Spring Art Ideas for Preschoolers

Published: May 10, 2022

Whether its flowers, rainbows, birds, or butterflies, we’ll give you the needed inspiration for spring art projects with a craft collection that your preschoolers will fond over. These projects are super simple, quick, and fun, so they’ll invite your little ones to explore their creativity and celebrate spring!

The vibrant and different colors scream spring, so they’ll undoubtedly hype your preschool kids up for the season. Keep reading to learn about these awesome spring art projects for kids.

1. Cherry Blossom Painting With Cotton Balls

Cherry Blossom Painting With Cotton Balls

You know it’s spring when cherry blossom trees are blooming with pink flowers. For this project, children get to mess around with paint and cotton balls, and you can imagine how much fun they’ll have doing that! Not to mention, the texture is perfect for creating leaf cluster effects.

Learn how to create Cherry Blossom Painting With Cotton Balls on Project With Kids.

2. Tissue Paper Rainbow

Tissue Paper Rainbow

Some of the most classic spring craft ideas involve rainbows. Almost any child loves rainbows, and they’ll love this tissue paper rainbow even more! The process of drawing it and sticking the colorful tissue paper is just so enjoyable. This project is also a chance to teach your preschoolers or toddlers about rainbow colors.

Find the details for Tissue Paper Rainbow on CBC.

3. Tulip Craft Coffee Filter Suncatcher

Tulip Craft Coffee Filter Suncatcher

You know what makes the perfect spring ideas for kids? Our bet is suncatcher crafts, in which they get to spray paint with a gun-looking squirt bottle! How cool is that?! This spring art project features a super impressive watercolor effect, and the flower is very on-brand for spring.

Read more about Tulip Craft Coffee Filter Suncatcher on There’s Just One Mommy.

4. Handprint Flowers Canvas Wall Art

Handprint Flowers Canvas Wall Art

Preschoolers love to work with their hands, so a handprint art project is just what they want. The handprints create petals, giving you beautiful spring flowers, sunflowers, and blooms. Parents get two canvas art projects to choose from; better yet, get your little one to make their choice.

Read about Handprint Flowers Canvas Wall Art on Arts & Crackers.

5. Bubble Paint Flowers Craft for Kids

Bubble Paint Flowers Craft for Kids

Do you love hydrangeas? Invite your toddlers and preschoolers to recreate them using possibly the most fun art supplies, bubble painting! And if you don’t have any, the tutorial will help you make your own. So, the little ones get to blow bubbles, and you can help out by cutting the leaves.

Find the details for Bubble Paint Flowers Craft for Kids on My Joy-Filled Life.

6. Citrus Printing Process Art for Kids

Citrus Printing Process Art for Kids

Process art’s ingenuity is fascinating, and citrus printing is a pretty simple and easy idea, which might be perfect for preschoolers. Let them use their favorite fruits, a lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit, to stamp citrus prints on paper. They can also use a white cotton dish towel to create a beautiful DIY gift.

Get the instructions for Citrus Printing Process Art for Kids on Rhythms of Play.

7. Butterfly Printing With Sponges

Butterfly Printing With Sponges

What’s spring without butterflies? One of our art projects for kids of all ages is this super easy and fun sponge printing. The prep work is minimal, and it creates beautiful and colorful sponge butterflies.

Even better, the butterflies squish art printable templates invite creativity and embrace individuality. If you want our advice, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss symmetry, especially if you’re doing homeschool.

Read about Butterfly Printing With Sponges from The Craft Train.

8. 3D Spring Lamb Craft

3D Spring Lamb Craft

Is there anything as adorable as these lambs, bouncing, wobbly head included? Its creative 3D aspect is what we love most. We have to say that this is one of those crafts that require some work from parents or teachers, but there’s a 3D lamb template to use. Lastly, this project will give your kid a new toy to play with after you’re done making it!

Learn to make the 3D Spring Lamb Craft on Arty Crafty Kids.

9. Spring Art for Kids: Water Color Flowers

Water Color Flowers

Do your kids love to draw and paint? They can practice a simple and artistic painting technique with these spring crafts. We love how there’s room to personalize each flower. Also, they can make as many as they want and even put together a colorful spring bouquet!

Find the details for Spring Art for Kids: Water Color Flowers on Nurture Store.

10. Homemade Wind Chimes

Homemade Wind Chimes

For this gorgeous art project, parents can take preschoolers for a nature walk. Then, they can ask them to collect sticks and even make a game out of it! Then, kids can paint them to be used in a homemade rainbow-colored wind chime. Now, they can cross spring crafts and patio renovations off their to-do lists.

Read more about Homemade Wind Chimes on Happy Hooligans.

11. Sidewalk Chalk Art Spring Puddles

Do you know what spring crafts kids will love? Outdoor crafts are at the top of our list, especially these sidewalk chalk art activities. The use of puddles creates rich shades, and the techniques used are just a fun way of blending colors.

Such spring crafts incorporate just the right amount of spontaneity so that toddlers and preschoolers can have the time of their lives!

Get the instructions for Sidewalk Chalk Art Spring Puddles from Lemon Lime Adventure.

12. April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft

April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft

Is your family stuck in the house on a rainy day? Let your kids try out this fun and easy spring craft. It’s so simple and comes with a free printable. Thanks to their raised texture, the pom poms make a super adorable flower and rain display. Also, we appreciate how there are options for the methods used, and everyone can create a different outcome.

Read about the April Showers Bring May Flowers Craft on A Sprinkle of Pink.

13. Stained Glass Kite Craft

Stained Glass Kite Craft

Stained glass ideas are just classic preschool crafts (for a good reason). Adults can create simple black kite frames, and kids get to swoop in with all the fun spring colors, decorating the inside of the glass kite. Let them unleash their creativity with the designs so that they’ll have their unique homemade kites.

Find the details for Stained Glass Kite Craft on Grandma Ideas.

14. Clay Footprint Ring Dish Butterfly Keepsake Craft

Clay Footprint Ring Dish

We don’t know about you, but we’re up for any kids’ crafts that centralize sensory experiences, and this adorable clay footprint certainly checks that box. After all, your preschool kid gets to paint their feet, and you can paint them for your little hooligans, creating clay footprint ring dishes in the shape of butterflies.

Our favorite part is that you can customize this clay spring craft for babies, older kids, and kids of all ages. It’ll also give you a beautiful keepsake.

Read about the Clay Footprint Ring Dish Butterfly Keepsake Craft on Messy Little Monster.

15. Paper Bag Tiara

Paper Bag Tiara

Are your preschool girls in their fairy phases? Imagine how thrilled they’ll be with spring flower tiaras! You can pick up the art supplies at your local grocery store and have them adorning their tiaras with artificial flowers. Additionally, the gorgeous headpiece would make an excellent costume accessory.

Get the instructions for Paper Bag Tiara on Happy Hooligans.

16. Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft

Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy fun and easy paper plate crafts like this hot air balloon one. They can have fun creating their personalized air balloon designs with shapes, patterns, and even glitter and stickers! Also, if your kid can handle safety scissors, here’s a chance for them to develop fine motor and scissor skills.

Get the details for the Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers from Toot’s Mom Is Tired.

17. Super Cute Toilet Tube Frog Craft for Kids

Toilet Tube Frog

Toilet tubes are versatile, making for the best spring crafts for kids, and who doesn’t love recycling? If you’ve taken your kids for a nature walk, have they seen frogs in any lakes? They might enjoy making them from scratch, well, toilet tubes.

This great project is super easy, and you can make it easier with the template. Also, we can’t forget the rolled up tongue, a quirky little detail that adds to the overall charm!

Explore the Super Cute Toilet Tube Frog Craft for Kids on The Inspiration Edit.

18. Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids

Sticky Flower Garden

Sensory art is a creative way of engaging preschoolers. And now is the perfect time for a walk since spring flowers bloom and fill the air with their stunning scents.

Let the children pick flower petals, leaves, and stems. Then, they can make their indoor field, sticking their collection in a gorgeous floral display. Just brace yourself for the butterflies that’ll try to feed on the flowers’ nectar!

Read more about Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids on Fantastic Fun and Learning.

19. Spring Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Garden

Paper Plate Garden

Nothing says springtime like a miniature paper plate garden with moving bees! This is one of our go-to spring projects for class. After all, it isn’t messy, and your students can each make a flower, contributing to the bigger project. Additionally, it can enhance their motor skills, and you can keep the colorful mini garden to decorate the classroom.

Explore the Spring Crafts for Kids Paper Plate Garden on Crafts By Ria.

20. Thumbprint Bugs Craft for Toddlers

Thumbprint Bugs

Are you looking for kids’ crafts to engage your preschooler and toddler? This simple idea is a chance for them to explore bugs and work their way through any fear of insects they might have with their fingerprints. As a plus, they can develop fine motor skills.

You can help your little one while letting your older one do the project on their own. Finally, we like the free printable jar idea, inviting your children to ‘catch’ insects in them.

Find the details for Thumbprint Bugs Craft for Toddlers on Toot’s Mom Is Tired.

21. Spring Crafts for Kids: Nest and Baby Bird Craft

Nest and Baby Bird Craft

Kids of all ages can join in the fun of such easy ideas. If they love spring, they probably get excited when they spot bird nests in nature. So, let them get creative and make nests with baby birds!

Thanks to the templates for the nest, bird, and beaks, we can see how this is one of the art activities that work for large groups. We also like the use of materials other than just cardboard, such as feathers and yarn, adding versatile textures to the project.

Find out more about Spring Crafts for Kids: Nest and Baby Bird Craft on Buggy and Buddy.

To conclude, these art activities and ideas are about recreating elements from nature that we associate with spring. Let us know which ideas in this awesome collection inspire you the most?



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