Perler Bead Ideas

Published: April 12, 2022

Crafting with fuse beads leaves quite the room for creativity. You have endless ideas to try out, like jewelry, house decorations, keychains, coasters, and more. Our star today is the Perler beads.

They’re melty plastic beads that you and your kids can use for many fun crafts. And to put your mind at ease, they’re safe for little children as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

If you’ve got some free time on your hands and want to experiment around with those fun beads, here’s the inspiration you need. We’ve made a list of 20 Perler bead crafts to help you get started. So jump in!

1. Chevron Perler Bead Necklaces

Necklaces are the cherries on top of any outfit. You can grace your wardrobe with two matching Perler bead necklaces, with one resembling the chevron pattern. In addition to their glamour, they’ll make for a strong fashion statement.

Get the tutorial for chevron Perler bead necklaces on The Crafted Sparrow.

2. Melty Bead Coasters

Don’t we all miss the 90’s when Seinfield dominated the television world, and colorful Perler beads were all over the market? You can get a glimpse of those happy times back by crafting Perler bead coasters. They’ll add colors to your dinner table and make your guests reminisce.

Check the instructions for melty bead coasters on Brit + Co.

3. Fruit Magnets

Adorning your fridge with fruit Perler bead magnets should be number one on your to-do list this week. They’ll look insanely cute and will add colorful vibes to your kitchen. Not to mention, crafting with those melty beads will be your new favorite hobby.

Find out more about fruit magnets on Frugal Mom Eh.

4. Halloween Perler Bead Earrings

If you’re invited to a Halloween costume party this year, you need some Perler bead ideas to complete your costume.

A pair of melty beads earrings will make your Halloween outfit nothing short of fabulous. You can craft a Halloween-themed design, like ghosts, pumpkins, or bats. Alternatively, you can choose from your own designs and add an authentic touch to your costume.

Read more on how to make Halloween Perler bead earrings on Fun-Loving Families.

5. Harry Potter Designs

It’s no secret that we’ve all waited for a Hogwarts letter some time in our lives, and nothing could mask the disappointment of finding out we’re merely muggles. However, you can console yourself with a Perler bead Hogwarts letter and other magic-themed crafts. For instance, you can make your house’s emblem, the golden snitch, or the sorting hat.

Learn more about Harry Potter designs on 5 Little Monsters.

6. Bookmark Craft

Do you love cuddling up with an exciting book and a warm blanket? If so, it’s time to get out your Perler beads jar and craft those cute bookmarks. You can make an entire set to use for your notebooks and books. You can also try some childish designs and give them to your kids to use in school.

Get the step-by-step guide for this bookmark craft on Babble Dabble Do.

7. Perler Bead Buttons

We all have that one plain cardigan sitting miserably at the back of our closets, waiting to be worn. But luckily, our Perler bead ideas list will save it from the dark corners of your wardrobe.

You can make some fashionable DIY Perler bead buttons to revamp your clothing article. And voila! You have yourself a new colorful cardigan that’ll definitely turn heads.

Find out how to make Perler bead buttons on Maker Mama.

8. Retro Camper Keychain

Traveling in a camper van satisfies our cravings for spontaneity and going nomad style. So, if you plan on hitting the road soon, you should make this retro camper keychain out of Perler beads.

It’ll look stunning dangling from your car key, and you can customize its design according to your van’s colors.

Learn how to make a retro camper keychain on The Scrap Shoppe.

9. Hama Beads Bracelets

Making jewelry is one of the most fun Perler bead ideas, and it gives you unlimited space to get creative. For instance, you can create colorful bracelets out of Hama beads, also known as Perler beads. And since they’re more suitable for kids, you can give them to your little ones as birthday gifts.

Read more about Hama beads bracelets on DIY Candy.

10. Perler Beads Drink Topper

Do you want to add a dash of color to your dinner table? If so, it’s time for some fun fuse bead crafts. This time, you’ll make vibrant drink toppers using your melty beads. You can either look for free Perler bead patterns online or get creative and make your own design.

Check the Perler beads drink topper instructions on I Save A to Z.

11. Melty Bead Puzzle

Did you know you can transform easy Perler bead patterns into entertaining puzzles? All you have to do is choose patterns that fit together and use different colors for each piece. By the time you’re done with the project, you’ll have yourself a new colorful puzzle to solve with your kids.

Find out more about the melty bead puzzle on Rachel Swartley.

12. DIY Headphone Case

We’re all no strangers to the nuisance of detangling headphones, but you can bid it farewell with a Perler beads headphone case.

It’s one of the most beneficial melty bead projects, and it’ll add a pop of color to your personal belongings. You can choose the Perler bead pattern you want and start crafting.

Learn more about the DIY headphone case on My Frugal Adventures.

13. DIY Kaleidoscopes

Kaleidoscopes are fun toys that produce dazzling patterns and fascinating colors. You can awe your little kid with a DIY kaleidoscope on their birthday. It’s one of the most beautiful Perler bead creations and will let your kid see the world from a different, entrancing perspective.

Get the tutorial for DIY kaleidoscopes on Babble Dabble Do.

14. Fusible Bead Christmas Decorations

Scrolling through craft stores and finding a colorful melty beads jar calls for some creative Perler bead crafts. Take this Christmas-themed one, for example. Using your beads, you can make various shapes and set them up later as home decor.

Check the instructions for fusible bead Christmas decorations on Picklebums.

15. Day of the Dead Perler Bead Crafts

The Day of the Dead is a celebratory tradition in Mexico that honors the alive and the dead. You can pay homage to the Mexican culture with some beautiful Perler bead crafts.

You can craft colorful skulls using plastic pegboards, but you should settle on a suitable bead design before you start working. You can also have your older kids help you to teach them about different cultures and countries.

Find out more about Day of the Dead Perler bead crafts on Gathering Beauty.

16. Christmas Tree Garland

For a challenging project that combines both unique patterns and satisfying results, you can give this Christmas tree garland a try.

We won’t deny that it’ll keep your hands full for a good while, but seeing it hung up on your tree will be worth the effort. And for extra fun, you can let your younger kids help you. You can get more Christmas project ideas on

Read more about Christmas tree garland on DIY Candy.

17. Perler Bead Headband

This headband is one of the most straightforward Perler bead ideas on our list. It won’t take much effort on your side, will look super cute, and will make your little kid ecstatic.

After laying the right-size pegboard in front of you, you can start arranging red beads in a circular motion. After you complete the pattern, cover it with parchment paper and iron it.

Learn more about Perler Bead Headband on Eighteen 25.

18. Star Wars Perler Bead Patterns

Star Wars is the epitome of Sci-Fi movies, and here’s a fun way by which you can celebrate its success. First, you can craft your favorite characters out of Perler beads. Next, you can either add jump rings and use them as keychains or add magnets and hang them as fun magnets on your fridge.

Get the tutorial for Star Wars Perler bead patterns on Frugal Fun for Boys.

19. Perler Bead Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers protect you from getting nightmares, and we didn’t forget to include them among our Perler bead ideas!

You can craft a homemade dreamcatcher using Perler beads and parchment paper and hang it above your bed. As a bonus point, it’ll look fashionable as home decor.

Check the instructions for Perler bead dreamcatcher on The Art Kit Blog.

20. Perler Beads Fruit Bowl

You can use your newly bought Perler beads to make a fun-looking fruit bowl. You might think it’s too challenging at first, but it’s a deceptively easy project that’ll look store-bought by the time you’re done with it.

Learn more about the Perler beads fruit bowl on Vikalpah.

Perler beads guarantee you endless fun and fabulous creations. So dust off your beads jar, and choose your favorite project from our Perler bead ideas list!



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