Why Everyone Needs Drawing Starters

Published: March 20, 2019

drawing starters printables

The Blank Sketchbook Can be a Killer.

Wouldn’t it be great to not freeze up every time you sat down to draw?

I just solved your sketchbook stress. Presenting…..

Drawing Starters! 365 of them. That’s one a day, or however many you want a day and you can reuse them over and over again.

All you have to do is print them out and grab a marker – then let them lure you into finishing the drawing.

Aren’t you curious what it would be like to have a stack of these in front of you? Do you wonder what you would draw?

When I placed them in front of my daughter, she immediately pushed her homework aside (not shocking), and started drawing. She couldn’t stop. “These are SO FUN” escaped her mouth

“The simplicity and brevity of it let me relax into it instead of tensing up.
In some of them, I just “traced” what I “saw” on the page around the doodle. That was a cool experience!
I plan to use it as a warm-up exercise when I sit down to write, to help me keep that channel open! ”
Rebecca Davis
Speech Therapist

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These Will Help You:

  • Lessen the stress of feeling like you need to create an Instagram-worthy sketchbook.
  • Get you out of a creative rut
  • Reinforce the simple act of drawing so you establish a habit
  • Unwind and relax without screens
  • Draw without rules or expectations.

You will receive a downloadable pdf that you can print out all at once or in weekly or monthly piles. I recommend printing a month at a time and keeping them in a cute little basket on your coffee table with a few markers.

Here’s What a Few of Them Look Like

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