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Spring Art Projects: Tape Resist Flower Painting

Tape Resist Flower Watercolor Project •
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Spring Art Project: Watercolor tape resist flower paintings •

Spring art projects are popping up all over the place, and we’ve caught the bug! In this art project, we’re focusing on tape resist and water color. Remember my poost on Watercolor Techniques? We dipped into those a little bit.



Rip pieces of tape and “draw” with it on the watercolor paper. I avoided using the straight edges of the tape soeverything looked a little rough and loose.

tape resist flower project •

You can use long pieces of tape and shorter pieces to form your flowers, and you will be focusing on the negative space.

This means you will need to think ahead as you are laying down the tape: whatever is not taped off will be painted, and will be the finished flower. Whatever is taped off will ultimately show up as white lines around the flower.

Tape reist flower project •

I laid on my colors fairly evenly, nothing too fancy. Just different colors above and below the horizon line.

Tape Resist Watercolor Project •

I sprinkled coarse salt on the flower and the stem because I was feeling nutty and wanted to add in a little texture.

Remember to let the paint dry before you brush off the salt! Peel off the tape verrrry gently. Honestly, I’ve never been able to peel off the tape perfectly- there are always a few little bits of paper that come up with the tape. You just have to embrace the paper’s texture in these cases….

Tape Resist Flower Watercolor Project •

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