Spring Wreath Ideas

Published: April 18, 2022

When you think of spring, the first things that come to mind usually include flowers, greenery, warmer weather, and, in some cases, Easter eggs.

So, if you’re looking for a creative way to usher in spring, you can create some easy DIY spring wreaths that hang on your door all season long. And the good news is that you can make some of the gorgeous wreath projects in just a few minutes!

To make things easier for you, we’ve curated some projects to inspire your creativity and impress your guests. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Spring Floral Basket Wreath

Breathe life into an old basket using leaves, berries, and faux flowers. The colorful flowers make spring wreaths such a lovely way to decorate your doorstep.

Visit Hearth and Vine for the tutorial for this Spring Floral Basket Wreath.

2. Wildflower and Burlap Wreath

Try your hands at a grapevine wreath to get that on-trend farmhouse look. Use a burlap bow to add the finishing touch to this flower wreath for a classy door decoration.

Get the tutorial for this Wildflower and Burlap Wreath at The Happier Homemaker.

3. Eucalyptus Spring Wreath

With a grapevine wreath to serve as the base and a faux eucalyptus garland garnish, you can create this spring wreath to adorn your door. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the end of cold winter days.

Learn how to make a Eucalyptus Spring Wreath at Thrifty and Chic.

4. Simple Spring Wreath

“Keep it simple, silly” is the name of the game when making this grapevine wreath and colorful store-bought pom-pom combination. It’s an ideal project for anyone who’s new to crafting.

Learn how to make this Simple Spring Wreath at Real Happy Space.

5. Spring Butterfly Wreath

Set your guests’ hearts a-flutter with this colorful wreath incorporating grapevine wreath, small decorative butterflies, and artificial ivy.

To learn how to make this Spring Butterfly Wreath, visit Tried and True.

6. DIY Floral Wreath

You can bring color and spring to your front door with some artificial flowers and a wire wreath frame by creating this DIY spring wreath.

You’ll find the step-by-step guide on crafting a DIY Floral Wreath at Bless’er House.

7. DIY Spring Wreath

Looks can be deceiving, as is the case with this DIY spring wreath that’s way easier to put together than it looks. In addition, it doesn’t require too much work.

Visit Blooming Homestead to learn how to get started on this DIY Spring Wreath.

8. Lemon Wreath

Are you looking for an idea for a spring wreath that’ll bring some color to a dark door? If so, this lemon wreath is perfect for the job. You’ll just need some fake lemons and a pretty striped bow.

Head over to A Diamond in the Stuff for the step-by-step guide for this Lemon Wreath.

9. Boxwood Wreath

To add some greenery to your door, try creating this easy boxwood wreath. It’s a beautiful way to bring some spring cheer to your home.

Visit Daisy Mae Belle to learn how to make a Boxwood Wreath.

10. Felt Flower Spring Wreath

With an embroidery hoop, a bouquet of felt flowers, and a glue gun, you can decorate your front door with this DIY felt flower spring wreath.

Craftiness Is Not Optional provides the step-by-step guide to get you started on this gorgeous Felt Flower Spring Wreath.

11. Patterned Handkerchief Wreath

Get together a couple of handkerchiefs or fabric swatches and tie them around a wire wreath form to make this patterned handkerchief wreath. Use coordinated pastel colors that evoke spring-like green and pink to get it right.

You’ll find the tutorial for this Patterned Handkerchief wreath at Good Housekeeping.

12. Cute Wreaths Using Pom-Poms

With pom-poms in various colors and a patterned ribbon, you can wrap a foam wreath form and hang it on your front door to usher in the spring season.

To make Cute Wreaths Using Pom-Poms, visit The Crafted Sparrow.

13. Moss and Birdhouse Wreath

You can make a lovely wreath using some natural moss and a bright yellow birdhouse to give your front door that feeling of spring. This spring wreath idea is strictly no blooms necessary.

Visit Craftiments for the tutorial on making a Moss and Birdhouse Wreath.

14. DIY Floral Wreath

Gather your most cherished spring flowers together in pink, orange, and yellow to craft a floral wreath that brings a cheerful burst of color to your doorstep.

You’ll find the tutorial for crafting this DIY Floral Wreath at A Piece of Rainbow.

15. DIY Repurposed Frame With Spring Flowers

Create an upcycled wreath using an old frame, paint, and some flowers. This stunning wreath is a great way to welcome spring while being kind to the environment.

Visit Recreated Designs for the step-by-step guide for creating this DIY Repurposed Frame With Spring Flowers.

16. Monogrammed Burlap Ribbon

Infuse a burst of spring into your front porch using a patterned burlap ribbon and some pastel-colored flowers. To add a personal touch to spring wreaths like this one, you can paint a letter that represents your family name.

Get the tutorial for this Monogrammed Burlap Ribbon at My Life on Kaydeross Creek.

17. Watering Can Wreath

Convert an old watering can into a doorstep wreath decoration that celebrates spring and displays your eco-friendly home. You can beautify the can by filling it with fresh flowers handpicked from your garden.

To learn how to make a Watering Can Wreath, visit Good Housekeeping.

18. DIY Wreaths With Colorful Butterflies

You can make this DIY wreath using boxwood garland and sweet butterflies secured to the wreath with wire. Add a pink ribbon for the finishing touch and wait for the compliments to pour in.

Check out Design Improvised to learn how to make DIY Wreaths With Colorful Butterflies. And for more butterfly crafts, visit craftwhack.com.

19. Trendy Potted Succulents on a Wreath

Combine flower pots with faux succulents to make a spring wreath that stands out. Secure the pots to the wreath using wire and fill them with floral foam balls and moss.

Visit Crafts by Courtney to make this Trendy Potted Succulents on a Wreath project.

20. Cherry Blossom Wreath

Nothing says “Spring” quite like cherry blossoms, and in countries like Japan, actual festivals and events celebrate this harbinger of spring every year. So bring an oriental twist to your spring decorations with this flower wreath.

Visit A Pumpkin and A Princess for the tutorial on making a Cherry Blossom Wreath.

21. Nest-Themed Wreath With Wild Greenery

Create a rustic wreath that incorporates small white flowers, greener eggs, wild grass, and a burlap bird. This unique wreath will give your guests a visual treat.

Check out Our Clover House for the step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Nest-Themed Wreath With Wild Greenery.

22. Minimalistic DIY Moss Wreath for Spring

For an understated wreath that still does a good job decorating your door, try this minimalistic DIY moss wreath for spring. It’s covered entirely in beautiful spring green moss with a velvet ribbon hanging the wreath in place.

Visit The Shabby Creek Cottage for the Minimalistic DIY Moss Wreath for Spring tutorial.

23. DIY Modern Floral Wreath

Decorate an embroidery hoop with a ribbon, some moss, and flowers in a beautiful asymmetrical arrangement that’ll make your door the talk of the town.

Check out DwellWell for the tutorial for this DIY Modern Floral Wreath.

24. Lovely Lavender and Forsythia Wreath

Give your doorstep a burst of striking color with this lovely lavender and forsythia wreath. Both flowers will bring a touch of class to your door while welcoming the spring season.

Visit Decor by the Seashore to get started on this Lovely Lavender and Forsythia Wreath project.

25. Colorful Easter Egg Wreath

You don’t have to wait until Easter to break out the Easter eggs if this colorful Easter egg wreath is any indication. By adorning your door with eggs painted in bright, happy colors, you’ll bring a smile to your visitors’ faces.

You’ll find the Colorful Easter Egg Wreath tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

26. Amazing Bicycle Wheel Wreath

If you’re looking for spring wreath ideas that’ll wow your visitors and passersby, this amazing bicycle wheel wreath is jaw-dropping in its boldness. Its delicate flowers contrast nicely with the metallic wheel.

Visit Crafty Little Gnome to learn how to make an Amazing Bicycle Wheel Wreath.

27. Garden Gnome Spring Pom-Pom Wreath

This garden gnome spring pom-pom wreath uses branches, pom-poms, and a tiny gnome figurine to welcome the new season.

You’ll find the tutorial for this cute spring Garden Gnome Spring Pom-Pom Wreath at Vicki O’Dell.

28. Colorful Woven Wreath

If you love crafts involving weaving, knitting, or sewing, this amazing colorful woven wreath is perfect for your needs.

Visit Lovely Indeed to follow along with this Colorful Woven Wreath tutorial.

29. Paper Tube and Floral DIY Spring Wreath

Check out this paper tube and floral wreath if you’re looking for a genuinely inspiring spring wreath. You can make it using paper tubes and fabric with a silk ribbon, adding a touch of class to the final product.

Check out Bigger in Real Life to learn more about the Paper Tube and Floral DIY Spring Wreath.

30. DIY Spring Paper Leaf Wreath

Break out the scissors and colored paperyou’ll need them to make this spring wreath. There’s a lot to like about the final result, even if you don’t make paper crafts as a hobby.

Visit We Are Scout for the tutorial on making this DIY Spring Paper Leaf Wreath.

31. DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

Beautify your door with a spring wreath where tulips feature prominently in the design. Your visitors will find it hard to resist sniffing this decorative hanging when they see it.

Visit Life Love Larson for the DIY Spring Tulip Wreath tutorial.

32. Vibrant Crepe Paper

Invigorate your doorstep with springtime cheer using crepe paper to create this simple wreath. You can incorporate a ribbon into the design and make it pull double duty as a wreath hanger.

Head over to Virginia Sweetpea to learn more about this Vibrant Crepe Paper.

33. Piggin Bucket

Get together flowers in different shades, stick them in a bucket, and hang them on your door. That’s the idea behind this piggin bucket wreath. You’ll need to pad the bucket with paper towels before adding the floral foam and flowers.

Visit Good Housekeeping for the Piggin Bucket tutorial.

34. DIY Hello Spring Wreath

Greet your visitors with a big “Hello” and a spring wreath covered in polka dots. Include tulips to enhance the decorative aspects of this project further.

Head over to Lil’Luna to get started on this DIY Hello Spring Wreath.

35. Stunning Wreath With Dollar Store Finds

You can create this spectacular DIY craft project with items from the dollar store. However, it wouldn’t be a spring wreath without flowers as the focal point, so include some artificial flowers when decorating your door with this project.

Visit Making Life Blissful for the Stunning Wreath With Dollar Store Finds tutorial.

36. Blooming Peonies on a Grapevine Wreath

Combine silk hydrangeas and peonies to create a spring wreath that has equal shades of pink and white. The amazing contrast between the grapevine wreath and the flowers adds to the charm of this decorative spring DIY project.

Check out Puddy’s House for the step-by-step guide on how to make a Blooming Peonies on a Grapevine Wreath.

37. Wooden Beaded Wreath With Flowers

Boho-chic and spring collide with this spring wreath that combines wooden beads and silk flowers. Give your front porch a touch of bohemia with this project.

Head over to Lolly Jane to learn how to create this Wooden Beaded Wreath With Flowers.

38. Gerbera Daisy Framed Art Wreath

Decorate your door with frame art that you can find at any local craft store and Gerbera daisies. You can place the Gerbera blooms at the bottom right of the framed art to create an off-kilter look.

Visit The Bold Abode to learn how to make this Gerbera Daisy Frame Art Wreath.

With the DIY spring wreath ideas in this article, you’re on your way to creating pretty spring projects that you can hang on your door to announce your love for this season in a bright and stunning display.



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