Clay Project Ideas

Natural clay is versatile, inexpensive, and widely available, making it an ideal material for homemade craft projects. For instance, you can use it to make accessories, home decor, utensils, and more.

To help you practice your clay crafting skills, we’ve made a list of many easy and enjoyable clay project ideas that you can try out. So read on to get the inspiration you need!

1. Autumn Leaf Bowls

You can add fall vibes to your dinner table with this aesthetically-pleasing leaf bowls set. And after the bowls dry, you can breathe life into them using the acrylic colors you prefer.

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2. Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Accessories cause unnecessary clutter in drawers, but you can keep this issue at bay with this clay cactus ring holder. This way, you can showcase your jewelry elegantly using only air-dry clay, acrylic paint, and glue.

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3. Rustic Clay Tags

Do you want to add a unique and elegant homemade touch to your sent gifts? If so, you can give those rustic clay tags a go. You can use polymer clay or air-dry clay to finish this project. Either way, you’ll have fun crafting those little personalized pieces of art.

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4. Terracotta Air-Dry Clay Earrings

Although air-dry clay projects take a long time to finish, they breed beautiful results. So you can give your jewelry collection a homemade makeover and give those air-dry clay earrings a try.

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5. Sunflower Clay Bowls

This air-dry clay project is suitable for kids because it doesn’t require advanced crafting skills. More so, it’s tremendously fun to make. Kids can make it as a mother’s day gift or classroom activity to improve their fine motor skills.

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6. Air-Dry Clay Beads

Making your own jewelry gives you the freedom to customize your preferred colors and shapes. Not to mention, it adds a personal touch to all of your outfits and makes for a unique fashion statement. So you can try making those air-dry clay beads and color them the way you want.

Then, you can use them to make necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

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7. Stamped Clay Coasters

Coasters are an irreplaceable part of any table, and you can make your own set instead of purchasing an expensive one. You can have a ready-to-use coaster set with minimum effort and cost by using air-dry clay, acrylic colors, mod podge, and a few other crafting supplies.

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8. Seashell and Button Ornaments

This project is ideal for seashell collectors who don’t know how to preserve and showcase their collections. So instead of keeping your shells locked in a box, you can use them to decorate clay ornaments along with a few colorful buttons. Then, you can hang them in your room and show them off to your friends and family.

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9. Mini Swan Pool Float Vase

Who doesn’t want a multifunctional, decorative swan that they can use to showcase accessories, flowers, or stationary? Among the many air-dry clay projects on our list, this is one of the most elegant and easy to make. So channel your inner artist and take up this challenging project!

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10. Terracotta Clay Ornaments

For this year’s Christmas, you can hang colorful and homemade ornaments on your tree. Using air-dry clay, a string, and your crafting skills, you can make beautiful ornaments in various shapes and colors.

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11. Sugar Skull Bead Necklace

The Mexican Day of the Dead gives people a chance to unleash their artistic skills while cherishing the memory of their lost ones. You can teach your kids about this beautiful tradition with this perfect project. They’ll make colorful and stylish skull necklaces inspired by Mexican culture.

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12. Hedgehog Pencil Holder

Instead of forming the Hedgehog’s quills using clay, you’ll make holes on the animal’s back and put pencils in them. This way, you’ll give your crafting skills a try and fashionably store your pencils.

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13. Daffodil Clay Candle Holders

You can fashion a set of unique candle holders using polymer or air-dry clay. And for the best part, it’s safe to place real candles in them because there’s no fire risk.

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14. Herb Garden Markers

If you’re a garden enthusiast who can’t stop growing herbs throughout the whole year, you’ll need to mark your plants with labels to avoid confusion. Luckily, you can craft homemade markers using traditional clay and write your herbs’ names on them.

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15. Clay Letter Plant Pot

Keeping plants indoors adds to your house’s aesthetic and gives it natural vibes. And you can add your personal touch by making clay letter plant pots. You can also color them according to your interior’s palette.

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16. Alphabet Magnets

Many air-dry clay ideas aren’t suitable for kids because they’re too challenging, but this one is a great project for the little ones. They’ll make alphabet magnets in different colors and use them to decorate the fridge or any wall in the house.

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17. Clay Christmas Decorations

You can welcome the merry season with this lovely clay project. It includes crafting many Christmas symbols, like reindeers, bells, angels, and snowmen, out of air-dry clay. After you finish, you can either put them through a thread and make a garland or hang them as tree ornaments.

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18. Fourth of July Tea Light Holders

You can celebrate the 4th of July this year surrounded by twinkling lights coming out of your clay tea light holders. This air-dry clay craft requires minimal decorations and won’t take much of your time.

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19. Yarn and Clay Wall Hangings

As a wonderful alternative to the usual wall decorations, you can make yarn and clay crafts and adorn your house with them. Then, you can use acrylic, multipurpose, or emulsion paint to finish off your colorful masterpiece.

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20. Simple Clay Vase

DIY air-dry clay crafts don’t have to be challenging and complicated; you can get away with a project as simple as this elegant vase. But it’s worth mentioning that air-dry clays don’t do well with water. So you can place a smaller vase inside and fill it with water to feed your flowers or put artificial flowers in the vase.

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21. Footprint Bowl Keepsake

You can preserve your kid’s memories with this heartwarming air-drying clay footprint bowl. First, you’ll let your kid print their feet on the wet clay. Then, after the clay dries, you can color it or sprinkle glitter over it to give it an elegant shape.

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22. DIY Air-Dry Clay Napkin Rings

Do you want to add a colorful touch to your dinner table? If so, you’ll love air-dry clay napkin rings. You can shape them easily using a cardboard tube. And after they dry, you can color them to match the rest of your utensils.

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23. DIY Air-Dry Clay Pinch Pots

Making pinch pots is one of our favorite craft ideas because they’re multipurpose, easy to make, and suitable for children. After you finish the project, you can either use them as shelf decorations or plant hangers.

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24. Air-Dry Clay Bowls

Those stamped air-dry clay bowls will look charming on your dressing table. You can use them to showcase jewelry, makeup, or personal belongings. But beware that they aren’t suitable for eating.

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25. DIY Wall Planters

If you want to hang your plants on the wall as decoration, you can use natural clay to craft wall planters. They’re easy to make, don’t require many craft supplies, and will add natural vibes to your place. You can also color them using acrylic paints as a final decorative touch.

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26. Air-Drying Clay Bunnies

This air-dry clay project will be an ideal introduction to your kids about Easter. Instead of coloring eggs, as usual, you can get creative and let them make those cute bunnies. In addition to the fun they’ll have, you’ll have great gifts to give to your loved ones on Easter. You can also get more Easter drawing ideas on

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27. Geometric Colored Pencil Holder

You can use either polymer clay or air-drying clay for this DIY project. It’s pretty simple and won’t take much of your time. And as a bonus point, you’ll end up with an attractive-looking geometric pencil holder.

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28. Clay Face Dish

Abstract faces are currently a fashion trend. You can find them on accessories, clothes, and house decorations. Luckily, you can keep up with the trend by crafting this gorgeous face dish out of air-drying clay. Then, you can either color it or leave it plain to match your minimalistic interior.

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29. Air-Dry Clay Garden Gnomes

This is one of the cutest air-dry clay projects on our list, and you can work on it with your kids. The cute painted gnomes will brighten up your garden, and the project will give your children a chance to practice their crafting skills.

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30. Tabletop Tic-Tac-Toe

You can use polymer clay to craft an entertaining tic-tac-toe table decor. This way, you’ll have a fashionable-looking table and a fun game for every time you have guests.

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31. Stamped Clay Succulent Pots

Whether you have natural or faux succulents in your house, you can place them in elegant, homemade clay pots. They’re easy to make because they don’t have complicated shapes, and you can color them the way you want.

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32. Clay-Covered Pens

If you want to personalize your office stationery, you can use polymer clay to give your pens a colorful makeover. For instance, you can use different colors to make marble-like clay patterns and cover your pens and pencil with them.

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33. Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Whether you’re a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones fan, you’ll have tremendous fun crafting those fantasy dragon eggs using air-dry clay. Then, you can grace them with sparkly embellishments and beads and set them up as decor in your room.

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34. Evil Eye Wall Hanging

This evil eye wall hanging is a perfect choice for people who believe eye charms can protect them from bad energy. And even if you don’t, you can gift them to a loved one on their birthday.

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Making homemade clay items is an exciting hobby that can improve your crafting skills by a mile. And now that you have many polymer and air-dry clay ideas to try out, you know what you’ll do this weekend!



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