How to Make Cute Valentine Bookmarks using a Cricut

Published: January 5, 2021

Where are all our “book worms” at ?! We have a fun and super simple Cricut craft you can do in less than 30 minutes. Learn How to Make Cute Valentine Bookmarks using a Cricut with this tutorial.

Let’s get crafty! This project is easy and only calls for a few materials.

Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year? We sure are and love adding a fun touch to the holiday with seasonal crafts we can use and gift. These valentine bookmarks will add that personalized and handmade touch you may be looking for if you are looking for something unique to make to give to someone! This project is a beginner Cricut project using your Cricut Maker. This project is fun and easy to make!

We took their project and tutorial and altered it by making our hearts out of cardstock instead of foam sheets and we glued mini pompoms to the front of the hearts. If you search “valentine bookmark” in Cricut Access you will find this project.

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Valentine Bookmark Supplies

  • cardstock paper in pink, purple, red, or any colors you like – you only need 2 colors
  • ribbon – thicker ribbon works best and the length depends on the size of book you plan to use it in but 12-18 inches works well
  • Cricut cutting machine
  • glue stick and a glue gun
  • LightGrip Machine Mat
  • mini pom poms


You can truly use any paper colors you’d like if you would like more variety for your valentine bookmark““ this project is found in the DesignSpace of Cricut. The project is called heart bookmark and will cut out these heart shapes on your cardstock. I used the fine point cutting blade and used the standard grip sheet (light would definitely suffice). This Valentine Bookmark will become a new project favorite because it turns out SO CUTE and gives a creative spin to what can be made for Valentine’s Day. Every detail you need to do this cut out design is also in the DesignSpace project description. To go to DesignSpace go here.

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How to make Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

  1. Search for this project on DesignSpace with Cricut.
  2. Follow the prompts, place your paper on the mat and load the mat to cut all the pieces and parts to make your heart cutouts.
  3. Once all your pieces are cut assemble them by glueing the smaller hearts over the larger hearts.
  4. Glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the glued together hearts then sandwich the ribbon with another heart pair that is set with glue. Do this on both ends of your ribbon.
  5. Add mini pom poms to the front of the hearts with your glue gun. You are done!

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We hope you enjoy making this Cute Valentine Bookmarks using your Cricut! If you are in the mood for more Valentines projects you may enjoy making these Valentine Doodles or these Valentines Handmade Cards with Zentangle Art.

We wish you happy crafting and a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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