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How to Create a Beautiful Zentangle Four Leaf Clover Art

4 leaf clover zentangle

Are you feeling a touch lucky today? Well, whether you are or are not this Beautiful Zentangle Four Leaf Clover art project is so relaxing to create! There is no better way to enjoy nature’s beauty than to create an artistic take on four-leaf clovers using zentangle art! For this project, I made a fun FREE printable of this four-leaf clover for you to print out and color on.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to create zentangle designs that complement the mood you are in? Green is such a calming color and four-leaf clovers remind us of the good fortune in our lives to be thankful for.

If you need some zentangle design inspiration before you start be sure to check out this blog post that will leave you full of ideas on how to customize your very own piece of art!

Let’s get started creating your Beautiful Zentangle Four Leaf Clover art!

zentangle art

Supplies Used:

How to Create a Beautiful Zentangle Art Four Leaf Clover:

  1. Print the free printable here.
  2. Use your Black fine point pen to start creating zentangle designs. Get ideas here.

zentangle art

3. Once you are done with your zentangle designs you can move on to coloring your four-leaf clover. We used colored pencils but you could use, markers, paint, and even watercolors (if you print the printable off on thin watercolor paper).

four leaf clover art

4. Have fun coloring your zentangle art with an array of green tones like we did or think out of the box and express yourself in your art as you wish.

If you are new to zentangle art start here with this starters guide.

For other zentangle inspiration check out how to make a watercolor jack-o-lantern! It is so much fun for any season. Another zentangle art project I would recommend trying is this beautiful flower project.

Your Beautiful Zentangle Four Leaf Clover art can be placed in a matted frame that you change out seasonally or saved in an art folder. Whether you store your art away, give it to a friend or hang it up we hope you enjoy this art project and find it fun AND relaxing!

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Written by Stefanie Davis

Stefanie is a mom of 4, farmer's wife and life long creative. She loves cooking and getting creative with art in her free time and by day she is a professional content creator. She loves creating crafts and art that inspire others to lean into their creativity, unwind and just simply enjoy life more!


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