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Crazy, Mixed Up Hand Turkeys

Let's do a hand turkey craft!
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Hand turkeys are the ultimate Thanksgiving craft, and one I am quite fond of. Little kids just don’t get tired of tracing their hands and making cool things out of them.

I wondered how we could shake up the traditional hand turkey a bit and make them a little sillier. Not that turkeys aren’t already inherently silly creatures…

Let's do a hand turkey craft!


  • 1 hand
  • colored card stock
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • silliness

Each of these steps can be done with varying amounts of help from your wee ones depending on their ages/abilities.

1.  Trace lots of little hands on Fall colors of colored card stock.

tracing hand for hand turkey


2. Cut out the hands, and cut off the fingers (no, this isn’t a gruesome Halloween craft.)

cutting paper for hand turkeys


3. Glue the palm parts of the hands on a piece of colored card stock- as many as you want, wherever you want. Make a cool design or make a turkey family.

4. Glue on fingers of varying colors to be the feathers. We didn’t ad the waddles because they make me queasy.

hand turkey craft


5. Draw on turkey faces, a barnyard scene, a turkey disco, turkeys in space, what have you.

This is where it got cute for us- I took for granted that Beckett was going to be able to see the turkey shape in the hands, but when I said he could draw faces on the turkeys, he drew them right on the bodies. Awwww.

Crazy Mixed Up Hand Turkeys •

hand turkey craft for little kids •

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