Stained Glass Window Ideas

Published: May 14, 2022

When you think of stained glass, those beautiful windows in churches with different colors come to mind. However, stained glass windows shouldn’t have to be confined to the local cathedral. Why? They can bring a certain elegance to everyday homes in the same way as a chandelier or other ornamental pieces like it.

If you’re looking to beautify your home with some stained glass windows, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of ideas for stained glass windows for inspiration. So keep reading for attractive aesthetics that’ll brighten up your environment!

1. Faux Stained Glass Using Acrylic Paint

Faux Stained Glass Using Acrylic Paint

If you’d like to try making a stained glass window, this child-friendly faux stained glass project is for you! The materials needed are acrylic spray sealant, superglue, clear glue, white glue, and a sharpie pen, among other materials.

Learn how to make a Faux Stained Glass Using Acrylic Paint from Suzy’s Sitcom.

2. Tree of Life Stained Glass Window

Tree of Life Stained Glass Window

Are you looking for a deep and meaningful stained glass project? If so, try making this tree of life window. This gorgeous work of art features a tree whose branches and roots spread out in the same direction, almost as though imitating the cycle of death and birth.

With such an impressive window in your living room, it’ll be hard not to have meaningful conversations about life when guests come calling.

Visit Woohome to learn more about the Tree of Life Stained Glass Window idea.

3. Stained Glass Window Wall-Hanging

Stained Glass Window Wall-Hanging

Want a long-lasting and durable stained glass project that doubles as moveable interior decor? The solution is this stained glass window wall-hanging! Not only can you create this project with inexpensive supplies, but you can also hang or remove it from any room you see fit. Moreover, you can use real hanging glass or a decorative glass structure.

Check out Young House Love for the Stained Glass Window Wall-Hanging tutorial.

4. DIY Stained Glass Window

DIY Stained Glass Window

Add color to your kitchen window using glass paint, lead adhesive strips, a glass panel, and other supplies to DIY an incandescent stained glass pattern. You’ll give your kitchen a stunning makeover by adding a stained glass window to the room. Also, the glass will contrast nicely if the decor you’ve hung on the wall is monochrome.

Visit A Beautiful Mess for the DIY Stained Glass Window tutorial.

5. Two-Ingredient Faux Stained Glass

Two-Ingredient Faux Stained Glass

If you’re a fan of stained glass, you’re probably aware of how expensive it can be to purchase. But what if we told you it’s possible to make a stained glass window using no more than two ingredients?

You can apply this technique, which uses acrylic paint and glue, to make stained glass panels and windows, whether they’re in your bathroom or hallway. And the result is stunning, too.

Get the Two-Ingredient Faux Stained Glass tutorial from The Whoot.

6. Easy Stained Glass Craft

Easy Stained Glass Craft

With this easy stained glass craft, you can get the kids involved by letting them paint in the bold colors and angled lines that give it its distinctively retro personality.

Use painter’s tape to block out the spots your kids will paint in and, once done, use baby wipes or a paper towel to clean up. Also, this project works with windows and glass doors, so you can get a motif going around your living area if you like.

Check out 123Homeschool4Me to learn more about this Easy Stained Glass Craft.

7. Transformers Stained Glass

Transformers Stained Glass

Fans of the hit cartoon series Transformers will get a kick out of making this Transformers-themed stained glass window.

It’s entirely up to you whether you adorn the window with Autobots like Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. This project will have you reminiscing about a childhood spent watching your favorite robots in disguise.

Visit Walyou for more Transformers Stained Glass ideas.

8. Easy Faux Playing Cards Stained Glass

Easy Faux Playing Cards Stained Glass

Here’s a stained glass project you’ll enjoy making if you’re good at card games like poker and bridge.

Sketch out winning hands like the Ace of Spades on paper and then divide these big shapes into smaller ones using diagonal lines. Then, fill the lines in with a hot glue gun, paint over the design when dry, and viola – a classy stained glass window any card player will appreciate.

Get the full instructions for this Easy Faux Playing Cards Stained Glass project at Instructables.

9. Tissue Paper Winter Window

Tissue Paper Winter Window

Winter is a time for snow, snowmen, snowball fights, and snowflakes! The last of these winter-time tropes inspire this stained tissue paper winter window.

You can assemble this project easily using materials like construction paper and pre-cut tissue paper, and the result is a cool stained glass window for the festive season.

Visit Kinder Craze for the Tissue Paper Winter Window tutorial.

10. Mushroom Power Up Stained Glass

Mushroom Power Up Stained Glass

Any stained glass fans in the building who love Super Mario Bros.? Super-size your living space with this mushroom power-up stained glass window!

You’ll get a nostalgic high every time you take a gander at these windows, and if you still play to this day, they’re the perfect way to show your fandom.

Visit Technabob to learn more about this Mushroom Power Up Stained Glass window.

11. Small Floral Stained Glass

Small Floral Stained Glass

Floral patterns and stained glass windows are like two peas in a pod, so this small floral project is perfect for lovers of this classic design-duo.

The rose design will look great on a stained glass panel in a kitchen setting or porch. Moreover, the project is simple enough to be completed in no time!

Get the Small Floral Stained Glass tutorial at Instructables.

12. Stormtrooper Stained Glass

Stormtrooper Stained Glass

Star Wars fans will love this stormtrooper stained glass window idea, whether they’re for the Republic or the Galactic Empire. Of course, you won’t need The Force to get this project right – some competent drawing or tracing skills and a love for the franchise will suffice.

Learn how to create this Stormtrooper Stained Glass window at Yessy.

13. Stained Glass Pasta

Stained Glass Pasta

If you thought using tissue paper to make a stained glass window was wild, wait till you get a load of these stained glass windows made with pasta! This project is an all-family affair, so enlist the help of your spouse and kids for a fun way to spend time together on a Sunday afternoon. Moreover, it’s perfect for windows or the front door.

Check out Babble Dabble Do for the Stained Glass Pasta tutorial.

14. Mario


Here’s another stained glass window craft for the Super Mario Bros. fans – Mario throwing a fireball! This quirky project is also iconic and will impress any fans of the videogame who step into your home.

Visit The Nifty Nerd for the Mario stained glass tutorial.

15. DIY Stained Glass

DIY Stained Glass

This DIY stained glass tutorial teaches you how to create a deceptively complicated-looking stained glass window. Though the intricate pattern looks a bit intimidating, the instructions provided are easy to follow, and the result doesn’t look half bad, in our opinion.

Visit Gathered for the full DIY Stained Glass tutorial.

16. Lion


The king of the jungle inspires this lion-themed stained glass window. Of course, you’ll need a template to make this design, in addition to materials like solder, sealant, and flux. However, we think drawing inspiration from the most fearsome beast in the animal kingdom is perfect for keeping prying eyes away from your home.

Check out My My DIY to learn how to make this Lion stained glass project.

17. 3D Print Stained Glass Window

3D Print Stained Glass Window

How about mimicking a stained glass window using a 3D printer? If you’ve got one, you can easily mimic a stained glass window using easy-to-follow steps. Moreover, the untrained eye will have difficulty differentiating between the 3D print and actual stained glass. But the results are just that true-to-life!

Learn how to make a 3D Print Stained Glass Window from Instructables.

18. Red Stained Glass Window

Red Stained Glass Window

The vivid red of the roses on this faux stained glass window is its stand-out feature. The overall design is fun, and the choice of colors used draws the eye to the artwork. We think this design could work on a front door with windows.

Visit Cleverly to learn how to make a Red Stained Glass Window.

19. Green DIY Stained Glass Window

Green DIY Stained Glass Window

The predominant use of green in this stained glass window makes the patterns with other colors pop. Some of the materials you’ll need to make this project include copper foil, a diamond cutter, flux, acetone thinner, and a permanent marker.

Get the tutorial for this Green DIY Stained Glass Window from Instructables.

20. Japanese Elements Glass Panel

Japanese Elements Glass Panel

Bring some orient-inspired art into your home by creating this Japanese elements glass panel craft. The crashing waves in the design are inspired by the iconic 16th-century art piece The Crashing Waves off Kanagawa, making it a great project to impress history buffs.

Visit Deviant Art to learn how to make this Japanese Elements Glass Panel.

21. Swinging Parrot

Swinging Parrot

Bird watchers will appreciate this swinging parrot stained glass project. The understated design features a parrot perched on a swing and uses primary and secondary colors for the bird’s feathers.

Check out Lead Bitter Glass for more on this Swinging Parrot craft.

22. DIY Stained Glass Window Inserts

DIY Stained Glass Window Inserts

Don’t these DIY stained glass window inserts look gorgeous? Making them involves staining the glass frame as it’s being built. This project will bring a touch of elegance to your home.

Get the tutorial for these DIY Stained Glass Window Inserts from Instructables.

23. Diamond-Shaped Faux Stained Glass Window

Diamond-Shaped Faux Stained Glass Window

The diamond-shaped patterns created by the stained glass in this tutorial are enhanced by the exclusive use of complementary colors, red and green.

As a result, this glass window practically shines bright like diamonds, adding a touch of luxury to the overall look. Talk about bling bling!

Visit Instructables for the Diamond-Shaped Faux Stained Glass Window.

24. Paint Your Own Stained Glass Windows

Paint Your Own Stained Glass Windows

Can’t get your hands on stained glass windows? Use the windows you already have! This tutorial teaches you how to turn your existing window into one that looks like it’s made of stained glass using Crayola washable paint and painter’s tape. It’s so easy even your kids could get in on the action.

To learn how to Paint Your Own Stained Glass Windows, visit Crafty Morning. However, before you paint your windows, why not warm up on a stained glass project that uses tape and paint? You can try this one from

25. Stained Glass Windmill Landscape

Stained Glass Windmill Landscape

Roaming hills and a lone windmill give this leaded glass craft depth that pulls the viewer in. The scene makes a gorgeous stained glass window for a kitchen or living room, bringing country cheer to your big city home.

Visit Lead Bitter Glass for more on this Stained Glass Windmill Landscape.

26. Pantone Rainbow Door

This Pantone rainbow door is quite the looker. The way light passes through the mosaic patterned colors and reflects on the ground is something to behold. It’s a unique way to use stained glass and will elicit a few conversations when visitors come calling. Quite the statement-maker, if you ask us.

Visit Design Sponge to learn how to make this Pantone Rainbow Door.

27. Glass Stained Framed Suncatchers

Glass Stained Framed Suncatchers

Your kids will love making these colorful suncatchers using silver leading and colored glass stains to create the illusion of stained glass within the boundaries of a frame. Hang the finished product on your window and watch the sunlight stream through.

Check out Uncommon Designs to learn how to make Glass Stained Framed Suncatchers.

Don’t let the religious connotations fool you – stained glass windows are in! You can make yours using easily-procured supplies and by watching tutorials a-plenty. The projects in this article should provide all the inspiration you need to get started. Happy crafting!



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