Easter Drawing Ideas

Everything about Easter seems to excite kids. They love the Easter Bunny, coloring the eggs, and the merriments of the day.

So, if you want to improve your kids’ drawing skills with Easter-themed drawings, we’re here to help.

We’ve made a list of many Easter drawing ideas that you can attempt with your kids in your free time. So grab your drawing tools and jump in!

Easter Bunny Drawing

When kids think about Easter, the first thing that’ll come to their minds is the Easter Bunny. That’s why they’ll have fun doing this art project.

The bunny is pretty easy to draw, and after they finish, they can color it.

Get the tutorial for Easter Bunny Drawing on artprojectsforkids.org.

Fingerprint Easter Craft

As a creative take on the usual Easter drawings, your kids will draw a bunny using their fingerprints this time.

Of course, you’ll deal with quite a mess afterward. But the fun they’ll have and the beautiful results will be worth it.

Find out more about Fingerprint Easter Craft on sarahinthesuburbs.com.

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs

If your kids are too small to hold a pencil and draw, you can give them this fun art project to try.

They’ll use q-tips to paint freely on paper shaped like Easter eggs.

So instead of going through the hassle of giving them real eggs to paint, they’ll be dealing with paper.

As a bonus point, this activity will improve your kids’ motor skills.

Check the tutorial for Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs on notimeforflashcards.com.

Easter Egg for Kids

While drawing an egg isn’t a challenge for anybody, decorating it with meticulous details is.

If you want to improve your kid’s drawing skills, you can encourage them to draw this Easter egg. They’ll outline it first, then decorate it with lines and patterns.

All in all, they’ll have fun attempting it, and the result will be beautiful.

Read more about Easter Egg for Kids on howtodrawa.org.

Easter Basket Drawing

Instead of drawing a single Easter egg, you’ll draw a whole, colorful basket this time.

Your kids will have a field day playing with colors as they’ll draw a beautiful basket full of bright, decorated eggs.

However, note that the drawing is more suitable for older kids since it has many details.

Get the tutorial for Easter Basket Drawing on howtodrawa.org.

Easter Egg With a Bow

There are many decorations that you can draw on an Easter egg.

For this project, you’ll draw a large, flashy bow, along with colorful patterns on the surface of the egg.

After finishing, you can give the drawing to your kids to color it with bright colors.

Learn how to draw an Easter Egg With a Bow on hellokids.com.

Picasso-Inspired Easter Bunny

Picasso used the art of cubism to deliver many masterpieces that are still famous throughout the world to this day.

If you want to introduce your kids to the world of art, you can begin with this beautiful Easter Bunny inspired by Picasso’s drawing methods.

It might be hard to follow at first because of all the lines and details, but nothing that practice and time can’t fix.

Get the tutorial for Picasso-Inspired Easter Bunny on thepinterestedparent.com.

Scribble Art Easter Eggs

Instead of drawing the eggs themselves, you’ll give your kids ready-made egg-shaped paper this time.

Next, they’ll draw decorations using the scribbling method, which improves creativity and fascinates little kids.

After they’re finished, you can let them color the decorations they just drew masterfully using watercolors.

Find out more about Scribble Art Easter Eggs on thepinterestedparent.com.

Decorated Easter Egg Drawing

If your kids aren’t old enough to paint real eggs, you can encourage them to draw Easter eggs to get them in a celebratory mood.

This art project is relatively simple, so they won’t go through much of a challenge attempting it.

Also, you can let them get creative and add the decorations they want.

Check the tutorial for Decorated Easter Egg Drawing on iheartcraftythings.com.

Easter Bunny for Beginners

If your kids are in primary school, then they’ll love this drawing. The Easter Bunny is pretty easy to draw and looks cute, so they’ll have a fun time with it.

All you have to provide is pencils, erasers, and paper. You can also give them watercolors to color the bunny afterward.

Get the step-by-step guide to Easter Bunny for Beginners on proudtobeprimary.com.

Easter Bunny Holding an Egg

If you want to teach your kids all about Easter, you can do it through this cute drawing of an Easter Bunny holding an egg.

They might feel like the picture is too challenging for them at first, but if they follow the tutorial step by step, the result will be excellent.

Check the tutorial for Easter Bunny Holding an Egg on iheartcraftythings.com.

Colorful Easter Eggs Basket

Colorful eggs are the most beautiful part of Easter for kids. For this project, they’ll draw an entire basket full of it.

The fun part is that they can decorate each egg with different colors and patterns.

Therefore, their drawing and creativity skills will improve, and they’ll have a field day coloring their drawings.

Find out more about Colorful Easter Eggs Basket on easydrawingguides.com.

The Cutest Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has had many different renditions throughout history, and this one is definitely the cutest.

It’ll take your kids less than half an hour to get it done, and they’ll enjoy themselves massively.

You can give them colored pencils to decorate the bunny after drawing it.

Learn more about how to draw The Cutest Easter Bunny on artforkidshub.com.

Easter Chick in an Eggshell

Chicks are often associated with Easter because they represent new life.

You can attempt this Easter chick drawing if you don’t want to draw the standard Easter Bunny as most people do.

First, you’ll draw the eggshell that carries the chick inside. Then, you’ll draw the chick’s head as it peaks out of the egg.

Check the tutorial for Easter Chick in an Eggshell on easydrawingguides.com.

Easter Chick Drawing

This Easter chick drawing is more suitable for kindergartners for how easy it is.

Under your supervision, your kid will draw a colorful eggshell with decorations and patterns all over it. Then, they’ll draw a cute chick coming out of the shell.

After they’re finished, you can let them color the chick so that it’ll be a whole artistic experience.

Get the step-by-step guide to the Easter Chick Drawing on schooltube.com.

Easter Boy Drawing

Instead of chicks and bunnies, your kid can attempt this cute Easter boy drawing. They’ll draw a boy wearing a bunny suit and holding an egg in his hands.

Since this drawing has more details than previous ideas, it’s more suitable for older kids.

Get the tutorial for Easter Boy Drawing on artforkidshub.com.

Happy Easter in Block Letters

This art project consists of drawing the words “Happy Easter” in block letters. Of course, the letters are pretty easy to draw for most kids.

But the challenging part will be decorating them with Easter eggs, flowers, and other spring symbols.

Learn how to draw Happy Easter in Block Letters on artforkidshub.com.

Easter Girl Drawing

This Easter girl drawing is cute, colorful, and insanely easy to finish. It’ll take your kids no time to nail it, and they’ll be pretty satisfied with the result.

You can either give them sharpies or colored pencils to draw with.

Check the video tutorial for Easter Girl Drawing on artforkidshub.com.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate bunnies are an essential part of Easter. Instead of traditional Easter drawings, you can give your kids this cute chocolate bunny to draw.

It only has one color, so you won’t need many materials. Also, the outline is relatively easy, so they won’t have difficulty attempting it.

Get the tutorial for Chocolate Easter Bunny on artforkidshub.com.

Easter Egg Folding Surprise

Kids love surprises, and this time, they’ll draw one on their own. This drawing has a creative idea that involves folding.

When you fold the paper and look at it, you’ll see a closed Easter egg. But when you unfold the paper, a cute chick will come out of the egg.

Of course, it’d be best to fold the paper yourself because kids might not be able to get it right.

Learn how to draw Easter Egg Folding Surprise on artforkidshub.com.

Now that you have enough Easter drawing ideas to try out, you can arrange an enjoyable family activity and let your kids join in on the fun!



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