Birthday Card as Art Project

Published: June 5, 2012

homemade birthday cards


I always have Fen make her own card when it comes to Birthday presents. Besides being a great excuse to break out the papers and scissors, she gets to spend some time thinking about her friend and the colors/design/images that friend might enjoy.

While there are a zillion ways to go about making a greeting card, we chose to go the collage/book page route. Why? Just cause.

If you keep reading this blog for any amount of time you will slowly amass a wealth of art and craft materials… or maybe you already have lots of materials squirreled away. Do you have an old book? If not, check out your local library for a book sale room, or thrift or tag sales. Grab an extra book or two- the printed page is a fun ready-made art surface or collage material.

Start with some plain white cards- you can find card blanks and envelopes at Paper Source or has packs of canvas cards and envelopes:

Cut a piece of book page to wrap around the outside of the card and still leave some of the card showing as border. You can measure to be precise, or just eyeball the size, which is what we did.

Fold the book page over the card and glue at the the corners- make sure you glue it down while the two are folded closed.

card making


Add collaged pieces on top of the book paper cover to spell out the recipient’s name. Or you could collage a picture or design onto the front.

Fen chose to put the birthday girl’s name on the front and collage a birthday cake and a ‘Happy Birthday’ inside.

collaged card


collaged card

We used some blank, multi-colored note cards from Target for the collaging. You could also use heavy weight colored paper or Origami Paper.


Want more card-making inspiration?

card projects

1. Martha Stewart spinny photo cards

2. Embroidered cards from Say Yes to Hoboken

3. Chalkboard adhesive paper cards from Martha Stewart

4. Bubble print cards from The Chocolate Muffin Tree



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  1. I can’t even imagine spending more than a dollar on a kid’s card. We always make them. Love these ideas!
    (And completely bummed we didn’t win….. next time!)


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