Easy & Fun Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids

Published: December 22, 2020

Drawing is an age-old pastime enjoyed by young and old alike. These Easy & Fun Animal Drawing Ideas provide an enjoyable and creative activity to help grow artistic skill and fill your time. These techniques use a method where you attempt to mirror the other side of the image or as many call it – draw the other half art. These Easy & Fun Animal Drawing Ideas for Kids are fun, simple to draw, and quite entertaining!

Let’s get inspired and get started!

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As mentioned in our popular post, 100 Crazy Cool Drawing Ideas, Zentangle, and a renewed interest in sketchbooks – drawing is such a wonderful way to self express, get creative, and set aside time for oneself!

Below you will see all things needed to make your very own fun drawing ideas for kids:

draw the other half art

Materials Needed for your draw the other half art session :

  • pencil
  • any paper will do but we love this sketchbook
  • coloring pencils, crayons, watercolor paint, or nothing – if you prefer to leave your sketch/drawings as they are just with a pencil
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • images of animals cut out of magazines and books

Here is how to create your art:

  1. Find animal images out of books and magazines and cut them out. Front-facing art does the best for this art project.
  2. Position your various images on your piece of paper with glue.
  3. Start sketching the other side of the missing half of your animal’s face.

Once you create an image you like you are done!

Let’s look at this with a little more detail:

draw the other half art

Ideas of different ways to create your animal art project:

As you can see here, we tried our best to find variety to offer a few different challenges to the sketching from cats to various dog breeds to even a cow! You could even consider doing a theme and searching for farm animals to draw or a cat theme that is all cats, etc. We found the more lifestyle magazines to provide the best variety of animal images in their ad pages.

draw the other half art

Find a part of the animal’s face to start with. We like starting with the eyes, nose and mouth often as you are naturally drawn to these characteristics first visually. By looking at the opposite side you can start to mimic and copy as if looking through a mirror – the other side of the animal’s face. Do not forget the details such as the cat’s whiskers and the details in their fur.

We find this exercise as a great way to really develop drawing skills so that ultimately your child or yourself can draw an animal independently.

There are so many easy drawing ideas for kids, ways to learn how to draw animals, and benefits to taking time to draw! We hope you take the time to create some of your own Easy & Fun Animal Drawings!

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