3 Year Old Craft

There’s no denying the multiple benefits art projects have for little kids. Crafting improves their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. Not to mention, it comes with tremendous fun for the entire family. So if you want to try out new crafts ideas with your kid, we’ve got your back!

We’ve made a list of many fun 3-year-old crafts that’ll help you raise a little artist. So grab your art tools, and let’s jump in!

Potato Printing Monsters

Many crafts for 3-year-olds consist of using natural materials, and this is one of them! You’ll need a potato, googly eyes, cotton buds, and paint. First, you’ll paint the potato with your kid using any color you want. Then, you’ll print it on paper and glue the eyes to it so that it’ll make the shape of a cute monster.

Get the tutorial for Potato Printing Monsters on mollymoocrafts.com.

Paper Plate Animal Crafts

For this project, you’ll use paper plates to create animal shapes. For example, if you want to make a koala bear, you’ll use googly eyes and three paper plates. Then, you can let your kid color them grey and stick a black paper in the middle to resemble the bear’s nose.

Learn how to make Paper Plate Animal Crafts on iheartcraftythings.com.

Bunny Lacing Card

This is one of the most fun activities for little kids. First, you’ll cut a cardboard piece in the shape of a bunny and punch a few holes in it. Then, you can give it to your kid along with a lace glued to a plastic needle or a toothpick. This project will keep your kid’s hands busy for a while as they’ll try to move the lace through the holes.

Check the instructions for Bunny Lacing Card on kidsactivitiesblog.com.

Letter of the Week Craft

If you’re a teacher who wants to teach your three-year-olds about letters in an exciting way, you can try this great craft. Each week, you’ll give them a different letter to learn. For instance, if this week’s letter is A, you’ll let them craft an alligator. But if the letter is Z, you can make them draw Zebras.

Read more about Letter of the Week Craft on crystalandcomp.com.

Toilet Paper Dolls

Crafting lets kids create art out of everyday stuff. For this project, you’ll give your kid an old toilet paper roll and let them paint a doll on it. Then, you can add some hairs on the top and two bendy wires to the side to resemble hands.

Find out more about Toilet Paper Dolls on danyabanya.com.

Butterfly Kite Toddler Craft

The best part about this project is that your children can use it afterward as a kite or room decor. And luckily, it doesn’t require many art supplies. You’ll only need a ribbon, cardstock, shape templates, markers, and stickers.

Get the tutorial for Butterfly Kite Toddler Craft on myboredtoddler.com.

Outdoor Nature Craft

If you often take your kid outside for nature walks, you’ll love this project. First, you’ll pick some colorful flowers together on your walk. Then, your kid can pick the flowers they like most and glue them on canvas paper. This project is an ideal sensory experience for your kid and will improve their fine motor skills.

Learn more about Outdoor Nature Craft on myboredtoddler.com.

Cardboard Aquarium Craft

This project is one of the best craft ideas for classrooms. Although you’ll have quite the work to do before giving it to your students to complete, the results will be worth the effort.

Find out more about Cardboard Aquarium Craft on mollymoocrafts.com.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Your kid can create a beautiful butterfly out of four short toilet paper rolls. And as a final decorative touch, they can add sparkly pipe cleaners to resemble the butterfly’s antenna.

Learn how to make Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies on thesprucecrafts.com.

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on craft supplies, you can make colorful caterpillar crafts out of egg cartons. You can cut the egg carton into multiple rows and then give them to your kids to paint. After they finish, you can put the caterpillars in their room as decoration.

Get the instructions for Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft on myboredtoddler.com.

Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles

Kids love playing around with colorful doughs, so for this project, you’ll give them salt dough to create shapes. However, it’s fair to warn you that although this craft is a lot of fun, it causes quite a mess.

Get the tutorial for Salt Dough Mosaic Tiles on clicksandbits.com.

Sticker Names Toddler Activity

This activity is one of the best craft ideas to improve your kid’s fine motor skills. It’s also an easy way to learn name recognition and letter identification. And as a bonus point, it won’t take you much time to prepare.

Learn more about Sticker Names Toddle Activity on busytoddler.com.

Moon Sand

If you want to prepare easy crafts that can improve your kid’s sensory learning, then you’ll love this project. First, you’ll prepare the moon sand in various colors and give it to your kid to play with. Then, they can crumble and mold it in whatever way they like. It’s worth mentioning that this activity requires constant supervision to ensure the children don’t eat the sand.

Check the instructions for Moon Sand on laughingkidslearn.com.

Painted Pasta Necklace

As a fun and easy craft, you can let your kids paint pasta and then put it through a thread to make a necklace. But make sure the pasta is tubular to avoid challenging your child’s painting skills.

Find out more about Painted Pasta Necklace on picklebums.com.

Craft Stick Rainbow

Rainbows are a beautiful natural phenomenon that you should teach to your kids. Luckily, this project is pretty straightforward and won’t take your kids much time to finish. They’ll merely paint sticks in rainbow colors, then glue them on paper in the proper order. Afterward, you can help them stick a cotton piece to the paper to resemble a cloud.

Read more about Craft Stick Rainbow on myboredtoddler.com.

Egg Carton Crabs

With an old egg carton, a pipe cleaner, and a couple of plastic eyes, you and your kid can fashion a cute and colorful crab. As a bonus point, this craft is suitable for a preschooler’s classroom because you can cut the egg carton into many pieces and give each student one to color.

Learn how to make Egg Carton Crabs on thesprucecrafts.com.

DIY Toddler Dominos

As a creative take on the adults’ favorite game, dominos, this project includes making a toddler’s version. You’ll use craft sticks, colored crayons, and scrap paper. After the game is ready, your toddler won’t be able to stop playing with it.

Get the tutorial for DIY Toddler Dominos on pinkstripeysocks.com.

Magic Milk Paint

This project can be an excellent introduction to your kids about chemistry. With a small amount of milk and food colors, you’ll give them entertainment for a couple of hours.

Check the instructions for Magic Milk Paint on growingajeweledrose.com.

Chocolate Ice Cream Play Dough

Pretend play is essential for toddlers because it improves their creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. In this project, your kids will get to pretend they have an ice cream shop. But, of course, you’ll provide them with the dough first.

Learn how to make Chocolate Ice Cream Play Dough on kidsactivitiesblog.com.

Bird Finders Binoculars

Does your kid chase birds down the street? All the little ones do! That’s why yours will love this easy craft. You’ll only need two toilet paper rolls, washi tape, and colorful yarn. Then, your child can take their binoculars and watch birds all day long.

Read more about Bird Finders Binoculars on artbarblog.com.

Fingerprinting Seasonal Tree

Fingerprinting kids activities are ideal for three-year-olds because they don’t require any artistic skills. All you’ll have to do is paint your kid’s little hands in different colors, then let them print their fingers on paper. You can get more hand printing ideas on craftwhack.com.

Check the instructions for Fingerprinting Seasonal Tree on myboredtoddler.com.

Felt Shapes Board

Felt shape arts and crafts are pretty easy to make at your house, and they can keep your kids busy for a long while. More so, those activities introduce your kid to many different materials and improve their sensory skills.

Get the tutorial for Felt Shapes Board on kidsactivitiesblog.com.

Yogurt Cup Rudolph

You can introduce your 3-year-olds to Christmas with this enjoyable activity. Although it needs many craft supplies, it’ll be tons of fun for your kid to make.

Find out more about Yogurt Cup Rudolph on iheartcraftythings.com.

Tissue Paper Vase

This project is one of the kids’ favorite craft ideas. They’ll get to glue tissue paper of different colors on a mod podge stained vase. In addition to the beauty of the result, you can decorate your house with it to make your kids happy.

Learn more about Tissue Paper Vase on gluesticksblog.com.

Now that you have many craft ideas that you can try out with your kids, you can improve your child’s sensory skills and creativity.



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