Stained Glass Style Resist Art with Tape

Let’s create a fun stained glass style resist art using watercolor and tape! This art project will be one the whole family can do together! With technology taking over our time it is nice to take a time out and simplify with a relaxing and simple watercolor resist art such as this! We love the beautiful end result of this art as it reminds us of a stained glass window with raindrops collecting on it. It is amazing where a piece of art can take you in your mind and creativity! This project requires minimal materials – ones you likely have hanging around the house. This project is perfect for someone with minimal time on their hands but still wants to make it a priority to do art!

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So what is resist art? This is a technique using layers to shape invisible designs or patterns. The artist uses tape in this project that is resistant to paint, then paints over the covered area with a layer of watercolor. The color from the paint will stick to the surrounding paper area, letting the resistant tape layer be untouched. Resist painting is a common art form used with young kids as it can be incredibly flexible in its design BUT great for ALL ages.

We love this watercolor and tape resist art because of how simple it is, and we hope you do too! So let’s get started.

resist art project supplies


Supplies Used:

resist art

Stained Glass Style Resist Art with Tape Directions:

  1. Tape down the watercolor paper with your washi tape on all the edges as well as the entire paper to the designs you would like. There are no rules!
  2. Next, paint the sections in different colors with your watercolor paint. Let dry for 15 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle the page with light blue paint to create a raindrop effect. Let dry for 15 minutes.
  4. Now, remove the tape and you have a beautiful piece of art that resembles a stained glass window.

resist art

Hopefully, this becomes one of your favorite projects for its beauty and simplicity. If you love watercolor projects you may also enjoy these watercolor hearts and if you like resist art check out this project using crayons for resist art.

stain glass resist art

We hope you enjoyed this project! Stay connected for more art and craft ideas for adults and kids that are easy and fun!



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