Watercolor Bookmark Ideas

Watercolor Bookmark Ideas

Watercolors are becoming the latest trend for everything – from phone covers to laptop cases all the way to bookmarks.

And if you’re an avid reader, you’ll probably want to spice up your reading sessions by using fun-looking, individualized bookmarks, such as watercolor ones.

And this is why we’re here! The sleepy old bookmark can now be transformed into a vibrant one using our awesome DIY watercolor bookmark ideas. So, without further ado, read on to get inspired!

1. Mother’s Day Bookmark Watercolor Project

The Mother’s Day bookmark is a wonderful hand-crafted gift option on Mother’s Day. Your kid can mix brilliant colors on paper to produce unique and creative designs.

In this project, the paint is applied in a thin layer, which results in a smooth surface. This minimizes the appearance of brushstrokes, so the painting will look more like it was painted by a machine.

So this bookmark will surely delight the youngsters and leave mothers happy with their gifts.

Check out more about the Mother’s Day Bookmark Watercolor Project at

2. Father’s Day Bookmark Watercolor Project

Similar to mothers, fathers need a gift as well. This Father’s Day bookmark is an excellent way for children to show their love to their dads.

In addition, it’s a fantastic surprise that children will enjoy crafting, and fathers will enjoy receiving it!

To make this project truly one-of-a-kind, kids can develop their own original graphics and words.

What better way to make your dad feel special on Father’s Day than with a true-blue, hand-crafted gift.

Visit to view the instructions on how to make this beautiful Father’s Day Bookmark Watercolor Project.

3. Back to School Monster Bookmarks

Back to School Monster Bookmarks are easy to make, fun to customize, and will be your new favorite bookmark.

So whether you’re looking for something cute for your little one’s book or a classic design for your favorite novel, this Monster Bookmark has got you covered.

In addition, it’s a fun project for kids of all ages! All you need is some square pieces of construction paper, white paper, red paper, paintbrush, pink paint, scissors, and glue.

Visit to learn more about the Back to School Monster Bookmark.

4. Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks

With space-themed colors and patterns, these galaxy watercolor bookmarks are out of this world!

What’s more, after painting the bookmark with purple, blue, or green colors, you can sprinkle some salt while the paint is still wet.

Interestingly, salt can transform the whole theme into a more space-like one, and you’ll feel that you have the galaxy on your bookmark!

You can also add celestial creations to your final result. And it’s pretty easy to make, so you can let your kids join in on the fun.

Visit to learn how to make these Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks.

5. Little Monsters: Watercolor Bookmark

This idea is a fun and creative way to help your kids learn about shapes, colors, and patterns. And the best part is that you and your kids can paint the bookmarks any way you want!

For example, you could do little x’s or + signs, dots, flowers, leaves, or if you wanted to get really creative with it, you could try making your own patterns.

Get inspired with this Little Monsters: Watercolor Bookmark at

6. Watercolor Bookmarks: Easy Idea That Kids Can Do

Creating watercolor bookmarks using a crayon resist technique is easy and entertaining.

Additionally, this technique is perfect for beginners, so children can go for it and explore their creativity.

The resist process draws out negative space between the pencil lines and creates an interesting watercolor effect.

In this one, you’ll paint on wax paper with crayons to create colorful artwork that you can display or hang up afterward.

Then, press down in certain areas on your paper. This way, the wax won’t take the color, which leaves white space to add words or images.

Tip: Try to use toothpicks to draw more creative designs.

You’ll find more details about Watercolor Bookmarks: Easy Idea That Kids Can Do at

7. Hand-Lettered Watercolor Bookmarks

These hand-lettered watercolor bookmarks are effortless and fun to make. You can also customize them, so they’re perfect to be given as gifts. In addition, you can use the supplies you already have at home.

And the best part is that there are so many ways to craft this project. You can change the design or the colors and layer the marks; it’s never boring.

And when it comes to time, it takes about five minutes, which is worth the beautiful bookmark that can be used for years to come.

Learn how to make these Hand-Lettered Watercolor Bookmarks at

8. Space Corner Bookmark

We all know that reading can be a fun adventure, especially if you have a funky bookmark to keep you company. This space-themed bookmark is so simple; it’s made of two triangles that are glued together.

So you’ll need to apply glue on one triangle and press the other one on it. Then, let the glue dry completely before using this bookmark, as you don’t want it sticking on a page from the book.

In addition, this space corner bookmark is perfect for your little astronaut who loves exploring. It’s also great to be given as a gift or to be put as a decoration for your room.

Learn how to make this Space Corner Bookmark at

9. Floral Design Bookmark

Floral watercolor bookmarks can be a delightful addition to your paper crafting collection.

And the good news is that anyone can create these floral-designed bookmarks because they don’t require any special skills or complicated techniques.

An easy step-by-step guide to making this Floral Design Bookmark is available at

10. Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

This thumbprint heart bookmark is a great way to show how much you love someone. So you can use this idea to make a personalized gift for the people you care about.

Also, it’s simple and easy for children, and they’ll learn about showing their love to friends and family.

To do this project, simply stamp your thumbprint onto a piece of cardstock with red ink, then cut it to the desired size.

Next, tie on a length of red satin ribbon, and you’re done!

Visit for more information about this cute Thumbprint Heart Bookmark.

11. Penguin Bookmark Craft

It’s winter, and you’re stuck inside with the kids. What do you do? Create these penguin bookmarks!

This easy-to-follow craft is a great way to keep the kids occupied and have fun on a cold winter day. They’ll love this adorable project and will be proud of their finished product.

And it’s not so complicated; your kid will be making a bookmark with only a penguin’s shape and flippers. Plus, the penguin’s outer shape can be traced on black craft papers.

Catch glimpses of what your child can achieve with this Penguin Bookmark Craft at

12. Bookish Craft Watercolor Bookmarks

Another idea to craft while you’re stuck indoors on a rainy afternoon. These handmade watercolor bookmarks are perfect to be shared with friends and family.

You’ll just need to punch out circles, cut them out using scissors, trace onto your traced paper, and then cut out the shape. You’re now ready to paint your bookmarks.

And there’s no wrong way to make them, so just have fun and make some crafts that reflect you.

These Bookish Craft Watercolor Bookmarks are easy to follow on

13. DIY Watercolor Bookmarks

We know that writing on bookmarks might seem scary or a bit too artistic. But don’t worry; you don’t need to be a calligraphy expert.

Also, it’s not necessary to have good handwriting to make your own bookmarks. You just need the courage to write a few words on them.

You can use random quotes from your favorite book or movie so that people will know what kind of books you like.

With these personalized watercolor bookmarks, you can give your loved ones special gifts that they’ll remember in their reading sessions!

The instructions at will help you create mind-blowing DIY Watercolor Bookmarks.

14. Ice-cream Stick Animal Bookmark

There are a ton of kid’s crafts that can be made with lollipop sticks or ice cream sticks. And in this idea, your kids will learn to make their own crafty animal bookmarks and enjoy showing them to their friends.

They can create adorable barnyard animals, bugs, and other amazing ice cream stick animal bookmarks within minutes!

Get instructions to create this Icecream Stick Animal Bookmark at

15. DIY Madhubani Style Kite Bookmark

In this project, you can make these awesome DIY Madhubani style bookmarks that’ll remind you of your childhood. You can also let your kids participate and make it a family activity.

And the best part about this idea is that you can go crazy with bright colors that’ll remind you and your kids of clear skies. In addition, you can add glitters and ribbons that’ll add elegance to the final result.

Learn how to make these DIY Madhubani Style Kite Bookmarks at

16. Paint Chip Pokémon Pikachu Bookmark

This paint chip bookmark project is ideal for young and old Pokémon fans.

It’s simple to make, and you probably have all the materials on hand. So gather your children and poke balls, and let’s get started right away!

All you have to do is trace a Pikachu onto a paint chip or print it onto a piece of yellow card stock and then cut it out.

You can use any Pikachu image that you want. And once you have your bookmark, all you have to do is put it on the corner of the page, and voila!

Head over to to learn how to make this Paint Chip Pokémon Pikachu Bookmark.

17. Four-Season Watercolor Bookmark

Designing these four-season watercolor bookmarks is a great way to bring some joy to your off-hours.

When you need a break from your daily grind, why not take some time for creative self-care? These bookmarks are also a beautiful way to decorate your desk.

Because what’s better than having different seasons’ themes on a bookmark?

Check to learn how to make these Four-Season Watercolor Bookmarks.

18. Beautiful DIY Watercolor Bookmark

With this idea, you’ll just need paper towels, painter’s tape, water, watercolor paper, and a paint palette.

When you’re ready with these supplies, you’ll be able to create beautiful watercolor bookmarks using three different techniques.

For example, you can use a traditional watercolor painting, saltwater coloring, or the plastic bag marbling effect.

Learn more about crafting the Beautiful DIY Watercolor Bookmark using the three techniques at

19. Minion Bookmark

Keep your place in a book and share your love for minions with this easy-to-make, easy-to-use bookmark.

In this one, the arms fold over the page and keep your place marked while the head hugs your book. Not only will you like using this bookmark, but you’ll also enjoy making it!

And about colors, you’ll need yellow for the head and hands, blue for clothing, and gray and black for eyes.

Get more information about this fabulous Minion Bookmark at

As you can see, there’s a myriad of watercolor ideas out there to create unique bookmarks. So grab your tools, watercolors, and most importantly, your creativity, and start crafting!

And remember, there’s no limit; you can go as wild as you wish!

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