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41 Crafts for Boys. No Girls Allowed!

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Hahahaha, how mad did that make some of you that I so brazenly excluded girls from these crafts?

What I’m doing here is rounding up a bunch of crafts that would appeal to my son and step son based on what their interests are/have been. I know that girls will like doing these, too, or maybe some boys would rather rug hook puppies. Just get the craft supplies in their hands and get makin’!

boy craftsVellum igloo and Constellation geoboards

Crafts boys love- tons of ideas for getting boys making.

Clothespin AirplanesCardboard shipsPaper car craft, Footprint worker vehicles

boy crafts!

DIY Constellation flashlightAlien and robot portraits, Floating ball activity

Boy crafts!

Wood beingsRobot cansMarshmallow catapult

Boy crafts!Paper robots,Paper plate hedgehog, Sharpie shoes

boycrafts6Painting with toy cars, Star Wars tin can lanterns, Toilet roll Pixel Boy

Tons of crafts for boys!

Negative spave spray artWooden toy car rampCrayon transfer

Tons of craft ideas for boys

Cardboard stackers, Paracord braceletsTP racecars

Tons of craft ideas for boys

Tissue paper and foil mosaic robots, Paper building blocks, Fart noisemaker


Pony bead lizards, Origami fighter jet from a dollar, Monster blow painting

Boy art projects

Superhero cuffs, Cardboard rocketship, Painted cardbord animals


Flying egg carton helicopter, Popsicle stick bow and arrow, Star Wars snowflakes


Marshmallow shooters, Secret compartment book

d_boycraftsCraft stick marble runs, Duct tape wallet 

41 craft ideas for boys- there are some really fun ideas here that all kids would like.

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