Fathers Day Keychain Ideas

Published: July 17, 2022

Do you want to craft a handmade gift for your dad on Father’s Day? If so, making a customized keychain is one of the best ideas. It won’t take you much time to craft, and your dad will carry it all the time.

To help you get inspired, we’ve made a list of Fathers Day keychain ideas that you can make at home. So let’s jump in!

1. Shrinky Dinks Keychain

Shrinky Dinks Keychain

Surprise your father on Father’s Day with a DIY Shrinky Dinks cute keychain. It won’t take you more than an hour to make with your kids since you can use free printables, and it’ll be a memorable gift. You’ll need scissors, a hole punch, coloring pencils, a black marker, and a thin chain.

Get the tutorial for the Shrinky Dinks keychain on Simply Kinder.

2. Leather Keychain

Leather Keychain

If you have a Cricut machine that cuts through leather, you can make a unique DIY keychain as a gift for your dad.

First, design the layout on Design Space, and choose the colors and words you prefer. Then, cut the keychain and finish it off with a key ring. You can get more Cricut keychain ideas on craftwhack.com.

Check the instructions for the leather keychain on Lydi Out Loud.

3. Date Leather Keychain

Date Leather Key chain

Using your Cricut machine, you can customize a leather keychain and write a date on it. The date can be Father’s Day in your country or your dad’s birthday. No matter what you choose, it’ll make for an ideal gift that won’t break your bank and will make your parent happy.

Learn more about crafting a date leather keychain on Lydi Out Loud.

4. Portrait Keychain

Portrait Keychain

Encourage your kids to draw funny portraits of their dad, then use them as inspiration for your Father’s Day gift.

To do so, let them draw on Shrinky Dink paper, then bake it in the oven. But don’t forget to put a baking sheet underneath it to avoid it sticking to the pan. After the Shrinky Dink is ready, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top and add a key ring.

Find out more about the portrait keychain on Happily Eva After.

5. Beaded Keychain

Beaded Keychain

If you want to put your crafting skills to use, you can make a beautiful DIY beaded keychain for your dad. You can use a leather cord and some colorful beads and design the keychain as you prefer. Then, add a key ring and ensure the keychain is successfully joined.

Get the tutorial for the beaded keychain on Holiday Crafts and Creations.

6. I Love Daddy Leather Keychain

I Love Daddy Leather Keychain

Do you want to make an easy gift for Father’s Day with minimum cost and effort? If so, you can try your hands at an I Love Daddy keychain. Simply use your Cricut machine to prepare the design and cut the leather. Then, add a keyring, and give the gift to your dad.

Take a look at the I Love Daddy leather keychain on Lydi Out Loud.

7. Best Dad Keychain

Best Dad Keychain

Using alphabet beads and a jewelry cord, you can create a personalized keychain as a Father’s Day gift. You can either write your dad’s name, best dad ever, or whatever catchphrase you choose. Making it will be super quick and easy, and you can make another one for Mother’s Day.

Learn more about the best dad keychain on KinderArt.

8. Engraved Acrylic Keychain

Engraved Acrylic Keychain

If you own a Cricut Maker, you can use it to create a beautifully engraved acrylic keychain for your dad. You can design it with a short message, his name, or a life quote. Whatever you choose, the keychain will be fun to make and will serve as an ideal gift.

Check the instructions for the engraved acrylic keychain on DIY Danielle.

9. Pony Bead Football Keychain

Pony Bead Football Keychain

Encourage your kids to craft a DIY football keychain using pony beads for Father’s Day. They can choose the colors of their dad’s favorite football team.

After they finish beading, add a key ring at the top of the chain to complete the gift. Since these keychains are easy and fun to create, you can make an entire collection for different sports teams.

Take a look at the pony bead football keychain on Woo Jr.

10. Hand-Lettered Acrylic Keychain

Hand-Lettered Acrylic Keychain

Making a hand-lettered acrylic keychain for Father’s Day is ideal if you’re too busy to make a complicated craft and don’t want to dent your wallet. First, get acrylic blanks and paint them with your dad’s favorite color. Then, use another color to write ‘dad’ on the keychain or simply write his name.

Learn how to make a hand-lettered acrylic keychain on Amy Latta Creations.

11. Handprint Keychain

Handprint Keychain

For this year’s Father’s Day, you can encourage your kids to surprise their dad with a DIY handprint Shrinky Dinks keychain. First, they should dip their hands in paint and print it on a Shrinky Dink paper. Then, bake the paper in the oven and wait for it to shrink. Finally, use a hole punch and a key ring to finish the gift.

Get the tutorial for the handprint keychain on Project Nursery.

12. Faux Leather Keychain

Faux Leather Keychain

With faux leather and a Cricut machine, you can craft an elegant Father’s Day keychain. No matter what design you want to print, you can customize it on Design Space and choose the material you want to print on. Then, add a key ring and ensure it’s successfully joined.

Check the faux leather keychain instructions on The Homes I Have Made.

13. Wooden Vinyl Keychain

Wooden Vinyl Keychain

Do you want to craft a special gift for this year’s Father’s Day? Try your hands at using a Cricut machine and make a wooden vinyl keychain. You can add as many little details and decorations as you like.

After customizing the design, print it on transfer vinyl and then on the wooden tag. Since the process is easy and won’t take much time, you can make many gifts for your loved ones.

Learn how to make a wooden vinyl keychain on Rebecca Propes.

14. Resin Keychain

Resin Keychain

If you want to craft a fabulous Father’s Day keychain at home, it’s time to purchase some resin and put your crafting skills to use. You can also get other decorating materials like glitter and colors to finish your masterpiece. Dealing with resin might be challenging at first, but you’ll have tons of fun if you follow the DIY directions accurately.

Get more information on the resin keychain on Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

15. Shrinky Dinks Father’s Day Keychain

Shrinky Dinks Father's Day Keychain

With some Shrinky Dinks and a dash of creativity, you can help your kids craft a cool keychain as a Father’s Day gift. It’ll be loads of fun to craft, and their dad will appreciate their effort to make a handmade gift. First, your kids can draw doodles on Shrinky Dink paper and color them using coloring pencils. Then, take the paper and bake it in the oven.

You can let your excited kids watch the Shrinky Dinks as they transform inside the oven. Finally, finish the key chain with a ring.

Learn how to make a Shrinky Dinks Father’s Day keychain on Projects With Kids.

16. Monogram Resin Keychain

Monogram Resin Keychain

To make a monogram resin keychain, you’ll need clear epoxy, key chain mold, vinyl sticker, and acrylic colors. You’ll fill the mold with clear epoxy and customize a vinyl sticker with the monogram you want. The keychain will be extremely fun to make, and it’ll save you a tiring gift shopping trip.

Check the instructions for the monogram resin keychain on Amber Oliver.

17. Bottle Cap Keychain

Bottle Cap Keychain

For a simple and heartwarming gift that your dad will appreciate, you can make a vintage bottle cap keychain. First, choose his favorite drink and take the cap. Then, punch a hole in it and add a short chain and keyring. Since this idea is generic, you can make similar keychains for your grandpa and any fatherly figures in your life.

Take a look at the bottle cap keychain on Kids Creative Chaos.

18. Name Vinyl Keychain

Name Vinyl Keychain

Let your creativity go wild, and give this name vinyl keychain a try. You can choose the colors, patterns, and shapes you like. Then, you can personalize the keychain by writing your father’s name or initials. Beware that this idea requires a Cricut machine.

Find out more about the name vinyl keychain on K Pecks Creative Cafe.

19. Engraved Keychain

Engraved Keychain

Whether you want to engrave your father’s name, a motivation quote, or a love message on an acrylic blank, you can do it in no time with a Cricut machine. First, customize the words you want on Design Space and print them. You can also add small patterns and decorative details around. Then, once the acrylic blank is ready, join it to a keyring using a short steel chain.

Learn more about making an engraved keychain on Doodle Craft Blog.

20. Fold-Over Leather Keychain

Fold-Over Leather Keychain

The last idea on our list is a fold-over leather keychain. While your kids are too young to make it on their own, you can craft it and let them watch the process. You’ll need faux leather, a Cricut machine, and a ring.

Get the tutorial for the fold-over leather keychain on The Homes I Have Made.

Now that you have many Father’s Day keychain ideas to try out with your kids, you can craft many heartwarming gifts for your loved ones!



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