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Published: April 18, 2022

Landscape painting is about more than the art of it; it’s about reconnecting with nature and understanding the natural world and ourselves better. Because we believe so highly of its significance, we’ve created this list of landscape painting ideas for you. So, grab your art utensils, and hop on this creative ride!

1. A Window to the Outside World

You’re sitting in your bedroom looking out the window. What do you see? We don’t all have an Instagram-worthy view, but with a classic landscape painting, we can! After all, the flowers, plants, rivers, and riverbanks will invite peace and tranquility into our homes.

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2. Winter Landscape Painting

With a step-by-step tutorial, you can break down winter landscape painting ideas. This way, you get to recreate the stunning scenery, white snow, houses, and more with different hues of white and blue. The minimal color palette makes this art piece easy to recreate for beginners.

Read on how to make a Winter Landscape Painting on Art Studio Life.

3. Acrylic Painting of Spring Season

If you love the spring season, you’ll want simple landscape painting ideas centered around it. This one features dainty cherry blossom trees and has a romantic feel. And the video tutorial is helpful in the acrylic landscape painting process, so beginners shouldn’t have a problem.

Read more about this Acrylic Painting of Spring Season on Design News.

4. How to Paint a Watercolor Desert Sunset

Check out this desert sunset tutorial, one of our favorite landscape painting ideas for beginners. That’s possible with the simple interpretation of the sunset view and wet on wet technique, which lets the water do most of the work.

On top of that, the result is incredible, with a red and gold sky, gloomy clouds, and saguaro cacti silhouettes.

Learn How to Paint a Watercolor Desert Sunset on Pub Pages.

5. Escape to Paradise

Are you renovating a holiday house or a special retreat? This is such a beautiful landscape painting for it. The idea behind it is that you can visualize and realize your perfect paradise. Do you love the ocean view, clever architecture, and colorful flowers? Now, you can bring it all to life!

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6. Waterfall Painting Tutorial

Waterfalls are some of the most stunning displays of nature, so we had to choose a landscape painting idea to capture them. The background is a clear sky and mountains with water flowing in the foreground into a clear turquoise water body. This scene is inspired by the Havasupai waterfalls of the Grand Canyon.

Find the Waterfall Painting Tutorial on Step By Step Painting.

7. How to Simple Watercolor Meadow for Beginners

If you want to practice using watercolors, this 15-minute art idea is on point. The detailed instructions will help newbie artists create a meadow landscape painting. And it’ll feature a grass field, dark mountains, a light blue sky, and a couple of clouds.

Get the step-by-step instructions for How to Simple Watercolor Meadow for Beginners on My Art Inspiration.

8. Rainbow Painting

You can make a beautiful rainbow emanating from a pot in a fantastical nature scene with a water bank, lively tree, and grass field. The acrylic colors will give the canvas such vivid shades.

More importantly, the reflection on the water bank is fascinating! Also, if you love going off-script, this landscape painting certainly makes room for it.

Read more about the Rainbow Painting from Step By Step Painting.

9. How to Paint a Landscape

This art tutorial will get you to understand the fundamentals and composition of landscape paintings, so it’s an excellent learning opportunity. The painting is inspired by Yorkshire and features the rolling hills and greenery of the area.

Get the details for How to Paint a Landscape on Art Studio Life.

10. Painting Dandelions

Where many landscape painting ideas offer a wide view of nature, this acrylic painting tutorial zooms in on some beautiful dandelions, the plants, the ladybugs around them, and even the white fluff that gets blown away from the flowers when you make a wish! Of course, our favorite part of the canvas is the ladybugs flying on the white fluff.

Read more about Painting Dandelions from Step By Step Painting.

11. Winter Wonderland

Try painting a cozy winter cabin in a snowy landscape if winter is your favorite season. And beginners can make these landscapes easy to draw with the free traceable.

Also, we love the effect of the rough and thick brushstrokes that are reminiscent of a Van Gogh art piece!

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12. Harvest Patch Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Are you looking for spooky landscape painting ideas? If so, we might have the perfect pumpkin patch art piece for you. Just picture dark bare tree stems, dark mountains, a green pumpkin field, and pumpkins. What a marvelous depiction of a harvest moon night!

Get the details for this Harvest Patch Acrylic Painting Tutorial from Step By Step Painting.

13. Mount Fuji Painting With Cherry Blossoms

We couldn’t help but mention the beauty that is this Mount Fuji painting! This nature piece is also one of our simple landscape painting ideas, but it’ll take some time. The painting captures cherry blossom trees and blooms that form a pinkish frame for the blue mountain and water body.

Read more about this Mount Fuji Painting With Cherry Blossoms on Step By Step Painting.

14. Aurora Lake Acrylic Painting Tutorial

This lake and mountain landscape painting features the breathtaking Aurora sky reflected on a lake. As for its difficulty level, this art piece is neither difficult nor easy to make.

So, artists who are looking to improve at painting landscapes will appreciate the incorporation of different techniques into this tutorial.

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15. Coffee Sunset Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Compared to many fall landscape painting ideas, this easy and colorful nature painting has a unique perspective of a person inside looking out the window. We’re obsessed with the cozy vibes added by the coffee mug, fall landscape, aspen trees, and purple mountain.

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16. Balloons & Tulips Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Have you ever watched a surreal sunset from a boat and thought how much you’d want to lock it in memory? Well, landscape paintings have the power to do that, and this art piece is no exception.

With it, a painter can capture the warm sunset, hot air balloons, river, small tulips, field of flowers, and distant mountains. The reflections on the water are incredibly fascinating!

Read more about the Balloons & Tulips Acrylic Painting Tutorial on Step By Step Painting.

17. Green Forest Path Step by Step Painting

Such landscape painting ideas are suitable for a seasoned artist. The video tutorial will take them through the painting process so that they get the same cool effect, sunbeams slipping through gaps between thick trees and all.

Also, the color palette is immaculate, with vibrant green and yellow colors juxtaposing the black tree stems.

Create the Green Forest Path Step by Step Painting on Angela Anderson.

18. Beach Scene

If you’re looking for simple landscape painting ideas, you’re in luck. After all, such abstract art styles make it so artists, beginners, and experts don’t have to worry about depicting endless details.

We love the technique used to capture the texture of a beach landscape and the adding of tiny umbrellas and people sprinkled all over.

Read more about the Beach Scene on Craftberry Bush.

19. Eiffel Towel Painting Tutorial

Who said landscape painting ideas have to be related to nature or the countryside? Explore urban landscape paintings with this Paris city piece, featuring the Eiffel tower and some lamp posts. Also, it’s super easy and perfect for beginners.

Get the details for the Eiffel Towel Painting Tutorial on The Buzzed Artist.

20. How to Paint a Landscape

We can’t get enough of these mountain landscape painting ideas, which is why we have yet another one. After all, the greenery, mountains, tree stem, river, and clouds were too pretty to pass up. If you don’t consider yourself a professional artist but have some experience, this landscape painting is the ideal challenge.

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21. Tuscan Landscape

We can’t put the beauty of Italy into words, but we might be able to put it into our simple landscape painting ideas. This piece features several Tuscan elements. It’s also a chance for you to understand landscape painting compositions.

Not to mention, you can take all your creative liberties, meaning that this landscape painting is excellent for painters who don’t like following a strict guide.

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22. How to Paint Starry Night

We can’t talk about landscape painting ideas without mentioning what’s probably the most famous landscape painting, Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

This is one of the simple landscape paintings we have for you because it simplifies the abstract subject of the original piece, which makes it perfect for beginners and kids. Also, the brushwork is so much fun, and the juxtaposition between the colors is incredible!

Find the guide for How to Paint Starry Night on Step By Step Painting.

23. Autumn Lake Boat

One of the classic landscape painting ideas we have for you today is this autumn lake boat one. Although the painting looks very elaborate, the video tutorial renders it easy. As for the final result, we’re in love with the fall shades and the reflection on the lake.

Read more about the Autumn Lake Boat on The Art Sherpa.

24. African Elephant Sunset Painting

Silhouette landscape paintings are some of our favorite simple landscape painting ideas because they require fewer details. For this landscape, you want a beautiful glowing sunset as a backdrop for the African elephant silhouettes, a baby and mama elephant, to be exact. Not only is this easy to sketch, but it can be even easier if you use the free printable.

Get the details for this African Elephant Sunset Painting from Step By Step Painting.

25. How to Paint a Lighthouse Easy

We love this art tutorial because it gives you numerous simple landscape painting ideas for lighthouse scenes, so beginners and pros will find what they’re looking for. These architectural structures come together with elements of nature, including lakes, rivers, hills, and more.

Read more about How to Paint a Lighthouse Easy on The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria.

26. Surreal Landscape Tutorial

Combining unlikely pairings creates such cool surreal landscape paintings. For this one, we’re putting nature and balloons together in a non-sensical landscape. Thanks to the simple video tutorial, it’s suitable for beginners and professional artists who want a fun sketch that won’t take them much time.

Find the details for the Surreal Landscape Tutorial on Lachri Fine Art.

27. Oil Painting for Beginners

If you follow this tutorial for landscape paintings, you’ll get excellent tips and better results. You’ll know how you can use oil colors without going overboard and create breathtaking landscapes while you’re at it!

Get the details for Oil Paintings for Beginners from Artist Network.

28. Easy Landscape Digital Painting Tutorial

We had to include a digital landscape painting on this list for digital art lovers. This is one of the most simple landscape painting ideas with a 4-minutes tutorial and only three easy steps, so it couldn’t be more ideal for beginners. You’ll be creating a beach painting with mountains in the back!

Read more about this Easy Landscape Digital Painting Tutorial from Paintable.

29. Create a Fantasy Landscape

We have another one of those digital landscape painting ideas, but it isn’t the best for beginners. Otherwise, experienced artists can make a cool fantasy landscape painting with this tutorial. They’ll be guided through the process from sketching to refining the paintings and coming up with their theme.

This way, your landscape can tell a story. To illustrate, the tutorial adds a wolf head-shaped hill, spooky temple on a hilltop, and dark statue.

Read about how to Create a Fantasy Landscape on Envato Tuts+.

Finally, let us know which of our easy landscape painting ideas you want to start with. And don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild; that’s what will set your landscape paintings apart!



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