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DIY Texture Clay Pendants

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DIY clay pendant texture necklaces - great kid holiday gift!

I’m attempting to post 5 DIY projects this week as ideas for DIY holiday gifts. We’ll see if I make it through all 5, but my intentions are good and Holy Christmas, I’ll do my best.

This first project is super duper easy and the best part of making these pendants is exploring what the different textures look like in the clay.


Crayola Air Dry Clay

Embroidery Floss to string the pendants on (or whatever you want to use. Thick gold chain?)

Watercolors, or even watered down craft paint or acrylics

Mod Podge– glossy or matte finish

A go-gettum attitude and a passion for texture


How to make the DIY Pendants:

Take a small blob of clay and roll it into a ball between your sweaty palms. Find a texture you adore and gently squash the clay flat on top of it. Smooth together any cracks that appear on the edges. Isn’t clay cool?

Now you can take a skewer or pin tool (Pin tools are very handy to have around.) and poke a hole in your pendants and let them dry. I spread mine out on wax paper.

After they’re dry, paint them with a few washes of watercolor paint or watered down craft or acrylic. Washes look pretty on the textured pieces because they are darker in the recesses and lighter on the high points, thus highlighting the texture.

Texture Ideas:

bottom of shoe, screen, textured placemats, floor, sidewalk, car tire, burlap, items in your kitchen drawer – look around your house; you’ll find texture EVERYWHERE.


Clay necklace DIY - great kid gift idea

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