DIY Dotty Jeans

DIY dotty jeans

Make your own dotty jeans

You know all those cute dotty jeans you’ve been spying in the stores, and you’re all, “I should make some of those.”? Well, it’s even easier to make them than you originally thought. It’s almost too easy to make these.


  • Jeans
  • Fabric paint. (I used Tulip white velveteen paint in white.*)
  • Little round craft foam pouncer – I found mine at Michael’s, but these Martha Stewart pouncers look good, because there are different sizes to choose from. Oooooh different sizes of dots could look cute, too.

Wash your jeans and dry them first, then stick thick paper or cardboard pieces inside the legs. You can practice your dots first on paper to get the feel of how much paint to load up the pouncer with.


Then all you do is dot away. Eyeball where they should be spaced, and they certainly don’t have to look perfect. I went with a lighter dot because I liked the look of it as opposed to a completely filled-in, paint-covered dot.

DIY dotty jeans

Let one side dry and then flip over and do the other side.

DIY dotty jeans! Easy, easy, easy

This is surely one of my lowest word-count blog posts, because that’s all there is to it.

*I chose this paint because of the matte finish, but I didn’t know you can actually give it a velveteen finish by holding a hot iron above the surface. Cool!

Click links to buy the paint and pouncers on Amazon. Jeans are from Target (of course :))

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