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It’s Time to Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book

Draw your own coloring book
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Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book by Jeanette Nyberg

Coloring books are incredibly fun and creative tools for relaxation, but sometimes you want a bit more of a challenge.

Picture yourself sitting at your big, clean table, stack of white card stock to the left of you. Sharpies, Microns, pencils, markers, colored pencils to the right of you. Big cup of tea at 12:00. Yacht rock playing in the background. Fuzzy slippers gently yet reassuringly wrapped around your feet.

You open the front cover of this new book and flip through the first few pages until you find a drawing you like the look of, and suddenly you’re off! All worries and cares slip away and you are having the time of your freaking life. Especially since you don’t have to stare at a blank page of paper and wonder what to draw.

Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book - steps

You start following my directions, and then say to yourself, “Self? What if we changed these lines a tiny bit and did our own thing with this drawing? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN THEN?”

And then you go ahead and do just that. You have started following directions, changed thew directions to your liking, and made something so fun to color in you can’t even handle yourself.

Time to color! But first you scan your drawing in so you can have a few copies available whenever you want to color them. You want to try different color schemes and give one blank copy to Janice at work who is always a ball of stress.

Finally you can dump your markers all over the paper and get coloring!

This is fun. This is relaxing. This is cool. You start to daydream about starting a coloring group with your friends, and the next thing you know, you’ve Instagrammed your drawing, inviting everyone you know to meet up at your house next week for a drawing and coloring party.

Way to go, girl. Welcome to the Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book revolution. And congratulations on earning the mad respect of all your friends, who now know you as a fierce trendsetter.

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Two Places to Buy Your Copy:

Here’s the book. Find it on Amazon.

Also available as a printable pdf download in my store here.

Warning: There is one instance of the F-bomb in this book. If you are averse to the F-bomb, or are thinking about giving this book to wee children, please just grab your Sharpie and scribble over the f-bomb. I apologize profusely if I offend anyone.  

Go a step further than adult coloring books with Draw Your Own Coloring Book by Jeanette Nyberg of Craftwhack

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