365 Drawing Starters to Get You Making Art Daily

Published: March 22, 2019

Starting a daily drawing habit doesn’t need to be hard. It’s like anything else, of you build it up in your head, you’ll never do it. If you make it the easiest thing on earth, you’ll do it.

Even something as pleasurable as drawing can turn into a monumental task if you start thinking about it as: finding the perfect sketchbook, what gorgeous pen should I use, what can I draw to post on Instagram today, is this the best size paper for this drawing, do I even have my own drawing style, what if the left eye doesn’t match the right eye, oh my god I can’t draw haaaaaaands, do I even want to draw hands, WHAT DO I DRAW.

Yeah, sketchbook stress is real and it’s so annoying.

I’m not claiming to be able to cure you of sketchbook stress, but I have made something to give you a huge push toward drawing. Every day. Easily.

It’s this:

This is the cover of the ebook I just made. But it’s not just an ebook. It’s a tool to help you get past all the mental blocks that make picking up a pencil and drawing so freaking hard sometimes.

You’ll get a pdf to download and print out of 365 weird little doodles and squiggles that look sort of like these:

There’s one doodle per page for you to finish, so what happens is you grab a piece of paper, plunk it in front of you, and draw the first thing that comes to mind.

The result is that sometimes you get a drawing you like, and sometimes you get utter junk, but you know what? You just drew! And that tiny little drawing starter on the page made it 1000% easier.

Want some more info? Go read my very fancy sales page and see who and what else this ebook is great for. Ready to buy? Head over here.

Can’t seem to leave this page? Here are some of the befores and afters that we made.

doodle starters

doodle starters

doodle starters

drawing starters

Fun, huh? Alright, enough rubbernecking. Go grab your own and get drawing!

Now available: 50 Drawing Starters for Kids eBook:

drawing starters for kids



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