Craft Ideas for Tweens

Published: April 15, 2022

Keeping teens and tweens occupied all summer long can prove challenging for parents, especially if they’re raising an easily bored tween or two. However, with a few basic supplies that you’ll find lying around the house, you can keep your kids busy by introducing them to the super fun world of crafting.

Paper crafts, jewelry, string art, and friendship bracelets are just a few of the fun craft projects that children and adults can create together. In this article, we’ve curated a bunch of fun art projects that’ll keep tweens engaged all year round. So keep reading if you’re looking for cool crafting ideas the whole family can enjoy!

1. Doily and Lace Dream Catcher

You can make a dreamcatcher with an embroidery hoop, vintage sheets, a doily, and lots of lace! This project is super easy to create and loads of fun, too. Plus, the final result brings an element of mysticism into your home, which is great if you’re big on spirituality.

To learn how to make a Doily and Lace Dream Catcher, check out the tutorial at Happiness Is Homemade.

2. Glass Photo Magnets

If you’d like to try craft projects that make good gifts, check out these glass photo magnets that you can create with very few supplies. They’re simple to make and are a creative way to display pictures of family around the house.

This project is one of the most sentimental crafts for tweens, so you can also give the glass magnets as gifts.

Visit Mod Podge Rocks for the low-down on how to create Glass Photo Magnets.

3. DIY Flower Monogram

Basic supplies are all you need to create DIY wall art, and this DIY flower monogram will provide a great bonding experience for you and your tweens. When you’re done with this project, you can let your tween hang it in their own room to give them a sense of accomplishment.

You’ll find a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create this DIY Flower Monogram at Decoist.

4. Homemade Rainbow Soap

Teens and tweens will enjoy making some colorful soap because it’s one of the most fun summer projects out there. In particular, they’ll get a kick out of how the bright colors of the soap bring more fun to bath-time and the science behind soap-making.

To learn how to make Homemade Rainbow Soap, visit Mod Podge Rocks for the step-by-step tutorial.

5. Wish Bracelets

For a fun and creative twist on friendship bracelets, tweens can try their hands at making wish bracelets. Your kids will love the idea of these projects because they make great gifts to give to their friends.

Head over to Happy Hour Projects for a guide that’ll get you started with Wish Bracelets.

6. Pony Bead Lizards

If you have boys who love dinosaurs, they’ll get a kick out of making these cool pony bead lizards using colorful beads.

Whether you use beads of the same color or decide to mix them up, you’ll engage in a worthwhile summer activity that produces a final standout product. Don’t forget to keep a book on reptiles on hand, so you can keep up the conversation with your kids!

Visit Sugar Bee Crafts for instructions on how to make Pony Bead Lizards.

7. Handmade Earrings

This fun and easy project create earrings and other jewelry by molding clay into various shapes. Jewelry crafts are great for older kids who are beginning to develop an interest in fashion, and these handmade earrings are no exception. Also, you can encourage your girls to explore making their own designs, incorporating beads and other materials.

You can learn how to make these beautiful Homemade Earrings by visiting Mod Podge Rocks.

8. Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cups

Let your kids personalize their back-to-school supplies with these super cute washi tape pencils and cups. This project can be completed in 15 minutes flat, making it one of the easy crafts you can do with your tweens.

Moreover, the stylish finished product will make your children popular among their friends, all with no glue, cardboard, or glitter requiredtalk about a budget-friendly craft!

You’ll find the tutorial on how to make these Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cups at Happiness Is Homemade.

9. No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

With nothing more than a pair of scissors, your tweens can have fun transforming their old T-shirts into a tote bag. Better yet, this craft is strictly no-sewing required, which adds to its accessibility!

To learn how to recycle your children’s old shirts by creating this No-Sew T-shirt Tote Bag, visit Craftaholics Anonymous.

10. Mousepad With Scrapbook Paper

With some scrapbook paper, you can create your very own mouse pad. Projects like this are highly customizable and pretty practical, too. You can use thick cardboard for the base or give an old mousepad a facelift. To jazz the final project up a bit, consider using colored paper.

Head over to Mod Podge Rocks to learn how to create a Mousepad With Scrapbook Paper.

11. Duct Tape Wallet

In addition to being a fun project, duct tape wallets are the perfect way to sneak in some money management tips while having fun with your children.

Teens, tweens, and older kids who get an allowance won’t even know they’re being lecturedthey’ll be too busy having a blast doing this cool project.

Check out Frugal Fun 4 Boys for the tutorial on how to create this cool Duct Tape Wallet.

12. Washer Necklace

If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry craft that’s great for kids and adults alike, you can’t go wrong with a washer necklace. This craft makes cool summer projects and produces a finished product your child will be proud to show off to their friends.

You can use leather cords to give the necklace a touch of class, though beads and satin cords will do.

Visit Mod Podge Rocks to learn how to create this inexpensive Washer Necklace.

13. Star-Spangled Shoes

Acrylic paint and a star-shaped stencil make a great team when it comes to jazzing up a pair of blank sneakers. This colorful project gets inspiration from the Independence holidays, letting your tween celebrate the fourth of July in style.

To create Star-Spangled Shoes that’ll show off your child’s patriotic side, head over to Happiness Is Homemade for a tutorial that shows how.

14. DIY Dry Erase Boards From Frames

Crafts like these DIY erase boards boost your child’s problem-solving and decision-making skills. In addition, they’ll learn how to make homemade products instead of buying store-bought ones.

Since this project is a bit challenging, you can let your kid start with a 4 x 6 frame to test the waters and then go bigger when they’re more comfortable with the results. Also, mixing different colors of washi tape is recommended for a more compelling result.

Get out the washi tape and have fun building this DIY Dry Erase Boards From Frames by following the tutorial over at Mod Podge Rocks.

15. Color-Saturated Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make soaking in the tub a fun experience, and so these color-saturated bath bombs make awesome gifts. They’re also highly customizable because there’s no limit to the shapes, sizes, and colors you can make them in.

The secret to making them fizz is in the cornstarch and baking soda, while food coloring brightens up bath time.

To learn how to make these Color-Saturated Bath Bombs, visit DIY Candy for the full tutorial.

16. Cute Concrete Planter

Get your kids out of the house and into the garden with this DIY art project. Using molds made of recycled materials and some concrete mix, the whole family can have fun giving the planters a friendly facelift.

Tweens will enjoy this project and may even develop a love for gardening and green thumb.

Visit Instructables for the tutorial on how to create a Cute Concrete Planter.

17. Easy DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

For a fun way to store your jewelry, try making a jewelry dish. Not only are these projects incredibly rewarding to make, but they also involve baking, presenting an opportunity for some mom and daughter bonding!

These cute crafts will require some clay and a willingness to get your hands dirty, but they’ll be worth it in the end.

Head over to Hello Glow for the tutorial on how to create this fun Easy DIY Clay Jewelry Dish.

18. Make Your Own Lip Balm

This project is a fun way to fight chapped lips as fall makes way for winter, and during the summer and spring, your tweens will have one less thing to spend their pocket money on.

Make Your Own Lip Balm using a few inexpensive ingredients by following this 10-minutes tutorial from Happiness Is Homemade.

19. Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes

You can glam up your tween’s blank sneakers with this colorful project involving tie-dye. For the best results, control the way the colors of the dye run over the shoes using a foam brush. Also, make sure to have lots of masking tape on hand and a tie-dye kit. While you’re at it, you can do some tie-dye T-shirts as well.

You’ll find the tutorial explaining how to achieve these Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes at A Pumpkin And A Princess.

20. Glitter Shoes

Teen craft ideas and glitter make a dynamic duo. And when you throw in some old pumps, you’ll have these glitter shoes that bring some bling into your kid’s wardrobe and brighten up their summer.

You can do some pretty fun things with the glitter, like arranging it into hearts or other interesting shapes. In addition, you can vary the amount of glitter applied to the shoe and where it’s applied.

Mod Podge Rocks provides a tutorial on how to craft these Glitter Shoes.

21. Paint Scrape Notecards

You can create paint scrape notecards with a few simple supplies readily available at home, and they can make awesome gifts for the most precious people in your life.

This is one of the most colorful DIY art projects that are loads of fun to do with your kids. However, you’ll be making a huge mess, so keep some cleaner on hand in preparation.

Visit Persia Lou for the step-by-step tutorial on how to make these Paint Scrape Notecards.

22. Pom-Pom Throw Pillows

Pillows and pom-poms collide with this ultra-fun and fluffy craft that’s great for boys, girls, tweens, and adults. You’ll need a blank pillow and lots of yarn for the pom-poms (preferably cotton, for extra softness) to get off the ground, and when you’re done, you can take a well-deserved nap for your efforts.

The pom-poms add vibrance to minimalistic pillows, and you’ll get loads of points from an interior design perspective.

Learn how to create Pom-Pom Throw Pillows over at Sincerely Saturday.

23. God’s Eyes Craft

Tween crafts that involve yarn can be a fun and educational way to keep your kids busy because they involve a little more concentration and technique than the other tween craft ideas on this list.

For example, this craft will have your kids working with yarn and sticks all summer long and even has the potential to develop into a lifelong hobby learned during childhood.

Learn how to create a beautiful wall hanging like this God’s Eyes Craft at Persia Lou.

24. Sharpie Dot Flower Pot Craft

Gardening isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of crafts tweens can enjoy. However, they’ll enjoy creating a sharpie DIY flower pot. Using a steady hand, some colored sharpies, and sticker letters, teenage boys or girls can decorate a blank flower pot with their name, making this one of the most enjoyable crafts for tweens.

Also, fun crafts like this one make great gifts if there’s a gardener or plant-lover in the family, so you’ll want to mark your calendar for any relatives that fit the description. Just get your sharpies ready, and start crafting! And if you want more sharpie-inspired crafts, head over to Craft Whack.

Check out DIY Candy for the tutorial on how to personalize your flower pots with this Sharpie Dot Flower Pot Craft.

25. Marbled Smartphone Case

If you’re looking for cute ideas that make great crafts for teens, look no further than this marbled smartphone case. To get started, you’ll need an inexpensive blank plastic smartphone case and supplies like nail polish to make the patterns and designs.

Although crafts like this are geared toward teenagers, they also make great crafts for tweens who are old enough to own a smartphone.

Visit The Spruce Crafts for the complete tutorial for Marbled Smartphone Case.

26. Upcycled Pop Tab Bracelets

In addition to being fun, crafts for tweens and teens can teach environmental awareness by using recycled materials, and these upcycled pop tab bracelets are the perfect example.

Teenage and tween girls can make bracelets using the tabs from recycled cans, adding a velvet ribbon to lend an elegant finish to this eco and fashionable craft.

You’ll find the tutorial for the Upcycled Pop Tab Bracelets at Destination Decoration.

27. DIY Eos Cupcake Lip Balm

Girls will appreciate the practical aspect of cute and easy craft ideas like this DIY lip balm. Using store-bought or recycled egg-shaped containers, you can make a flavored lip balm, adding edible sprinkles to give it the likeness of cupcakes.

You can even make it like a mother-daughter activity to strengthen the bond between you and your daughter. You can also borrow the lip balm from your daughter at a later date.

To learn how to make sweet crafts like this DIY Eos Cupcake Lip Balm, visit DIY Projects for Teens.

28. Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks

The last thing most tweens would want to do during the summer is open a book. However, with this emoji bookmark project, you’ll be sure to entice your kids to sit down and get their homework done.

Using yellow duct tape, folding techniques, and some seriously cool art skills, you can make emojis that express a range of emotions.

Learn how to create these cool Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks by visiting Schooling A Monkey.

29. DIY Element Jar Necklace

In this project, you’ll be collecting elements of nature such as grains of sand, tiny seashells, and seeds with your child and then adding them to a tiny jar. Once done with your nature walk, your tween can hang the jars on display or wear them proudly around their neck, carrying a fun summer memory around with them.

Although crafts stores and online shops sell necklaces like these, it’s loads more fun to make your own, especially when collecting the materials that go in the jars.

Create this DIY Element Jar Necklace by visiting MomDot for the tutorial.

30. Canvas String Art Graffiti

Add a touch of vibrancy to your kid’s bedroom with an all-day summer project involving strings and paint. You have the option of using spray paint or paint markers; whichever tool you reach for will depend on whether or not you mind the mess.

You can mix up the colors on your canvas by strategically painting different string sections. Just make sure to use bright hues in appreciation of summertime.

Juggling Act Mama teaches how to make a Canvas String Art Graffiti project, so head over there for the tutorial.

31. DIY Recycled Lightbulb Aquarium

DIY recycled lightbulb aquarium is another eco-project that’ll teach your child a thing or two about protecting the environment. Marimo moss balls (a type of algae) are put into recycled bulbs, which are then filled with water, rocks, and pebbles to give them an aquarium feel.

The bulbs can be closed and displayed on your tween’s dressing table. Be sure to reinforce the need for recycling when doing this project, as it’s something that’ll stick in your child’s memory any time they interact with these makeshift aquariums.

Visit Soap Deli News for the tutorial explaining how to make this DIY Recycled Lightbulb Aquarium.

32. Sparkle Tumblers

Give your tween something cool to take with them once school resumes by making sparkle tumblers. You’ll need lots of sequins and glitter to personalize the double-walled acrylic tumbler you’ll be working with, and only the finest glitter will do to reduce the inevitable mess.

Working with glitter requires a bit of care, and that’s what makes this project a great time-killer when entertaining bored kids.

To get started on this Sparkle Tumblers project, visit Sunshine and Hurricanes for the step-by-step guide.

33. Blinged-Out Keys

Give your child’s bedroom keys a glow-up using sparkly nail polish, glitter, beads, sequins, or other fashionable materials. Blinged-out keys are pretty fun to make and can be a quick way to get some time in with your little ones.

You can really spark your tween’s creativity by letting them choose the materials that’ll be used in the design. Additionally, any time your tween locks their bedroom door, the finished product will serve as a memento for the time you spent together.

A Thrifty Mom shows you how it’s done, so head over there for the Blinged-Out Keys tutorial.

34. DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

With beads, buttons, craft wires, feathers, and yarn, you can recreate those expensive-looking boho chic wall hangings you’ll find in boutiques. Crafts for tweens like this are great because moms and daughters can bond over beauty while unleashing their creativity as they produce cool and cute summer art. You can also choose different colors and styles of yarn and beads.

In addition, you can decorate your home with the final product of this super fun project.

Visit A Cultivated Nest for the step-by-step guide on creating this beautiful DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging.

Summertime with your tween children doesn’t have to be a chore. With so many crafts ideas and readily available supplies, you can keep your children engaged throughout the summer holidays. We hope that this article has given you all the inspiration you need to have a parent-child bonding session!



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