Paper Quilling Ideas

Published: April 17, 2022

The popular and attractive paper quilling art is conquering more and more handicraft fans. And no wonder; the motifs that result from this handicraft technique are beautiful and ideal as decorations for the wall or for designing greeting cards.

Paper quilling is based on rolling up thin strips of paper and assembling them into any desired motif. To inspire you, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most popular paper quilling ideas that you can imitate. So, keep reading!

1. Quilled Monograms

You probably have some experience creating simple quilled spirals using paper but still trying to master the art and keep things tidy while creating lovely motifs. Well, the alphabets are a great place to start!

This quilling idea entails making designs in the shape of the English alphabet. You don’t need any special equipment to create these quilled monograms. Like most ideas on our list, all you’ll need are everyday materials that are readily available at home.

Find out how to make these fantastic Quilled Monograms on Instructables.

2. Quilled Snowflake Patterns

Paper snowflakes are one of our best quilling ideas and are a great project to embark on if you want to venture into the paper quilling world. These patterns are a beautiful sight to behold, and you can hang them on your Christmas tree or window or make them into a garland that would adorn your mantlepiece during the merry season.

Some of the materials needed to make these paper snowflake patterns are a white and blue quilling strip (5 mm wide and 54 cm long), glue, and scissors!

Look up the tutorial for making these Quilled Snowflake Patterns at Red Ted Art.

3. Paper Quilled Owl Pendants

With quilling, you can do more than flat surface crafts and extend your craftsmanship to create a wearable quilled necklace. This paper quilling idea involves designing an adorable owl necklace pendant from simple materials.

You can form the pendant base using a tightly wounded coil and add some designs using different quilled shapes on the top. This idea makes a pretty good mother’s day gift.

Learn more about the Paper Quilled Owl Pendants on Cut Out and Keep.

4. Quilled Sunflower Necklace

If you love the idea of creating an adorable necklace pendant, but the paper quilled owl pendant above isn’t your style, we believe you’d love this cute paper quilling idea. This one involves creating a sunflower with intricate spiral details forming the petals.

For starters, you’ll have to make basic quilling shapes such as circles, teardrop shapes, and more! Combining these basic quilling shapes makes a beautiful sunflower necklace pendant.

Find out the step-by-step process of making the Quilled Sunflower Necklace on Little Circles.

5. DIY Paper Quilling Fish

Here’s a good DIY paper quilling idea that may inspire you to create a beautiful craft. This lovely, swirling fish design is easily customizable as you can change the fins’ colors and angles to your taste.

And you can improve your paper quilling skills by practicing how the tail’s strips intersect and overlap. Indeed, quilling is a skill that requires practice, and this papercraft is an excellent way to practice while creating something attractive.

Learn how to create this DIY Paper Quilling Fish on My Crafts.

6. Paper Quilled Wreath Ornament for Christmas

It’s pretty interesting to craft your own Christmas decorations, so you can paper quill a wreath this season and enjoy the results. And don’t worry; this project is much easier than it might appear at first glance. Once you’ve made the individual elements, you can simply glue them together.

All you need to make this paper quilling craft are quilling strips (in dark green, light green, and red), a quilling tool, and fabric glue. You’ll undoubtedly create a real eye-catcher on the door, wall, or window with such a Christmas wreath.

You can learn how to put these materials together to form a Paper Quilled Wreath Ornament for Christmas on Artsy Craftsy Mom.

7. Paper Quilled Lotus Flower Earrings

You may be interested in working on smaller pieces or some obscure shapes instead of regular circles and spirals that are common with most paper quilling projects. If it sounds like you, this is the right quilling idea you can try out.

In this project, you can create small lotus-shaped quilled earrings from paper of any color. Then, you can use these gorgeous earrings to beautify yourself or your home. Luckily, the materials required for this papercraft are pretty easy to acquire.

Learn how to make these Paper Quilled Lotus Flower Earrings on Honey’s Quilling.

8. Paper Quilled Vase

You may have become pretty skilled at layered quilling and creating spiral masterpieces in different colors. But are you still daunted by the idea of making pieces of structures from quilled paper? If so, you should check out this superb paper quilling idea.

It involves using an old flower vase as a base to build your quilled paper masterpiece. You’d find that the quilled paper art is stunning, especially if you combine different colors. And you could choose to create flowery motifs on all or specific parts of the vase.

In addition, the items required to make this piece are readily available in the home.

Find out how to create a Paper Quilled Vase on Instructables.

9. Quilled Miniature Santa Claus

You don’t have to be a professional paper strip crafter to make these Santa Clauses.

In this project, paper quilling strips are rolled, shaped, and glued to form each part of the Santa Claus. You can also make a frame for the hat and body. As a final touch, you can decorate this paper strip craft with extra things like pom-poms.

Find out all the materials needed and the process of making this Quilled Miniature Santa Claus on Kalanirmitee.

10. Quilled Vase and Teacup

This idea entails making a beautiful teacup and vase embellishment pattern on the wall using paper quilling. Although the craft is meant for experienced paper crafters, it’s worth spending some time to learn how to make it.

You may spend a few hours to get the number of curls the paper flower petals would require. However, you’ll always end up with a stunning result. The craft will make an excellent addition to wall arts in your home. Moreover, you can always create different art variants for different rooms in your home.

Learn more about this Quilled Vase and Teacup on Paper Zen.

11. Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Have you ever thought about making Easter eggs using the quilling method? If so, you can try your hands at this project. First, paint the shell with acrylic paint. Do it two or three times, depending on how the color hides. Remember to put additional layers on the dried egg to avoid streaks and lumps.

When the shell is dry, you can start sticking individual patterns onto it. The whole secret of beautiful Easter eggs lies in the skillful winding of paper strips on a stick and forming sophisticated patterns from them. For more Easter craft ideas, head over to

You can read how to make the gorgeous Quilled Paper Easter Eggs on Chica and Jo.

12. Quilling Paper Ladybugs

Crafting a colorful ladybug can be an enjoyable activity for kids. Besides the fun they’ll have during it, they can learn more about this insect and nature. For this paper quilling idea, you’ll need red and black paper strips, oval black paper for the muzzle, circle paper for the spots, horn-shaped ones for the legs, and white dotted circles for the eyes.

First, a symmetrical snowflake is glued from the red strips. Then, a black circle is glued. You can join the sides of the strips to form a ball and then press further to create a plane. And you’ll get a belly and a muzzle from a black oval glued to the lower part of the body. Finally, antennas and eyes are attached.

You can find more info about Quilling Paper Ladybugs on The Papery Craftery.

13. Quilling Wall Decoration Idea

This idea involves making a colorful quilling panel. First, an A3-size album is taken on which simple sketchy still lifes are drawn with a jug and drapery in the background, using gouache or watercolor. It’s essential that the entire surface is covered with paint and that there are no gaps.

You can also make curls from colored strips of paper, and you can use them to create all kinds of quilled flowers on intricate stems. When this wall art is ready, it’s placed in a cardboard or wooden frame. You can then use it to decorate your home.

Get the full tutorial for this Quilling Wall Decoration Idea on Instructables.

Now that you’ve seen our paper quilling ideas, we believe you have enough inspiration to unleash your creativity. Try out one of these ideas and start paper quilling today!



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