Cricut Keychain Ideas

Cricut machines stimulate our creative skills.

You look at yours and can’t help but think, “What should I create with this beauty?” Well, we’re about to answer your question.

We’ve gathered many Cricut keychain ideas for you. You can either make some for yourself or give out customized gifts for your loved ones.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Faux Leather Keychains

We’ll start our list with interesting faux leather ideas, so let’s go!

Layered Pennant Keychain

For a classic, elegant keychain that requires minimum effort, you can try making this one. You’ll start by fashioning two layers of faux leather over each other and gluing them together. You don’t have to stick to this design; instead, you can cut your faux leather in whatever shape you like.

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Colorful Faux Leather Key Fobs

If you want to add some colors to your pile of keys, you can try making those colorful keychains.

Make sure you have a large faux leather sheet to create many shapes. Also, when buying the leather sheet, you can either choose plain colors or cute patterns.

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Father’s Day Faux Leather Keychain

For this year’s father’s day, you can make an elegant, personalized gift for your father. Just buy a faux leather sheet in a color that he loves, and cut it using your machine.

It won’t take much time to create, and your father will appreciate the effort.

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Peek-A-Boo Heart Keychain

You can make this cute heart keychain as your next valentine’s day gift. The keychain fashions a cute heart cutout that you’ll create using your machine. Under this cutout, you can put iron-on vinyl in your favorite color so that the heart will be complete.

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Personalized Initials Keychain

You can make this keychain with either faux leather or faux suede.

All you have to do is customize your letter design on Cricut Design Space, then load the sheet onto the cutting mat of your machine.

Use permanent adhesive so that your keychain doesn’t come apart, and put it under a heavy book overnight.

Then, you can make a pack of those and give them out as great gifts for your friends.

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Angled-Edge Keychain

This design is perfect if you want to label your keys to avoid forgetting which one is which.

There’s a large space on the leather that you can use to write the places in an elegant font.

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Tabbed Keychain

If you want to feature a logo on your faux leather keychain, you’ll love this idea. You can print a monogram or any decorative detail you like and iron it on the leather.

Also, you can cut the leather into whatever shape you desire.

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10 Minute DIY Leather Heart Mom Keychain

Mothers deserve all the appreciation in the world, and you can show yours with a personalized gift for this year’s mother’s day.

This idea is perfect if you don’t have enough time to make a complicated craft.

Instead, you’ll create a cute DIY keychain with the word mom written on it and a small heart sticker.

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Cricut Leather Keychain

If you have some free time on your hands, you can customize many keychain shapes and give them out as gifts. With Christmas getting near, this will be a unique idea. It’s pretty easy and requires only minimum effort.

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DIY Faux Leather Keychain

If you’re a hardcore fan of Harry Potter or Star Wars, you can attempt those faux leather keychains.

You’ll need the Cricut Easy Press to print the iron-on image on the faux leather.

However, don’t worry if you don’t own it. You can use an iron, but make sure to work carefully because irons don’t distribute heat as efficiently.

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DIY Cricut Faux Leather Key Fob Wristlet

Those wristlets will come in handy if you often lose your keychain, and they look pretty fashionable.

Although the process is challenging, the results will be worth it.

You can choose any faux leather design you like, whether you prefer bright plain colors or elegant patterns.

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Fold-Over Keychain

This is one of the easiest ideas on our list because it doesn’t require glue or iron-on.

Instead, you’ll merely fold the faux leather and place a rivet through your layers.

Because it takes absolutely no time to make, you can create many keychains for your friends and family.

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Acrylic Keychains

Now, it’s time for some fun with acrylic keychains!

Acrylic Keychains With Cricut Machine

Nothing beats the fun of creating personalized acrylic keychains.

You can use your Cricut Maker to create different shapes in many colors.

In addition to the fun, you’ll have bright keychains that match your bubbly spirit.

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DIY Personalized Acrylic Keychains

You can wipe the dust off your Cricut Joy for this fun project. You’ll create many personalized acrylic keychains that you can give out as gifts.

For example, you can print someone’s favorite color, logo, or catchphrase on the keychain.

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Hand-Lettered Acrylic Keychains

Those hand-lettered keychains make for a perfect birthday gift. You can create quite a few in a short time since the process is pretty straightforward.

Then, after finishing, you can add your personal touch and sprinkle some glitter on top of the keychain.

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Acrylic Engraved Keychain

Acrylic engraved keychains have a stylish look and are easy to make.

You’ll use the Cricut Design Space engraving option to create your masterpiece. You can also use different fonts and shapes to make many key fobs.

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Animal Print Acrylic Keychains With Cricut

Animal patterns are cute and catchy, so they’ll make excellent decorations for your new keychain.

You can test with many colorful patterns and see which one you like first.

You might end up with an entire keychain patch when you see how easy this project is.

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DIY Cricut Ornament and Keychain

You can use your Cricut Explore 2 or Cricut Maker for this project.

You’ll also need vinyl transfer tape and keychain blanks.

If you want to write words on your keychain, don’t forget to adjust your letter spacing so that your words will look ordered.

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Acrylic Keychain With Vinyl

Owning a Cricut Maker gives you unlimited space for making cute handmade stuff.

This time, you’ll be making an acrylic keychain using vinyl.

Blank keychains come in various shapes, so you can choose whatever one you like most and start working.

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DIY Vinyl Acrylic Key Fob

Since Cricut ideas are versatile, you can go wild with your creative skills and create different designs for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll do great with transparent vinyl and some patience!

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Engraved Keychains

In this acrylic project, you’ll get to engrave elegant shapes and patterns on your keychain.

You can either try flowers, animals, or Christmas patterns since the jolly season is nearly upon us. For the results to be perfect, you’ll need an engraving tip.

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DIY Keychain With Adhesive Vinyl

If you want a DIY trendy keychain that you can show off to your friends and family, you’ll do well with this acrylic project.

You’ll use adhesive vinyl to make a cute keychain, and the best part is that you can personalize the design with your name or initials.

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Other Ideas

Lastly, let’s walk through a collection of other exciting Cricut ideas!

DIY Cricut Monogram Keychain

You can unleash your creativity and use the Cricut Design Space to fashion a monogram using different fonts and colors. You can later use your designed monogram as a personal logo. Besides being easy and time-saving, it’s very fun to make.

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DIY Cricut Word of the Year Keychain

If you can summarize your hopes for the new year in one word, that would be a perfect chance to create a meaningful keychain.

You can challenge your crafting skills and use a Cricut fine point blade for this project.

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Wood Tag Cricut Keychain

Those wood tag keychains are fun to make and look very trendy. You can use them to label your keys with cute designs.

Luckily, they’re effortless to make, so you can make one for each key. Then, prepare your transfer tape to print the designs, and you’re good to go.

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Easy Cricut Joy Keychain Project

This Cricut Joy keychain project is another easy idea that you can try in your free time.

You can first choose the design you want from Cricut Joy, then print it on vinyl.

Next, you can add colored dots on one side of the keychain and stick your design on the other end.

This way, you’ll have a colorful, patterned keychain with an attractive design in the middle.

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Resin Monogram Keychain

You’ll use two layers of clear epoxy, a vinyl cutout, and colorful paint for this project.

As for the Cricut machine, you’ll use it to cut the monogram and put it between the two epoxy layers.

You might face a bit of a challenge creating this keychain, but the result will be worth your effort.

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Name DIY Vinyl Keychains With Cricut

You can let your creativity go wild with this cute idea that holds the name of someone you love.

The best part is that you can try unlimited patterns and colors until you get the desired result.

You can also add glitter as a final touch or use gold foil for the initials.

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Now that you have many ideas to try out, you can create many cute personalized keychains for you and your loved ones.



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