Penguin Crafts Ideas

Published: May 10, 2022

Penguins are entertaining, cute, and happy animals that children would love to play with. So, it’s no wonder why penguin movies are pretty popular among kids. There are many fun ways to teach kids about this playful animal, and one of them is by making penguin-themed crafts.

This craft activity can help your little ones pass the time during the holidays. For this reason, we’ll share with you some adorable easy penguin crafts that you can try out.

1. Popsicle Stick Bow Tie Craft

Popsicle Stick Bow Tie Craft

This is a cute way of bonding with your kids during the winter season. You can make this craft by gluing popsicle sticks side-by-side on a small piece of cardboard to make it sturdy. Ensure that the two middle popsicle sticks are higher than the rest.

Let your child use a pencil to draw an oval shape to represent the penguin’s stomach, paint it white, and then paint the remaining part black. Next, place the penguin’s eyes, beak, wings, and bow. Good job! Now your cute penguins are ready. Kids can make this fun craft as a gift to their friends.

Find out more about this Popsicle Stick Bow Tie Craft at Crafty Morning.

2. Paper Bag Penguin Crafts

Paper Bag Penguin Crafts

Would you like to help your kids build their motor skills and boost their creativity? If so, make this fun penguin craft!

This incredible craft idea is easy for preschoolers and young kids to create and won’t require many materials. You’ll only need glue sticks, black or white paper bags, scissors, construction paper, toilet paper, and stock papers. Also, you can visit for more paper bag craft ideas.

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3. Penguin Footprint

Penguin Footprint

This is a fun way of keeping kids busy during the winter break. And they can make this footprint penguin with materials that can be easily found at home.

They’ll need white paper, black paint, orange paper, and anything that can serve as a wiggly eye and foot. This is one of the perfect craft ideas for preschoolers, toddlers, and older kids.

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4. Paper Cup Penguin Crafts Roll

Paper Cup Penguin Crafts Roll

This craft is one of the best ways to help your kids learn while having fun. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t require many materials to create.

The supplies you’ll need include one black cup of paper, orange and black construction paper, two googly eyes, and white paper. This craft is colorful and ideal for all young kids.

Learn how to make the Paper Cup Penguin Crafts Roll on The Imagination Tree.

5. Water Bottle Penguin Craft

Water Bottle Penguin Craft

This craft is one of our favorite penguin crafts, and we know your kids will love it. You can do this project with materials such as empty water bottles, cotton balls, string, pipe cleaner marker, and googly eyes.

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6. Paper Plate Penguin Craft

Paper Plate Penguin Craft

This one is super easy to make. And you can decorate and hang your cute penguin on the wall in your home once you’re done.

The craft is great for preschoolers, toddlers, and young kids to have fun. The supplies needed for this cute penguin craft involve paper plates, paint brushes, and construction papers.

Get the information about making the Paper Plate Penguin on A Dab of Glue Will Do.

7. Cotton Balls Penguin Craft

Cotton Balls Penguin Craft

Your kids will love to make these cotton ball penguin crafts. The materials needed are cotton balls, buttons, scissors, and a white, black, and orange paper sheet. It’s an ideal activity for preschoolers, toddlers, and young kids to have fun during the winter break.

Learn more about how to make the Cotton Ball Penguin Craft on Easy Peasy and Fun.

8. Hand Painted Penguin Magnets

Hand Painted Penguin Magnets

This is one of our favorite fun penguin craft ideas that the whole family would love to create. Use a disc that you’ve sketched the design of a penguin on. Then, paint both the penguin sides and the magnet with dark grey paint while leaving the belly and eyes area with white paint.

Let your kids join in on the fun activity as they enjoy putting their feet and beaks together. Allow the paint to dry, then coat the magnet with acrylic sealer and place a small piece of a magnet at the back. Your adorable penguin is all ready!

Learn how to make the fun Hand Painted Penguin Magnets in simple steps on FirstCry Parenting.

9. Penguin Ink Blot Symmetry Craft

Penguin Ink Blot Symmetry Craft

This unique penguin craft is a great idea for having a fun math activity with your kids during the holiday. It’s also a fantastic way to let them learn about symmetry. Even though the art project might make your kid look like a messy little monster at first, it’ll be worth the time after your cute penguin is ready.

Get more information on how to easily make the Penguin Ink Blot Symmetry Craft on Artsy Momma.

10. Mosaic Penguin Craft for Preschoolers

Mosaic Penguin Craft for Preschoolers

This penguin craft is one of the finest ideas for your kids to have fun with during the holiday. It’s safe for kindergarteners and preschoolers since there isn’t a need for scissors when making the penguin.

You can use materials such as googly eyes, construction paper or an egg carton, a pencil, and cardstock to make a cute penguin that your little ones will love.

Learn more about the steps involved in making the Mosaic Penguin Craft for Preschoolers on Easy Craft for Kids.

11. Cardboard Tube Penguins

Cardboard Tube Penguins

Enjoy your snow day and get crafty on the craft table with your kids this winter break. You can do this using cardboards to make adorable penguin crafts that’ll intrigue them. What a great way to pass the time and have fun with your kids!

You can make this penguin craft with materials such as a toilet paper roll, googly eyes, construction papers, and an egg carton that can be found easily in the house. No wonder they’re pretty easy to make.

Learn the steps required to make the Cardboard Tube Penguins on Crafts by Amanda.

12. Sock Penguin

Sock Penguin

This is a creative way of turning your old socks into penguins. Imagine the stunning look on your kid’s face when you start and the “Wow!” you’ll get when you’re finally done with the penguin.

This penguin craft is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and young kids to have a fun winter break.

Find out the entire process for the no-sew Sock Penguins on Instructables.

13. Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguin Painted Rocks

If you’re looking for a good penguin craft idea that every family member will enjoy, this is it! These cute rocks will make a good part of your Christmas decoration.

All you need for the craft are some river rocks and white, black, and yellow paint. In addition, you can get rocks of different sizes to make a family of penguin rocks.

Learn more about these Penguin Painted Rocks on The Soccer Mom Blog.

14. Fingerprint Penguin Ornament

Fingerprint Penguin Ornament

This wood slice finger ornament is a cute keepsake you can hang anywhere in your home or on the Christmas tree. Also, your little ones would enjoy making these adorable penguin crafts.

Find out how to make the Fingerprint Penguin Ornament at Messy Little Monster.

Did you find any of our penguin craft ideas inspiring? Let us know in the comment section below. And keep crafting and bonding with your family!



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