Halloween Drawing Ideas

Setting the festive vibe and making all the needed preparations when Halloween is just around the corner will make the day extra special.

But Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candies. You can draw some easy Halloween drawings with your family. Not only will you help them learn something new but also get their hands busy with a Halloween-themed activity that they’d definitely enjoy.

Here, we’ve crafted a list of some of the most inspiring Halloween drawing ideas that you can start drawing with your kids during the Halloween season.

Witch’s Broom

The remarkable witch costume has always been a Halloween favorite among kids and adults alike. But instead of drawing a full witch, we’ll focus on its accessory: the witch’s broom. It’s pretty simple, and you only need a couple of colors to make this pencil drawing come to life.

Check out the witch’s broom Halloween drawing tutorial at dragoart.com.


What are the creatures that nobody sees but still scare the hell out of everyone? You guessed it; ghosts! Drawing a spooky ghost is super easy, even for preschoolers.

Get the detailed ghost drawing tutorial from hubpages.com.


Spiders are tiny, but they’re still super creepy. Creating a sketchbook spider drawing starts by drawing the circles that mimic the spider’s body and adding the legs at the end.

Take a look at this in-depth tutorial from museprintables.com.


Pumpkins have always been used as an international symbol for Halloween, so you can’t just omit them from your sketchbook art projects.

But of course, you’re not going to draw a plain pumpkin like the one you can find in your local grocery store. Instead, you’ll draw a classic Jack O’Lantern with spooky eyes that give it its famous Halloween appearance.

Learn how to draw a pumpkin in the Jack O’Lantern style at skiptomylou.org.


They say that black cats bring misfortune, but that hasn’t stopped people from including them in their Halloween decorations and costumes. The whole point of Halloween is to create a creepy vibe, anyway.

Drawing a black cat takes just a few minutes. It’d be an awesome idea if your kids like cats!

Get the full cat drawing guide from diaryofajournalplanner.com.


A tombstone signals that somebody’s body is buried under it. Scary enough for Halloween, huh? It’s unrealistic for ghosts to come from under the tombstones, but we wouldn’t bet on that. We’ll let you discover on your with this tombstone drawing.

Learn how to draw a Tombstone for Halloween at easydrawingguides.com.


Run for your lives because the zombies are on their way to eat your brains. Zombies have never failed as Halloween costumes. They’re pretty creepy and sometimes nasty, but you can draw some walkers with your kids.

For an extra realistic drawing, draw one eye that appears as if it’s falling.

Check out how to draw a zombie with a pencil at iheartcraftythings.com.


As long as the moon is visible in the sky, vampires will rise at night and suck the blood out of their victims. There’s nothing more “Halloweeny” than that!

Drawing a vampire is loads of fun. Just make sure that you add a red cape and fangs to give your drawing a whole new dimension. Maybe also add some bats around it.

Figure out how to draw a vampire at how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com.


The mummies of Ancient Egypt have never failed to spark fear in the hearts of those who look at them. This has made many people use them as costumes in the Halloween season, especially since they can be created at home with some rolls of compression strap.

Drawing a mummy is fairly simple, too.

Get the instructions for the mummy drawing from easydrawingguides.com.


They say that there are plants that keep werewolves away, which are monkshood, mountain ash, mistletoe, and ergot. So, when sketching this werewolf, it might be a good idea to keep some of these plants within hand’s reach. You know, just in case.

Find out how to draw a werewolf at easydrawingguides.com.

Cartoon Monster

When you hear the word monster, the first picture that comes to your mind isn’t probably one of a friendly-looking monster with a smile on its face. But since most other drawings are super spooky, it won’t hurt for this one to be a bit cuter.

Get the step-by-step cartoon monster at easydrawingguides.com.


We’ve already gone through drawing the witch’s favorite accessory: the broom. Now, it’s time to draw the witch herself. Start with the hat, then draw the outline of the head and the body. Add a broom to complete the drawing.

Get the drawing steps for Halloween witch at easypeasyandfun.com.


“It’s alive! It’s alive!” Whether you’ve watched the classic 1930 Frankenstein or not, you’ve probably heard this quote at least a few times, especially when Halloween is just around the corner.

But unlike Doctor Frankenstein, you don’t need a specialized lab with futuristic equipment to replicate his monster. You just need a pencil, some markers, and a sketchbook.

Get the detailed Frankenstein drawing instructions from easydrawingguides.com.

Haunted House

You’ve probably seen many of these haunted houses in horror movies, but have you ever thought about drawing one with your family? It’d be a nice addition to your art projects when combined with spooky characters like ghosts and mummies.

Learn how to draw a haunted house at easydrawingguides.com.


A skeleton is a human being whose body has decomposed after death; yikes! Well, as creepy as skeletons sound, including some in your Halloween decorations would catch everyone’s attention.

Check out the detailed skeleton drawing tutorial at helloartsy.com.


Clowns are supposed to make you smile, but their adaption in horror movies has turned them into evil monsters. Some people get really scared the moment they see a clown at the funfair.

Learn how to draw a clown by following this step-by-step guide from learntodraw.today.

Grim Reaper

This is one of the most fun drawing ideas for Halloween. Grim reapers harvest the souls of those that are about to die. Your hands would definitely shiver when drawing this one; don’t try to deny it!

Follow the grim reaper drawing tutorial from easydrawingtutorials.com.


Demons are the enemies of humans; they make them do nasty stuff. They’re super scary, too. Whether you believe in demons or not, you can’t argue that they make a great Halloween drawing idea or costume.

Check out the demon drawing instructions at dragoart.com.

Halloween Candy Corn Nail Art

Your little girl deserves the best Halloween costume ever, and what better way to dress up for Halloween than with this unique candy corn nail art?

Learn how to draw candy corn on your child’s nails on 100directions.com.


Ever tried a rattlesnake’s sting? Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t. Rattlesnakes are a famous symbol of the Mayan civilization. Why? Well, we don’t really know, but we know that this rattlesnake drawing idea would impress your child’s friends on Halloween.

Check out this rattlesnake pencil drawing from iheartcraftythings.com.

Candy Apple

OK, enough with the evil spooky stuff; let’s get to the candy! Drawing this cute little candy apple will make the atmosphere in your haunted house more festive. Kids love playing the apple bobbing game.

Not to mention, apples are everyone’s favorite in the fall season, which is when Halloween hits our doors.

Learn how to draw a candy apple at https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/590745676098465281/

Cartoon Shark

Sharks are one of the most feared aquatic creatures. Their jaws are sharp and massive, and of course, they bite when they’re hungry or scared.

Drawing this cartoon shark would be a cool way to scare the hell out of people who get creeped out by sharks, even if you made it look friendly.

Check out the cartoon shark drawing guide from easydrawingguides.com.


Easy Halloween drawings like coffins are super fun. Even if your child is a preschooler, a coffin would be an easy drawing idea for them.

But don’t draw a rectangular coffin; a hexagonal one would look scarier and make you feel like a zombie or ghost is going to come out of it.

Get the full coffin drawing tutorial at easydrawingguides.com.


Horror movie characters often keep a collection of skulls in their wardrobe. Of course, these usually belong to their innocent who didn’t do anything wrong; not fair, right?

Draw a skull for Halloween for a guaranteed scary atmosphere. It’s a skull, for god’s sake!

Get the skull drawing instructions at easydrawingguides.com.

Halloween Drawing Ideas Round-Up

So these were all of the Halloween drawing ideas that’ll keep you and your children busy throughout the Halloween season. From bats to witches and skulls, you can literally create an entire sketchbook just for Halloween.

For more easy halloween drawings, check out the tutorials at craftwhack.com for more Halloween drawing tips and tricks, and don’t forget to tell us which Halloween drawing ideas you liked the most!



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