10 Adorable Guinea Pig Coloring Pages

Published: August 6, 2021

Guinea pigs are cute. Kids love them. Adults love them. They are such adorable little things, and they also make for great coloring exercises because every guinea pig is different, and ““ within reason ““ you can use pretty much any color.Adults will probably select “proper” guinea pig colors such as beige, sandy, black, white, etc., while kids might want to experiment a bit more and go for purples, oranges, and blues. It really doesn’t matter! As long as everyone is having fun, the guinea pigs will look great.Let’s take a look at the top ten guinea pig coloring pages.

1. Ultra Simple Guinea Pig

Ultra Simple Guinea PigSource: https://colorluna.com/awesome-guinea-pig-coloring-page/

You may just want an outline with very sparse details to color so you (or your child) can leave your unique mark on it and make decisions about exactly what you’re doing where.

This Simple Guinea Pig is about as blank as the canvas can be (without actually starting on plain paper), so you can do anything at all with it. If you want to draw on a cute hat and sweater, you can. If you want to make up a complicated pattern, go for it. If you want to just color an ordinary guinea pig, that’s great too!

Perfect for creative kids and adults, this puts all the decisions on you and lets you do anything you like.

2. Guinea Pig Gathering

Guinea Pig Gathering
Source: http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/guinea-pigs

If you (or your child) want to color a full guinea pig scene, that’s easy to do ““ this Guinea Pig Gathering is ready and waiting to be colored, and the background has a good level of detail.

Hints of straw are easy to color and increase the detail on (or leave plain) and some vague, organic edges at the back can be done in any color you like, so the guinea pigs are outdoors or adventuring inside the house.

The guinea pigs themselves also have a good level of detail, with flicks of fur that you can use to help yourself shade and detail the picture, but no major lines that will dictate how and where you color.

3. Munching Guinea Pig

Munching Guinea Pig
Source: https://www.education.com/worksheet/article/hungry-guinea-pig/

It’s well known how much piggies like to nibble, and this Munching Guinea Pig is evidently tucking in.

Kids will have lots of fun coloring this guinea pig in, and it’s nice and simple, so they can draw a background, or just focus on the guinea pig and the food bowl. A kid who is learning about shading will benefit from practicing on the curved edges of the bowl.

The guinea pig also has a very cute and appealing expression!

4. Heart Guinea Pig

Heart Guinea PigSource: https://coloringdrawing.blogspot.com/2020/03/christmas-guinea-pig-coloring-pages.html

Another super simple design, this Heart Guinea Pig would make a lovely front for a card or note, showering the recipient with love. Again, the person doing the coloring can choose any colors they like for the guinea pig’s fur.

5. Mother And Baby

Mother And BabySource: http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/guinea-pig-mother-and-baby

If your child is interested in babies or you’re looking for a cute way to portray the parent-child relationship, these Mother and Baby Guinea Pigs are ideal. They look happy and so cute snuggled up together, with the mother nuzzling at the baby’s side.

The page offers a good opportunity to practice coloring a fluffy edge, with plenty of color patches to try out on the mother guinea pig. Whiskers and eyes have already been filled in, so you can just focus on the fur.

6. Cartoon Piggies

Cartoon Piggies

Source: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/guinea-pig-coloring-pages.html

If you want something much simpler, with bolder lines and a cartoon atmosphere, these Cartoon Piggies are perfect. They have very happy faces, and kids will love how one is spiky and one is fluffy ““ ideal for practicing different kinds of fur.

The background is simple, but pleasing, and can be colored or left plain.

7. Guinea Pig And Food

Guinea Pig And Food

Source: http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/mammals/guinea-pig

To get a whole variety of colors in the drawing, you need more than just guinea pigs ““ and this Guinea Pig And Food coloring page won’t disappoint. It has all sorts of different foods to color.

Most don’t really seem to show a specific food (except perhaps the apple), which leaves you free to choose any colors you like and make up some fun foods for the guinea pig to be munching on.

8. Stylized Guinea Pig

Stylized Guinea Pig

Source: https://pixels.com/featured/guinea-pig-in-garden-irina-effa.html

If you love complicated pictures and want to color in a guinea pig in its natural environment, this Stylized Guinea Pig Card won’t disappoint. The little piggie in the middle looks so cute and innocent with its leaf, but this is a very elegant picture with those swirling leafy stalks.

This is not one for young children, who may struggle and quickly get bored with trying to fill in all those amazing stalks ““ but if you want something to keep you occupied for hours, this is a gorgeous guinea pig coloring page.

9. Nautical Guinea Pig

Nautical Guinea Pig

Source: https://www.canstockphoto.com/coloring-page-with-guinea-pig-75457879.html

To bring an ocean twist to the coloring page, try this Nautical Guinea Pig, which is again an amazingly complex and detailed picture to color. You can have great fun with the hat, but most of the joy of this picture will come from those incredible swirls and patterns.

Choose a whole array of complementary colors and spend hours working on those fine patterns and spirals, making a picture that’s absolutely stunning. If you want to lose yourself in your colors for a while, this is the perfect picture for you ““ there’s no doubt about it.

10. Hat Guinea Pig

Hat Guinea Pig

Source: https://www.momjunction.com/articles/guinea-pig-coloring-pages-for-your-toddlers_0093423/

A simple option that can be adapted for any occasion, this Hat Guinea Pig is both cute and easy to color. Decorate the hat in any way at all to make it ready for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or a birthday celebration.

Children will love coloring the fluffy pom, and the pig itself can be done in any color to make this a bright, attractive picture.


Guinea pig coloring pages come in all sorts of varieties and whether you want a coloring page for yourself or for your child, you’ll find plenty of different options. Lose yourself to complicated, beautiful designs, or take a 10-minute coloring break and brighten up a simple design.



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