Watercolor Painting Ideas for Kids

Published: May 13, 2022

Watercolor projects offer a relaxing way to spend time with the kids. Parent and child can have fun while testing out watercolor techniques and playing with the assortment of watercolor painting ideas out there. Moreover, if there’s a holiday, you bet there are seasonal watercolor projects that you can do too!

We’ve curated so many creative ideas for easy watercolor projects you can do with your kids in this article. So read on!

1. Watercolor Doodle Flowers

Watercolor Doodle Flowers

Make small dots and blotches in different colors on a sheet of paper using your brush. Then, after waiting for the watercolors to dry, turn the colored dots into flowers with a colored pencil or crayons by using them to draw petals.

Visit Art is Basic to get started making Watercolor Doodle Flowers.

2. Watercolors and Crayons Resist

Watercolors and Crayons Resist

Here’s a tie-dye-inspired watercolor painting project your kids will love. Emulate nature by creating a beautiful winter wonderland using some blue paint and white crayons, or create a garden using different shades of green.

Check out How Wee Learnfor the Watercolors and Crayons Resist tutorial.

3. Raised Salt Painting

Raised Salt Painting

Make a drawing or squiggle design on some paper using a glue bottle, then cover the glue line with salt. Next, let your child paint lightly on the glue lines and watch them marvel at how the salt travels along the glue and salt line combination.

For the full Raised Salt Painting tutorial, visit The Artful Parent.

4. Giant 3D Flowers

Giant 3D Flowers

Make some flowers using uncoated paper plates. Next, cut out flower shapes from the plates and glue them together before painting them with watercolors. Finally, add doodles to them as embellishment.

Check out Pink Stripey Socks‚ for the Giant 3D Flowers tutorial.

5. Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake

Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake

Try making this watercolor snowflake in the summer or winter to do something “cool” during the former season or celebrate the latter.

Visit Arty Crafty Kids‚ for the Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake tutorial. For more ideas involving watercolor resist techniques, visit Craftwhack.

6. Sun and Moon Watercolor Project

Sun and Moon Watercolor Project

Watercolor painting ideas for kids that let them flex their drawing skills before sitting down to paint are fantastic time killers. For example, let your child draw a half sun, half moon face, and paint on either side using the appropriate colors.

Get the Sun and Moon Watercolor Project tutorial at Make and Takes.

7. The Starry Night Sky Effect

The Starry Night Sky Effect

Give your child’s painting a magical feel by sprinkling salt on their still-wet project. Your little one will love the final result, even if they aren’t old enough to tell the difference between a Van Gogh and a Picasso.

Learn how to create The Starry Night Sky Effect at The Artful Parent.

8. Glue Drip Watercolor

Glue Drip Watercolor

Watercolor painting ideas come in all sorts of media, and this watercolor project is one example among many. Try out this glue drip technique with your child for a fabulous final product that’ll impress art lovers.

Learn more about this Glue Drip Watercolor project from The Pinterested Parent.

9. Compass Painting With Watercolors

Compass Painting With Watercolors

Ditch the pencil for a paintbrush and use a compass to make differently-sized circles on a piece of paper. This project is just one of so many creative ideas that get your kids to view everyday objects in a new artistic light.

Visit Housing a Forest‚ for the Compass Painting With Watercolors tutorial.

10. Watercolor Painting With Markers

Watercolor Painting With Markers

Not all watercolor painting ideas involve watercolor painting. In fact, this project trades in the paintbrush for good old markers! It doesn’t get more back-to-basics than this, and if there’s one thing kids love more than crayons, it’s markers.

Visit Color Made Happy‚ to learn more about Watercolor Painting With Markers.

11. Flower Print Kids Crafts

Flower Print Kids Crafts

Let nature unleash your child’s artistic talents by creating this flower print craft. Watercolor projects like this are suitable for kids of all ages and incredibly easy to do. Start by gathering some flowers together and remove the stems so they press flat on the paper. Then, encourage your little one to paint with the flower!

Get started making Flower Print Kids Crafts by visiting Pop Sugar.

12. Watercolor Paper Plate Butterflies

Watercolor Paper Plate Butterflies

With some popsicle sticks and paper plates, you’re all set to create some watercolor butterflies! In this project, your kids get to make art using everyday objects they’d normally take for granted.

Get the tutorial for these Watercolor Paper Plate Butterflies at Fun 365.

13. Friendly Monster Watercolor Blow Art

Friendly Monster Watercolor Blow Art

Little kids love monsters, and watercolor art projects like this monster craft will be a hit with young artists. Also, if it’s that time of year, your kids will love creating this Halloween-appropriate watercolor painting in homage to the beautiful holiday.

VisitAdventure in a Box‚ for the Friendly Monster Watercolor Blow Art tutorial.

14. Pour Painting With Watercolors

Pour Painting With Watercolors

If you’re looking for a way to explore process art ideas with your kids, try this pour painting project. First, tape some watercolor paper onto a board and let your child paint every inch of it using watercolors. Second, let them pour different hues of acrylic paint onto the paper and watch as the colors mix.

For the full tutorial on making Pour Painting With Watercolors, visit Housing A Forest.

15. Black Crayon Watercolor Silhouette

Black Crayon Watercolor Silhouette

Get your kid involved in making a watercolor silhouette for a fascinating take on plain watercolor art. With this project, your child will enjoy painting in silhouettes of their favorite things, like dinosaurs or airplanes.

Check out Made to Be A Momma‚ for the Black Crayon Watercolor Silhouette tutorial.

16. Watercolor Eggs

Watercolor Eggs

Put the paints away from your child won’t need them when making watercolor eggs! Instead, they’ll be painting on hardboiled eggs using vinegar and food coloring. You can keep the eggs in the carton if you don’t want your child to stain their fingers with the coloring.

Visit Modern Parents Messy Kids‚ to learn how to create Watercolor Eggs.

17. Black Glue Stained Glass Watercolor Art

Black Glue Stained Glass Watercolor Art

Use some black glue to emulate stained glass with this watercolor project. You’ll need a half-empty bottle of glue and a tablespoon of black acrylic paint. Mix the two in the glue bottle and shake the concoction, squeezing out the black glue on paper in a pattern or drawing. Let your kids paint in the sections with watercolor paint once dry.

Visit The Artful Parent‚ to learn more about Black Glue Stained Glass Watercolor Art.

18. DIY Watercolor Greeting Cards

DIY Watercolor Greeting Cards

With a big-enough canvas, your kids can freely explore their artistic inclinations. However, confining their paintbrush to a smaller space like a greeting card encourages them to be more economical and deliberate with their watercolor technique.

This is an excellent way for kids to experiment with different watercolor techniques like swirling and dripping.

Learn how to create DIY Watercolor Greeting Cards at Artsy Craftsy Mom.

19. Watercolor Spider Web

Watercolor Spider Web

For a creative way to get some use out of leftover paper plates, try your hands at creating a watercolor spider web. Kids of all ages will have so much fun making gorgeous colorful webs. Make sure not to miss adding a little spider in the center.

You can learn how to make a Watercolor Spider Web at One Little Project.

20. White Space With Watercolors

White Space With Watercolors

This is one of those watercolor painting ideas for kids that the whole family can have fun creating together. Unfortunately, this watercolor resists art project is pretty complex for kids to do independently, so parents will have to get involved.

Visit Art Is Basic‚ for the White Space With Watercolors tutorial.

21. Rainbow Watercolor Unicorns

Rainbow Watercolor Unicorns

Combine yarn and watercolor paints to create one of the most magical watercolor painting ideas for kids. Fantastical beasts inspire kids’ and adults’ imaginations. Doing watercolor projects like this one is a beautiful way to boost your kids’ creativity.

Get the tutorial for Rainbow Watercolor Unicorns at Rowdy Rascal Kids.

22. Watercolor Bookmarks for Kids

Watercolor Bookmarks for Kidsf

Watercolor painting ideas don’t always have to be personal projects confined to the home. You can encourage your child to make something they intend to present to their friends as gifts, and these watercolor bookmarks for kids are the perfect project.

Learn how to make Watercolor Bookmarks for Kids from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

23. Fun With Values Watercolor Art

Fun With Values Watercolor Art

Teach your kids color values by encouraging them to paint light and dark shades of their favorite colors. Then, make it a game by letting them paint from the darkest to lightest hue in one color and the reverse with another.

Visit Doodlewash‚ for the Fun With Values Watercolor Art tutorial.

24. The Relaxing Scribble Art Activity

The Relaxing Scribble Art Activity

Give your kids some crayons or oil pastels and demonstrate how to draw big looping scribbles on the paper. Then, add the finishing touches by filling out the spaces not colored-in with crayons using a paintbrush and watercolors.

Visit The Artful Parent‚ to draw with The Relaxing Scribble Art Activity.

25. Watercolor Galaxy Cityscape

Watercolor Galaxy Cityscape

When your kids become adept at making watercolor art, you’ll need to introduce them to advanced watercolor painting ideas. This galaxy cityscape is the perfect project to level up your child’s painting skills.

Check out Inkstruck‚ for the Watercolor Galaxy Cityscape tutorial.

26. Watercolor Monogram Art

Watercolor Monogram Art

Here’s a watercolor painting project that’ll let your kids make their mark literally! Inspire your kids to paint their initials on paper and watch them admire their monogram with glee.

Visit Long Wait for Isabella‚ to learn how to create Watercolor Monogram Art.

27. Watercolor Butterfly Symmetry Prints

Watercolor Butterfly Symmetry Prints

Watercolor butterfly symmetry prints have a fleeting beauty exactly like the subject they’re based on. Fold a piece of paper in half, open it, and then draw the outline of a butterfly on either side of the folded line.

Next, let your child paint on one side of the butterfly, close it, and open it again to reveal a symmetrical butterfly.

Visit The Artful Parent for the full Watercolor Butterfly Symmetry Prints tutorial.

28. Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Shapes

Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Shapes

Use cookie cutters to experiment with this wet-on-wet watercolor technique. First, place a cookie-cutter on paper and paint the inside with nothing but a wet paintbrush. Then, apply some watercolor paint to the damp area inside the cookie-cutter.

Repeat the paintbrush step with different colors and watch as the water spreads them. Leave the cookie-cutter in place so that the painted area dries up.

Learn more about making Wet-On-Wet Watercolor Shapes at The Artful Parent.

29. Watercolor Resist Citrus Painting

Watercolor Resist Citrus Painting

If you’re looking for watercolor painting ideas for kids that you can do during summer, this citrus painting is among the best watercolor projects available. Create some familiar fruits like lemons and oranges using different colors.

Visit Projects With Kids‚ to get started making a Watercolor Resist Citrus Painting.

30. Fidget Spinner Watercolor Circles

Fidget Spinner Watercolor Circles

Place a pen inside a fidget spinner hole to make watercolor circles in this fun process art project for kids of all ages.

This project gets some excellent use out of the once-popular but now discarded fidget spinner. If you have older kids, you’ll probably find one or two lying around somewhere in your house.

Visit Twichetts to learn how to make Fidget Spinner Watercolor Circles.

31. Northern Lights Watercolor Painting for Kids

Northern Lights Watercolor Painting for Kids

The northern lights are a sight to behold, so any painting that captures their beauty will probably turn out gorgeous. Simple art supplies, water, and salt are all you need to start this project.

Check out Projects With Kids‚ to learn how to create a Northern Lights Watercolor Painting for Kids.

32. Coral Reef Watercolor Art Project

Coral Reef Watercolor Art Project

In this project, you’ll be painting designs of the coral reef. Then, once you’ve put paint to paper, sprinkle salt on it before it dries to give the final product an exciting look and feel.

You can pay homage to this endangered ecosystem while telling your kids the importance of saving the environment.

Visit Rainy Day Mum for the tutorial on how to make a Coral Reef Watercolor Art Project.

Exploring watercolor painting ideas with your kids provides the opportunity for a fun bonding experience. There are so many ideas to try with them, so grab your tools and supplies and start crafting!



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