15 Awesome DIY Lego Tables For 2022


Kids and Legos practically go hand in hand these days.

If you are a parent of a Lego-loving kid, you will undoubtedly know the struggle to keep all those Legos organized and contained, while still giving your kids free rein to create Lego masterpieces at a moment’s notice.

There are SO MANY truly ugly Lego tables out there, so I think the way to go is a DIY Lego table, especially with all of these amazing ideas to copy!

Let’s take a Lego table tour now. Interestingly, a lot of them out there are Ikea hacks…

DIY Lego Table

diy lego table

1.  Ikea hack! This is so cute, and I love that it’s so pink. I also kind of want to live in that little Lego world.

diy lego table

2. I’m sort of all coveting this table, but ultimately I think it may be a bit giant for our needs. My son tends to play with his Legos all over the place, so a smaller table area is better for us.


3. If you need to save some space and not have yet another furniture item on your floor, this is a cool idea to tuck onto an extra wall space.

I was really happy to see that the Legos are not arranged according to color in these bins, because that is NOT REAL LIFE.

DIY Lego table

4. Now this one from That Mommy Blog is interesting because you can change the height of the table as your kids grow, and holy NUTS, look at all that storage.

ikea lego table

5. This is a great small table and it uses the ubiquitous Ikea Lack side table. This might actually be perfect for us.

Hmmmm. I find it hilarious that it’s so cheap to make this Lego table, but I won’t be able to escape walking out of Ikea without $400 worth of stuff.


6. The DIY Lego tray, that you can stash under your couch.

DIY Lego table

7. This DIY play table has an amazing number of drawers, which are feature #1 to look for in Lego tables.

You could slap some Lego plates on top of this and call it a day. It would look cute with a little chair or kid ottoman.

8. Hot dog, this setup is pretty cool. I mean it’s over the top, but how fun if you have a couple of kids who are Lego freaks.

9. This is supposedly an easy DIY, so if you aren’t up for a few days of planning and making, this may be the best bet.

This may be my best bet. I like that the Legos will be contained in a tray.

10. Neat, clean, contained, simple. Love this table/shelf system for building and scooping away into the various buckets.

11. I adore this Lego table. There’s lots of building space, and 2 easy, scoopable containers to store all the bricks.

I like the clean white, grey, red, too, and that the table is keeping the scary door to the crawl space firmly closed. 🙂

diy lego table and storage

12. How amazing is this table and storage setup? This is from The Handyman’s Daughter.

13. This is a brilliant way to turn an ugly old coffee table into a lovely, fresh Lego table.

14. Another Ikea hack, this one includes a cool track. From Organzia.

15. This guy wrote an incredibly in-depth post about how to make your own Lego table/storage, and he sells the plans for just $5.00 on his site.

Ready To Tackle Your Own Handmade Lego Table?

Here are some things to consider before you start:

  • How much space do you have to spare or truly want to dedicate to a Lego table?
  • What is your child’s Lego-playing style? If they love sitting on the floor with their Legos, maybe you need more of a storage system. If they/you want a cool surface with base plates, steer more toward the tables.
  • Do you want the table to grow with your kids, or is this more something you want for them while they are little?
  • Will this be just for Lego storage/playing, or will you incorporate other toys, like the pic in #2?

Now go forth and step on hundreds of tiny ouchy Legos!

Lego poster

P.S. Isn’t this a cool poster? Found on Etsy by Design Different.

Personalized Lego trays

Oh yeah, and if you like to see all the cool DIY Lego table ideas, but ultimately just sort of want to buy one, these Lego trays are from Etsy seller Freestyle Mom and can be personalized!

Time to head on over and buy more Legos?

(Don’t forget your baseplates)

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diy Lego tables

Creative DIY Lego tables



10 thoughts on “15 Awesome DIY Lego Tables For 2022”

  1. Mmm, you’ve got me thinking now 😉 I like the idea of the first one with the rim to stop the pieces falling off.

  2. What did you guys end up doing? I just found your blog trying to google DIY lego tables. So excited. I have 3.5 yr old twins and I love #4 idea. It would give them separate space as well. A lot to think over, lol. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Oh my gosh- Anjuli, we haven’t done anything yet. We’re planning on moving to a new house this Spring, so I’m going to wait and see what kind of space and where would be the best place to put one of these, and then sort of design it from there. I’ll have to write a post about it! It’s fun to see what other epople have come up with, isn’t it?!

  3. ha ha I can imagine! Good luck with the move! After looking at tons of lego table hacks online (people are so creative). I’ve decided to convert our train table into a lego table. It is more cost effective for us right now. Plus, the table is a bit old style and huge (a hand me down). The top is flippable. So, I’m thinking of glueing lego boards on the back. This way they have the option to play with it as a train table if they want or lego table. All we will have to do is flip the board. Of course, this is all in my head for now. Nothing has been done to achieve that goal yet, lol. I need time!! Thanks again!

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