Do Yourself a Favor and Make a Tangle Rainbow

rainbow zentangle project

Deep in the middle of winter I like to use lots of color. It is my way of staying (relatively) sane until winter packs its ugly bags and gets on outta here. Also, I’m sorry if I complain about the weather too much. I’m feeling the pull of the south, my friends.

But for now, isn’t it a lovely time to paint a rainbow? And then tangle all over it? Of course it is.

This project couldn’t be easier, and I’ll bet you already have these supplies on hand. Although if you don’t have a nice flat edge on your paint brush, I would recommend getting one. I tried this first with a rounded-edge paintbrush and my rainbow looked pretty sad at the ends.


White card stock or hot press watercolor paper (I used the latter)

Watercolors (I used this fun ooly set)

Flat watercolor brush (I used the purple one in this set)

Black pen/marker (I used a brush-tip marker from ooly)

rainbow painting


Put a little tiny pencil dot at the bottom of your horizontal paper right at the halfway point.

Paint a small purple arc at the bottom of the page directly over the pencil dot.

Paint your rainbow stripes up from there. With the brush I used, the rainbow fit perfectly on my paper.

Let it dry – I waited about an hour – then draw, doodle, tangle, scribble and whatever other synonym you can think of. I used the brush tip marker instead of a fine point black pen so it would show up against the colors better and the lines that the brush tip make are a little looser.

rainbow zentangle project

These loose patterns were fun, but you could also try covering less of the color with more minimal patterns in each part. OR! You could go totally sleek and draw stripes going in different directions for each rainbow color.

So many options. I think kids will like this project.

watercolor doodled rainbow

What do you think?


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