10 Fun Frankenstein Coloring Pages – Makes for Fantastic Decorations

Published: August 1, 2021

Frankenstein’s Monster is great fun to color ““ you can spend ages choosing the exact right gristly tones for his skin, and the right creepy hues for his eyes. These coloring pages are a good activity for kids at Halloween and would make fantastic decorations for any party.Let’s look at the top ten Frankenstein coloring pages.

1. Frankenstein’s Monster Mask

Frankenstein's Monster Mask


Source: https://www.mangaku.us/2019/11/frankenstein-coloring-pages-to-print.html

If you want a coloring challenge that can double as a mask for a party, this Monster Mask would be perfect. It is simple enough for both kids and adults who are busy with party decorations but detailed enough to look great.

You can also leave it as a simple coloring project just by coloring in the eyes and turning the dots on the ears (meant for the elastic) into part of the face. Perfect for any occasion!

2. Daunting Frankenstein’s Monster

Daunting Frankenstein's Monster

Source: https://www.reading-with-kids.com/holiday-coloring-pages.html

This Frankenstein’s Monster has really mastered that “looming” look, ready to do damage to anyone who approaches him. The picture has plenty of detail for you to play around with, but kids can just color the monster if they prefer.

The monster looks suitably chunky and scary, and you can either leave his clothes neat and tidy or add some ragged edges and patches if you prefer. Color the stones around him to look worn and crumbling, and he’s in the perfect setting.

3. Balloon Monster

Balloon MonsterSource: https://globalperspectives.info/coloring/f/frankenstein-coloring-pages-to-print.html

You may be decorating for a party, in which case this Balloon Frankenstein’s Monster is already equipped. This one probably appeals more to an adult’s humor than a child’s, with his funny squinty expression and two rather meager balloons.

It might be fun to do the balloons in a really bright color, with the rest of the monster all drab and dull. You can fill in the background or leave it blank if you prefer. Cut around Frankenstein Monster and stick him to a door for a great party decoration.

4. Headless Monster

Headless Monster

Source: http://printactivities.com/ColoringPages/Frankenstein-Coloring-Pages/Frankenstein-loses-head.html

Another fun party option, and one that both kids and adults will enjoy, this Frankenstein’s Monster has lost his head! He’s a great, simple picture for any child to have fun with, and if an adult wants a quick and easy project to do on a five-minute coffee break, he’s perfect for that too.

Again, you could add a background if you wanted, or leave it plain so that the focus is entirely on that unfortunate bouncing head and its goofy expression.

5. Halloween Frankenstein’s Monster

Halloween Frankenstein's Monster

Source: http://dc-8671b1512eae.coloring-pages.info/halloween-frankenstein-cute-kids-printable-coloring-pages-book-23277

For a longer coloring project, this Halloween Frankenstein’s Monster fits the bill. It includes ghosts, bats, a haunted house, and a grinning monster. It’s definitely kid-friendly, but adults should also enjoy the monster’s highly expressive face and a little smirk.

This one does have the background to color in, with some interesting, angular shapes behind the monster. Just mind you think about what color to do the bats, given that their surrounding night sky may also be black!

6. Trick-Or-Treat Frankenstein’s Monster

Trick-Or-Treat Frankenstein's Monster

Source: https://www.coloringpages101.com/Literature-coloring-pages/103-Frankenstein-With-Pumpkin-coloring-page

If you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters, why not let them know by adding this Trick-Or-Treat Frankenstein’s Monster to the door?

If you have children, they’ll enjoy coloring these two characters in, and they’re a clear way to show your house is going to be passing out candy when people start walking past.

7. Scary Frankenstein’s Monster

Scary Frankenstein's Monster

Source: https://www.getcoloringpages.com/coloring/65679

Another great one for slightly older kids and adults, this Frankenstein’s Monster is standing in a very dramatic scene, with an appropriately creepy old castle in the background, and the iconic lightning flashing down around him.

Fully colored, this scene would look fantastic, and the monster’s powerful stance and angry face complete it really well. It’s also a great opportunity to practice some shading and for children to explore perspective a bit.

You could make this an atmospheric night scene by coloring the sky black and choosing dark colors.

8. Complex Frankenstein’s Monster

Complex Frankenstein's Monster

Source: http://www.plaidstallions.com/cb/pages/Frankenstein.html

If you want a lengthy and complicated coloring project, this Frankenstein’s Monster is definitely the one for you. There is so much to color! You could spend hours on the rubble, getting it dusty and dirty-looking, and filling in all the buttons and knobs on the broken machine behind the monster.

The monster himself is relatively simple, but still looks good, and you could add details to his clothing using color or even a black pen if you wanted.

The black night outside and the ruined castle beyond are perfect for completing the scene, and a silver pen would look great for filling in the border once the picture is finished.

9. Realistic Frankenstein’s Monster

Realistic Frankenstein's Monster

Source: https://www.justcolor.net/events/halloween-coloring-pages-adults/?image=events-halloween__coloring-frankeinstein-and-rose__1

This one is probably a bit too frightening and complex for children, but many adult coloring enthusiasts will love the Realistic Frankenstein’s Monster, with the artistic touch of the rose clasped in front of him.

The heavy ink on the picture has already got the shading covered for you, so you can focus on color selection and getting the perfect blending on his skin.

You could leave the background plain ““ it’s already striking with those black swirls ““ or color it in, but it’s nice that its simplicity doesn’t detract from the monster, as he’s so well drawn that he deserves to be the full focus of this picture.

10. Cartoon Frankenstein’s Monster

Cartoon Frankenstein's Monster

Source: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/frankenstein-coloring-pages.html

For a simpler, but still, fun project, this Cartoon Frankenstein’s Monster has lots of attitudes and a sneer that suggests he’s above being colored in. Add a few rips to his jacket and trousers to make him look more rugged, or leave him smart ““ he’ll look great either way.

This one should be good for kids too; it poses some challenges (like the thin lines of the ears which will be fiddly to color), but shouldn’t be too difficult for them.


Halloween or not, Frankenstein’s Monster is great fun to color in. His patchy skin, stitching, and ragged appearance offer lots of room to experiment with different color combinations and blending techniques, and he’s such an iconic character that everyone will recognize him.

Whether you want a quick coloring project for the kids or you want a Halloween decoration, or you want a lengthy coloring session, you’ll find a Frankenstein’s Monster to suit.



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