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25 So Cool Printmaking Ideas

printmaking techniques for kids
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Printmaking with kids is one of my very, very, top, all-time favorite things to do. Printmaking itself is rad, but when you throw kids in the mix they tend to become absolutely enthralled with the process and results. Unless you have a really bad project. Which is why I decided to troll for awesome printmaking ideas and put them all together, right here.

What makes printmaking compelling is its natural prompting for experimentation. Sometimes you can make a bunch of prints quickly and then add more to them later. Sometimes you can tweak prints a bit as you are making them to see what changes take place. Sometimes you take prints and cut them up and use them for collage projects. Endless creative opportunities here…

printmaking ideas1. Plastic bag printmaking? Nice.

2. Not a project per se, but some fantastic ideas for collagraph printing.

3. Linoleum printmaking. I think linoleum prints were my first introduction to printmaking, and a great intro to learning to carve.

20 way cool printmaking ideas4. Several ideas here for making prints with cardboard rolls.

5. Similarly, you can roll out prints by using rolling pins.

6. This is so my kind of project. It takes a few more steps/materials, but the results are gorgeous. Your kids will be so proud.

Tons of printmaking project ideas7. You know a project is good when an art teacher says it’s one of their favorite projects ever.

8. Drawing added to the top of bubble prints– an example of taking printmaking one step further.

9. Another linoleum printing project, clever, clever, clever.

So many awesome printmaking ideas 10. How can a printmaking ideas roundup be complete without a potato print project?

11. Monoprint Mandalas, for when your project needs to be quick and easy.

12. This project only looks complicated. Once you have the materials and get to it, it’s really quite easy and gives a fantastic result you’ll want to hang on up.

Lots of printmaking projects to try13. I am thinking really, really hard about whether or not this would really be considered printmaking, or is it a cool form of drawing/painting that LOOKS like printmaking? She has it tagged as printmaking, so I’ll just go ahead and include it in here, because it’s really lovely.

14. This one is slightly involved – but the results are great, plus you’ll hang it on your wall forever.

15. Printmaking using a glue gun. I MUST try this coolness. 

Tons of printmaking ideas16. City prints using foam boards. These are fantastic!

17. Multi-media printmaking projects. I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t love making these.

18. More cityscape printmaking, but with a different approach.

Tons of cool printmaking projects19. This is some crazy chalk-and-water printmaking technique that looks like all sorts of fun.

20. Easy printmaking idea using those little foam stickers you’re usually cursing for getting everywhere.

21. Preschoolers get to printmake, too!

22. Any project that uses up extra cardboard is golden, and this one is extra-golden because it’s like 2 projects in one: collage and printmaking.

All sorts of printmaking ideas 23. Monoprinting, baby.

24. Card stock printing- similar to the cardboard cut-outs printing, but more subtle.

25. Active printmaking – roll your prints with balls!

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Really cool printmaking ideas

I am drooling over this printmaking book for kids, and it shall be in my library very soon.

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