’ll love the results as much as we do. But beware that you’ll have to wait for the colors to dry before you can put food in them.

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3. DIY Painted Bowls

If you want to add a decorative touch to your bedroom, you can give this project a chance. Those ceramic bowls are mainly meant for storing jewelry; accordingly, you can use acrylic paint.

It’ll result in bright colors without risking your health since you won’t put any food on the plates. And you can try different patterns like dots, lines, and flowers.

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4. Handpainted Ceramic Bowls

Pottery painting is pretty easy when you have the right tools. You don’t need to draw many intricate details and complicated patterns to gain a beautiful utensils set.

First, you should get multi-surface paint, a brush, and toothpicks to paint your bowl. Then, after using your artistic skills on the bowl, you should put it in the oven to dry.

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5. How to Paint a Soup Bowl

Everybody loves soup, and you can make your personalized soup bowl using ceramic markers. For instance, you can draw a silhouette of a city’s skyline using a black marker and write the city’s name using red.

More so, if you travel a lot, you can make a bowl for each town you visit and showcase them in your house. They’ll store your memories in a unique and smart way.

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6. Pretty Handpainted Ceramic Bowl

Pottery painting ideas are endless; you can use sharpies, markers, watercolors, acrylic paint, and more. This time, you’ll use primer paint and colored pencils to draw beautiful poppies on your bowl or any type of flowers you like.

Beware that you have to cover the bowl’s entire surface with primer paint and wait for it to dry before you can start painting. This way, the colors will be more bright and durable.

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7. DIY Color-Edged Dessert Plates

With white ceramic bowls, a cotton swab, and non-toxic paint, you can create beautiful pottery set to use on birthdays and other parties. It’s a simple project yet breeds elegant and colorful results.

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8. Dishwasher-Safe Decorated Mugs

Although this idea is primarily meant for mugs, you can follow the steps for painting any pottery you have, like ceramic bowls.

First, you’ll use food-safe colors to paint the patterns you want, then put the bowl in an oven. If you skip the oven step, the colors will fade over time, and you won’t be able to use the dishwasher anymore.

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9. Painted Pet Bowl

If you want to customize a food plate for your pet, you can use a ceramic bowl and some oil paint to get the job done.

For example, suppose you own a cat; you can paint little paws on the pottery with other decorative details. And the plate will be dishwasher and microwave-safe after drying the paint in the oven.

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10. No-Bake Sharpie Art Bowl

If you want pottery painting ideas that don’t include baking, here’s a fabulous one. You’ll use sharpies to draw the patterns you want and mod podge to seal the colors.

Then, you’ll cure the pottery for about a month before using it for eating. If you aren’t willing to wait that long, you can use the bowl for decorating your house.

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11. Colorful Swan Appetizer Ceramic Plates

Are you hosting an elegant party and want to serve appetizers in handmade bowls and plates? If so, here’s one of our favorite pottery painting ideas. You’ll use multi-surface painting colors to draw a flattering swan on each plate, then heat them in the oven to ensure the colors won’t come out with washing.

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12. Imprinted Ceramic Bowls

You can use this imprinted pottery to decorate your house or display your jewelry. And although it requires many painting tools, the amazing results will be worth your time and effort.

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13. DIY Gold Plates

Creating art doesn’t necessarily require expensive tools and advanced painting skills. For instance, you can turn your mediocre, plain pottery into elegant utensils using gold markers and golden stickers.

And people won’t even notice that they aren’t store-bought!

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14. DIY Painted Bowls

If you have a Cricut machine, you can use it to cut some stencils and paint them on your ceramics.

By the time you finish, you’ll have a complete set of utensils that looks store-bought. And for the best part, you can customize your stencils to make the bowls unique.

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15. Bubble Painting Ceramic DIY

You can try this innovative and enjoyable technique if you have plain white ceramic pottery. It goes by bubble painting or bubble glazing, and it requires some patience to master. However, you can use it to paint your mug, plant pot, and of course, your bowl.

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16. Marbled Nail Polish Pottery

This project is one of the most beautiful pottery painting ideas on our list because it produces random patterns in bright colors.

Although they used the technique to paint coffee mugs in this tutorial, you can use it to paint whatever pottery you have.

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17. Wash Painting Pottery

The wash painting technique requires a lot of water, a dash of color, and a lot of patience. It resembles watercolor painting techniques but with a creative twist. We won’t deny that it’s a challenging technique to get right. But once you master it, you can make your unique wash-painting ceramic bowls.

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18. How to Paint Ceramic Mandala

Drawing mandala is one of the most relaxing pottery painting ideas. Although it’ll take a large chunk out of your time, it’ll help you forget all the chaos of the week. And as a bonus point, you’ll end up with a beautiful set of bowls to showcase.

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19. How to Paint a Ceramic Pot

Suppose you have a vase, pot, or bowl that you want to paint. You can use one of the two most famous pottery ideas, spray painting and hand painting. If you don’t trust your drawing talents, you can settle with spray paint. But it’s worth mentioning that you should only use spray-painted bowls as decor, not for food.

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20. Fluid Art Ceramics

Fluid art is an enjoyable and spontaneous abstract painting technique. It results in runny bright colors and stylish patterns. You can personalize your pottery using this fun technique, and it won’t take much of your time.

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21. Cherry Blossoms Pottery Painting

Cherry blossoms are elegant flowers that’ll add to your pottery’s aesthetic. Although this is one of the most beautiful pottery painting ideas for decorating your house, it contains many intricate details that you’ll need to pay attention to.

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22. How to Paint Glazed Ceramic

This is a great idea to try if you have glazed ceramic pottery that you want to paint. First, you’ll use glass painting colors and a brush to draw the shape you want. Then, you can put your pottery in the oven to render it dishwasher-safe.

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23. Ceramic Brush Lettering Calligraphy

Calligraphic writing is one of the most elegant ideas for painting pottery. You can use it to decorate ceramic, clay, or any pottery material you have. However, it isn’t ideal for beginners because it requires artistic skills. You can use calligraphy to write your name on your bowl, plate, mug, vase, and plant pots.

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24. Masking Tape Ceramic Designs

Using masking tape for painting ceramic pottery is one of people’s favorite pottery ideas. It produces beautiful geometric shapes and clean lines in different colors, and it’s an easy technique that anyone can try out.

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25. Silkscreens Pottery Painting

Using a silkscreen in pottery painting resembles using a stencil. You’ll stick the silkscreen on your pottery, paint it using suitable colors, then remove it and enjoy the results. This way, you won’t have to challenge your drawing skills but will still end up with beautiful utensils.

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26. Cookie Exchange Ceramic Plates

Nothing says celebrating Christmas like exchanging gifts with your neighbors. So for this year’s merry season, you can make those handpainted cookie exchange plates and send them out as gifts, after filling them with delicious cookies, of course!

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27. DIY Polka Dot Christmas Plates

You can welcome Christmas this year with beautiful, decorative plates and bowls for your dinner table. You’ll merely use painting colors to draw red dots on your ceramic utensils; then, you’re good to go!

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28. Easy DIY Sharpie Pottery

With a black sharpie marker, you can turn your plain white pottery into beautiful pieces of art. And the best part is that you have the freedom to draw any shapes you want, which makes this amazing pottery painting idea ideal for beginners.

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29. DIY Abstract Painted Tableware

Creating abstract patterns on your tableware is a great idea because it doesn’t take much time but breeds fabulous results. For example, if you have a dinner party coming up, you can renovate your ceramics and spice them up with vibrant colors and patterns.

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30. DIY Floral Patterned Decorative Bowls

If you love flowers and want your tableware utensils to reflect your passion, you can try this beautiful pottery painting idea. It’ll add color to your dinner table and make your pottery unique.

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31. DIY Gold Leaf Bowl

For this idea, you’ll need a large white ceramic bowl, adhesive, and gold leaf sheets. You can either decorate the entire bowl or only use the gold sheets inside it. Either way, you’ll have an elegant-looking decorative bowl to serve fruits.

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Now that you have many beautiful pottery painting ideas and styles to try out, you can create many stylish art pieces for your dinner table!

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