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Surprise Ferocious Beings Paper Project

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Surprises are good, especially when they happen in art, and even especiallyer when they are funny. Since this paper project is full of surprises and laughs, we’ve got a regular home run here, boys.

I found the idea for this project through Pinterest, followed it to the website, which was written in Catalan, so I made up my own version of it. Here is the original post, so you can see where I nabbed the idea.

Isn’t it wonderful??? I tried out the fish drawing, but then felt the need to make more animals that look really sweet, but could be secretly ferocious with the addition of a massive set of sharp chompers.

Find the Easter egg version of this project here!

Folding Fish paper art project. Art for kids, easy art projects


  • Paper – I used regular drawing paper and printer paper for ease of folding
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie
  • Markers

The original project used watercolors, so you would need thicker paper if you are using watercolors. Please don’t paint with watercolors on thin paper, or I will cry. I used the regular thinner paper so I could fold them more easily and sharply.


Fold your piece of paper in half, widthwise.

Fold back one or both of the two edges opposite from the first fold. What? How do I explain this…. here. just look:

folded paper

See how the fish one had 3 folds, but the bunny only has 2 folds? You can do it either way. The last guy has 3 folds but really didn’t need them, because things like paper confuse me easily.

Draw your sweet, gentle animal with pencil on the folded paper, being careful where the folds are: you want to make sure the mouth looks good closed, but that it also will look terrifyingly fierce when you open up the paper.

Folded bunny paper art project • art projects for kids • easy art projects •

With each being, I had to play around with the drawings a few times to get a good balance. I found that drawing some sort of weird lips worked well.

Open your page up and draw in your giant, gaping mouth, complete with so many pointy teeth. Draw in the rest of the body on the rest of the paper, and add in any details such as: scales, lines, feathers, random hands, fins, fur, etc.

Folded paper project • Craftwhack.comOnce you are happy with your drawing, draw over the pencil lines in Sharpie. I love you, Sharpies.

The fun part happens now, when you get to color in your creation. I bought a new pack of Crayolas for this, because any excuse to buy a new pack of markers, and I’m all over it.

The next step is to spend an hour and a half making your animals talk and posting it on Facebook.

Beckett had fun treating these like puppets, which, I must admit, I did too. They have some great voices and have some extremely interesting conversations.

I’ve had a few requests for pre-drawn templates, for people who don’t want to draw their own, or who want to use these with small kids to color in. They’re here in my shop! You get a pdf download to print out that includes lighter lines to draw over, or the dark lines as seen above. BONUS: You also get a foldable flower guy I drew, and it’s super cute. Enjoy!

Oh my goodness- do you like easy drawing projects? I just so happened to have written a book full of them, and you can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids book.

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