37 Soft Pastel Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Soft pastels are many artists’ first choice because they create artistic smudgy lines and provide vivid colors.

Those give paintings an impeccable touch of beauty. However, using them requires skills and patience because, unlike other coloring materials, you can’t mix soft pastels on a palette.

Accordingly, you need to get creative with your colors and use a wide range of shades.

If you’ve finally decided to practice soft pastel drawing, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve made a list of soft pastel drawing ideas for beginners. So prepare your colors and jump in!

1. Beach Flowers Beginner Soft Pastel Drawing

You can test your drawing skills with this serene and beautiful drawing. You’ll use different shades of blue to draw the sea.

As for the flowers, you can get creative and try new colors and shades according to your personal preference.

You can also add contrast and depth to your picture using white and black soft pastel colors. This way, you’ll have a professional-looking drawing.

Check the tutorial for Beach Flowers Beginner Soft Pastel Drawing on laurenwatkinsart.com.

2. Soft Pastel Landscape Painting

If you have a PanPastel color set that you want to try out, you can attempt this simple landscape painting.

You might feel it’s too challenging at first because of the various shades, but you can make your version without as many colors.

The important part is that you get used to the technique of soft pastel coloring.

Get the tutorial for Soft Pastel Landscape Painting on paintdrawblend.com.

3. Sunset Drawing Over the Wheat Field

Nothing complements paintings more than the majestically beautiful colors of the sunset. You can attempt this simple soft pastel drawing and challenge your color-blending skills.

Since sunset colors are pretty basic, you won’t have to brainstorm for this idea. And luckily, it’s effortless to create but will look incredible in the end.

Check the tutorial for Sunset Drawing Over the Wheat Field on painting.tube.

4. Soft Pastel Galaxy Drawing

For this idea, you’ll only need soft pastel colors, paper, and a fixing spray to ensure the colors stay intact after finishing.

Since galaxies have versatile colors, you can get creative and use different blue, purple, and black shades.

Although it’ll get messy because you have to blend colors with your fingers, you’ll have tremendous fun creating this beautiful drawing.

Find out more about Soft Pastel Galaxy Drawing on painting.tube.

5. Dramatic Sunset Drawing

You can either use PanPastel colors or pastel pencils for this idea. The fun part is that you’ll get to manipulate different colors to create a masterpiece.

And while it may seem challenging at first, you’ll find it pretty easy once you start working on it. Not to mention, it doesn’t have to look perfect on your first try.

Get the guide for Dramatic Sunset Drawing on thevirtualinstructor.com.

6. Soft Pastel Art Project for Kids

Although this idea doesn’t have a specific drawing to try out, it’ll be a fun introduction to art for kids.

They’ll get to use different bright colors and spend their time on a meaningful project instead of playing all day long. But it’d be best if you kept an eye out because it’s about to get messy.

Read more about the Soft Pastel Art Project for Kids on mericherry.com.

7. Soft Pastel Tonal Sky

This idea is perfect for beginners because it doesn’t require advanced drawing skills, or any skills, for that matter.

You’ll merely blend colors, and voila! You’ll have a beautiful piece of art to brag about. That said, you should keep all the shades light to avoid your painting looking messy or disjointed.

Get the tutorial for Soft Pastel Tonal Sky on stepbystepart.co.uk.

8. Bird Soft Pastel Drawing

You can try this idea once you begin to trust your skills a bit more. It’s suitable for beginners, but it’ll take more effort than our other ideas.

In this idea, you’ll use many different bright colors that contrast together to create a beautiful painting. So it’ll be worth your time and effort in the end.

Find out more about Bird Soft Pastel Drawing on stepbystepart.co.uk.

9. Autumn Leaf in Soft Pastels

Autumn is full of warm and serene vibes. So, as an excellent start to your soft pastel journey, you can attempt this autumn leaf.

It’s simple so that you won’t face many challenges drawing it. In this project, you’ll get to test many colors and shades, which will improve your drawing skills. Moreover, it’ll look beautiful at the end.

Get the step-by-step guide for Autumn Leaf in Soft Pastels on stepbystep.co.uk.

10. Violet Flower Drawing

You can use any preferred soft pastel brand for this drawing, but it’s always better to work with hard sticks if you’re a beginner. They’re much easier to use in coloring small areas.

This idea requires more drawing skills than our other ideas, but there isn’t as much manipulating and blending colors since you’ll only use violet and purple shades.

Read more about Violet Flower Drawing on stepbystepart.co.uk.

11. Pink Orchids Drawing

In this drawing, you’ll get to draw beautiful pink orchids with a light background to bring out the flowers. Luckily, it’s pretty simple, thus perfect for beginners.

It’s also an excellent introduction to blending colors and using different shades to create a painting. All in all, you’ll have fun trying it out.

Check the tutorial for Pink Orchids Drawing on artinstructionblog.com.

12. Flowers Pot Soft Pastel Drawing

If you don’t like getting your fingers all messy with colors, you can use soft pastel pencils for this drawing.

They’re ideal because the picture has meticulous details and sharp lines that you can’t get with your fingers. Also, the result will be worthy of hanging on your wall.

Find out more about Flowers Pot Soft Pastel Drawing on artinstructionblog.com.

13. Snow Leopard Drawing

Drawing animals can be challenging at first, but they’re ideal for improving your painting skills because they have many details and color shades.

So you can challenge your skills with this snow leopard drawing.

Of course, you’ll draw it with a pencil first so that you can erase mistakes if you make any.

Then, you can start using your soft pastels to bring life to the drawing.

Get the step-by-step guide to Snow Leopard Drawing on artinstructionblog.com.

14. Landscape Scenery for Kids

Landscapes are pretty easy to draw because they have no sharp lines to paint within, and they allow you to use as many colors as you want.

The great part about this idea is that you can attempt it with your kids. Of course, you’ll have to deal with some mess afterward, but the result will be beautiful, and your kids will improve their creative skills.

Check the tutorial for Landscape Scenery for Kids on painting.tube.

15. Winter Landscape at Sunset Drawing

Winter is the favorite season for many because of its jolly memories and vibes. You can embody your love for the season with this remarkable landscape drawing.

Luckily, there aren’t any rules regarding colors; you can test with different shades till you reach the desired result.

Get the tutorial for Winter Landscape At Sunset Drawing on painting.tube.

16. Parrot Soft Pastel Drawing

Parrots have vivid, colorful feathers that would look utterly beautiful on paper. So you can put your soft pastel colors to good use and attempt this simple drawing.

And instead of outlining with a soft white pastel pencil, you can use a regular pencil. This will help you practice till you gain more trust in your drawing skills.

Find out more about Parrot Soft Pastel Drawing on painting.tube.

17. Lotus Flower Drawing

The lotus flower is meaningful and highly respected in many cultures, and you can bring it to life with this fantastic drawing.

And if you find trouble drawing with soft pastel sticks, you can purchase pencils instead. They’ll be easier to control, and your fingers won’t get as messy.

Check the tutorial for Lotus Flower Drawing on painting.tube.

18. Soft Pastel Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Let’s start our soft pastel journey for beginners with an apple drawing. Using an apple as your reference, you can understand how layering works, as the fruit has many colors, such as yellow, orange, and red. When you’re done, it’ll make for a good snack!

Learn about Soft Pastel Drawing Ideas for Beginners from Welcome to Nana’s.

19. Working With Pastels – Easy Process Art for Kids

If your students or kids are applying pastel paint for the first time, you might want to let them experiment freely. Instead of giving them instructions, they can create their own pastel art and enjoy the vibrancy and softness of these pastels.

Read about Working With Pastels – Easy Process Art for Kids on Meri Cherry.

20. Autumn Leaf in Soft Pastels

As a newbie, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a detailed tutorial for drawing an autumn leaf with soft pastels and an illustration of the pastel shades needed. This way, you’ll learn to blend brown, red, orange, yellow, and green hues without setbacks.

Find the detailed instructions for the Autumn Leaf on Soft Pastels on Step By Step Art.

21. Tonal Sky in Soft Pastels Tutorial

This tonal sky idea is one of the best soft pastels for beginners. Its tutorial will help you outline, blend, and put together a tonal background, and the color guide will pinpoint the exact hue you need. Needless to say, the simple composition makes this art piece easy to execute.

Learn about the Tonal Sky in Soft Pastels Tutorial from Step by Step Art.

22. How to Draw Galaxy With Soft Pastels

Galaxies are stunning; imagine a galaxy sky overlooking huge icy mountains. This softer pastel drawing will look amazing on display! Not to mention, it’s easy to execute, thanks to the tutorial.

Get the instructions for How to Draw Galaxy With Soft Pastels from Painting Tube.

23. Beach Flowers Beginner Soft Pastel Tutorial

If you want a little more detail, this beach flower pastel art piece is a good candidate. You can paint a full landscape and create multiple layers with both soft and harder pastels. This way, you’ll learn about the contrast between light and darker tones and warm and cool tones.

Read about the Beach Flowers Beginner Soft Pastel Tutorial on Lauren Watkins Art.

23. Soft Pastel Flower Tutorials

If you want to give pastel drawing a shot, why not paint flowers? We bring you various tutorials for different flowers, such as roses, poppy flowers, daisies, and dandelions. With their help, you’ll learn basic techniques and tips. Also, you can use a soft pastel pencil for them to get the clean lines and fine details and keep your hands mostly clean.

Find the Soft Pastel Flower Tutorials on Art Instruction Blog.

25. How to Draw a Lotus Flower With Soft Pastels

Lotus flowers are beautiful, so why not appreciate them with some soft pastel drawings? For this one, you’ll follow a tutorial, which should teach you the needed soft pastel techniques. Also, you can use a soft pastel pencil instead of pastel sticks for better control.

Watch the How to Draw a Lotus Flower With Soft Pastels on Painting Tube.

26. Leopard Painting Demonstration in Pastels

If you’re a fan of wildlife art, why not challenge yourself with a snow leopard drawing? We love this artwork idea because it demonstrates different techniques and guides you through everything from drawing and underpainting to painting the final layers.

Read more about the Leopard Painting Demonstration in Pastels on Art Instruction Blog.

27. Swallow Soft Pastels Tutorial

Although this soft pastel drawing is suitable for newbies, it’ll take a lot of time to execute. But if you have the luxury of time, you can produce a highly detailed swallow artwork with bright contrasting colors, such as red and blue. The final result will blow you away!

Find the Swallow Soft Pastels Tutorial on Step by Step Art.

28. Sunset With Pastels

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous sunset view? The pastel techniques shown in this guide will help create the illusion of light and highlight the color contrast between the blue, orange, and purple tones. Also, we can’t forget the silhouette shapes in the middle.

Learn to create a Sunset With Pastels from The Virtual Instructor.

29. Coneflower Landscape Soft Pastel Tutorial

We’re obsessed with coneflowers and how they stand out against the field in this piece. There’s such a liveliness to it that we can practically feel the flowers jumping off the pastel paper! So, if you’re up for a challenge, this landscape might be it.

Get the details for the Coneflower Landscape Soft Pastel Tutorial from Faber-Castell.

30. How to Create a Pastel Painting in 6 Easy Steps

Soft pastels’ pure pigment is perfect for red and green, which is why we’ve brought you another flower. What’s special about it is that you get various color compositions, so you can choose your favorite version or the one you have the pigments for!

Find out How to Create a Pastel Painting in 6 East Steps on Very Create.

31. Drawing Landscape Scenery for Beginners

Newbie pastel artists and kids can try their hands at this landscape painting, as it’s easy with no sharp lines or intricate details. However, if kids are involved, be prepared for the inevitable creative mess that’ll follow!

Read about the Drawing Landscape Scenery for Beginners on Painting Tube.

32. How to Draw a Parrot With Soft Pastels

This parrot is another wildlife concept that we’re obsessed with! Its blue and yellow contrasting colors will capture anyone’s attention, so you’ll want it on full display. As for its difficulty level, you can outline it with a regular pencil instead of a soft white pastel pencil, which should facilitate the sketching process.

Learn How to Draw a Parrot With Soft Pastels from Painting Tube.

33. Simple Landscape Pastels

Do you want a painting that doesn’t only include soft pastels but also other materials? If so, here’s one that involves soft pastel and pastel pencils, harder pastel chalk pencils, to be exact. As for the landscape, it features a light blue sky, green trees, barren ones, and a field of yellow, orange, and other warm tones.

Get the instructions for these Simple Landscape Pastels from The Virtual Instructor.

34. Landscape Painting Tutorial For Beginners – Easy Drawing Tutorials

Although this painting might look like it’s for advanced artists, it’s quite easy. The tutorial will teach you simple techniques and tips to create a contrast between light and dark and the illusion of sunlight. The result is a stunning sunrise over hills and a river.

Find the Landscape Painting Tutorial For Beginners – Easy Drawing Tutorials on Painting Tube.

35. Creating a Violet Flower in Soft Pastels

Who doesn’t love violets? For this tutorial, you can use any pastel brand. Also, if color blending intimidates you, you’ll be relieved to know that there won’t be much of it. Instead, the focus will be on sketching!

Read about Creating a Violet Flower in Soft Pastels on Step by Step Art.

36. Sunset Landscape Soft Pastel Drawing

Sunsets can never be overrated, hence this art piece. As usual, the tutorial will guide you throughout the process. But what makes this effortless is the use of only warm colors and a limited color scheme. Even better, you don’t need to use your fingers to blend or get your hands dirty!

Get the step-by-step instructions for the Sunset Landscape Soft Pastel Drawing from Painting Tube.

37. Soft Pastels Colors Drawing

Picture this; it’s December, and you’re admiring a beautiful lake with trees and shrubs surrounding it and a bit of frost and ice. Well, that’s exactly what this drawing is! The cool colors match the season and tone greatly. And, of course, the tutorial makes this artwork easy to recreate.

Learn more about Soft Pastels Colors Drawing on Easy Visual Art.

Now that you have many soft pastel drawing ideas to try out, you can create some masterpieces and show them off to your friends and family!



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