Fall Handprint Crafts

Published: April 11, 2022

It’s about that time of the year when the weather is at its best, and the beautiful season covers you with that cozy feeling. The vibrant fall colors will surely inspire you and your kids to get creative and engage in amazing and easy craft activities.

The best thing about fall is its natural beauty and different-colored leaves, allowing you to practice fun and stimulating crafts.

So, we’ve curated entertaining fall handprint craft ideas. Read on and let the magic happen with your kids this fall season!

1. Handprint Unicorn Craft

The children’s handprint forms the basis for this fall handprint craft. However, imagination does the rest. Hence, you can use markers, wobbly eyes for gluing, construction paper, colorful threads, cotton balls, and glitter. And the more colorful and unusual the decoration is, the more creative the handprint pictures will be.

Find out the instructions for making the handprint unicorn craft at The Resourceful Mama.

2. Fascinating Flower Canvas

This is one of the best fall handprint craft ideas for older kids. While the little ones have fun splashing about with paint, older kids can create entire landscapes and flower meadows by combining imprints.

First, prepare the ground and then let the kids make the imprints. Next, provide different colors so that your children can create colorful handprint arts.

Learn how to make this fascinating flower canvas at CraftyThinking.

3. Caterpillar Handprint Art

This caterpillar-themed craft allows the children to learn through play. It’s made from individual handprints and is excellent for group work. To do this project, you’ll paint the palm green and the fingers blue.

You can also create the caterpillar’s descendantthe butterfly. In addition, a shining sun can be added to the image using yellow or orange handprints.

Find out more about the caterpillar handprint art at Kidspot.

4. Handprint Butterfly

Butterflies fascinate with their beautiful wings and are easy to create with handprints. So, in this fun handprint art, the child’s two hands are painted and pressed onto the paper. The fingers point in two opposite directions. Hence, the wings of the butterfly are ready.

Also, you can have the child draw the body in the area between the two handprints, draw a face if desired, and draw the feelers. Finally, you can spice up the wings with other colors and motifs for a colorful picture. And if you’re thrilled about butterflies, check Craft Whack for more butterfly crafts.

Learn the step-by-step process of creating this handprint butterfly at Parent Lane.

5. Easy Fall Handprint Wreath

This fall handprint craft is pretty easy for your kids and will be a good part of your fall decorations. You only need a few supplies to make this fall handprint art, and they’re quite easy to get. You’ll need some construction paper (different colors), ribbon, paper plate, and raffia or acorns (optional).

Kids can do this art together in a group or with their parents. First, the kids trace their handprints on paper and cut them out. Afterward, they cut the handprints and glue them to the bottom of the paper plate, overlapping each other. You can hang this beautiful handprint art on your door.

Get more details about the easy fall handprint wreath at Today’s Creative Ideas.

6. Fingerprint Raindrops ““ Rain Go Away

This is another exciting painted handprints craft you and your preschoolers can make during fall. For starters, make the toddlers’ handprints with blue paint on a sheet of paper.

When making the imprints of children’s hands or feet, it’s necessary to orally explain the gestures and what you’re going to do, especially to the little ones, because they may be “afraid” of having paint on themselves. Once the handprints are made, let them dry. Meanwhile, cut a cloud out of cardboard. On this cloud, you can write the Rain Go Away poem.

Get more information about the fingerprint raindrops ““ Rain Go Away at Glued to My Crafts Blog.

7. Handprint Sunflower

You and your preschoolers can make beautiful sunflower designs with handprints. The gorgeous sunflower craft is made by covering the palm with yellow paint and pressing it hard on construction paper. You can do this in different directions from a central point.

Next, you can use black buttons or tissue paper painted black to fill the center of the flower. Afterward, you can create the stalk of the flower and the leaves with green paint.

Learn more about this handprint sunflower at Arty Crafty Kids.

8. Fall Handprint Tree

You can easily make this beautiful autumn tree from a handprint or a hand border of your child. In this craft, colorful confetti is converted into leaves and provides bright eye-catchers. It also creates an autumn mood in the picture.

The lovely thing about this craft is that not only can you create a picture together with your child, but you also get a souvenir of their little hand. Because let’s be honest: these little children’s hands are adorable, and you can’t have enough memories of these cute little hands, can you?

Check the tutorial for making a fall handprint tree at Arty Crafty Kids.

9. Handprint Owls

You and your little kids can make cute owls out of two handprints on colored newspapers. Then, the shapes are cut out of the paper and glued.

You can also add feathers for the wingstwo large and two slightly smaller, and circles for the eyes. The finishing touches are small pieces of paper for the beaks. Also, you can make the owls stand on a branch by sticking them with glue to a tree branch created from folded newspapers.

Learn more about these handprint owls at The Best Ideas for Kids.

10. Cute Handprint Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Hedgehogs are welcome visitors during fall. Therefore, the prickly little animals with black beady eyes offer a nice template for fall crafts. In this project, children’s fingerprints will be used to form the hedgehog’s spines. And don’t worry; the spines from their fingerprints are guaranteed not to prick.

You’ll start this fall handprint craft by cutting out a pear-shaped body from construction paper. Then, it’s the turn of the hedgehog’s spines from the toddlers’ handprints.

Follow the instructions to make the cute handprint hedgehog craft for kids at Simple Everyday Mom.

11. Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

This is one of the most popular Thanksgiving handprint crafts, and it’s perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving with the kids. It’s a turkey made with the whole family’s handprints on colored cardboard rolls.

To make this craft, each family member will place their hand on a piece of cardboard of a different color. Next, they’re cut out and glued, putting the largest one below the whole and the smallest one in front. Then, two circles are drawn on the brown cardboard, one for the larger body and the other smaller and slightly oval for the head.

Find out the entire process of making this Thanksgiving handprint craft at Easy Crafts for Kids.

12. Pumpkin Handprint & Photo Keepsake

These exciting fall handprint crafts involve making a salt dough keepsake in a pumpkin shape to use as a photo frame. You’ll start by pressing your kid’s palm on the dough before placing it in the oven to dry.

Afterward, you can punch a hole in the center of the palm to insert your child’s photo. In this way, these interesting fall handprint crafts would make a sweet keepsake for toddlers in the family.

Find out the nitty-gritty of making the pumpkin handprint & photo keepsake at Teach Me Mommy.

13. Simple Handprint Fish Canvas

You can conjure beautiful fishes from children’s handprints. This time, the hands aren’t dipped in the paint, but the different colors are painted onto the hand with a brush before applying it to the canvas. After the paint has dried, you can draw the eyes and mouth with a felt pen.

To complete the picture, your little ones can paint water, some algae, and other sea creatures. The results will be wonderful water worlds that your kids can use as beautiful gifts for their parents or grandparents.

Get instructions for creating the simple handprint fish canvas at Fun Handprint.

14. Halloween Handprint Ghost

Children love to make crafts for any occasion, which helps them learn more about this celebration. Festivals such as Halloween offer many great ideas for handicrafts and are a lot of fun.

These ghosts made of handprints are an excellent suggestion for handicrafts on Halloween. The supplies you’ll need are simple; only black cardboard and white finger paint. And after the paint has dried, the eyes and the open mouths are drawn on the ghost prints with a black felt-tip pen.

Get the step-by-step guide for making the Halloween handprint ghost at The Inspiration Edit.

So, these are some of the best ideas for fall handprint crafts that you’ll enjoy with your kids. We hope you have some fun while being creative!



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