Mom Painting Ideas

Mom Painting Ideas

Painting is an enjoyable hobby that kids seem to love. If you want to improve your kids’ painting skills, you can start with some adorable mom painting ideas. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you’ll find what you need here.

We’ve made a list of many painting ideas appropriate for mother’s day or simply appreciating mothers without an occasion. So grab your painting tools, and jump in!

Easy Mother’s Day Craft

If you don’t mind a little mess, then you can let your kids have a field day making this adorable craft. It requires paint, paint brushes, paper, and a few other materials. They’ll make a massive painting with the word “mom” gracing it in the middle. After they’re finished, you can hang the picture in your classroom or the kids’ room.

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Handprint Butterfly Mother’s Day Craft

If your kids are too young to hold a brush and paint with it, you can let them make a handprint craft. First, you’ll paint their hand in whatever color you want. Then, you can let them press it tightly on paper to create the butterfly’s wings.

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Mom Rock Portrait

You can let your kids paint this mom rock portrait as a creative take on the usual mom paintings. All you have to do is give them paint and polished rocks. Then, they can paint a portrait on each stone and write a sweet message on the other side. Of course, they can also make portraits for the whole family.

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Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Art

For this year’s mother’s day, your kids can make this adorable handprint art. First, they’ll create cute flowers made of colorful handprints with a green stalk. Then, they can write a short message beneath the flower.

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Mother’s Day Paint Pouring Canvas Art

Paint pouring is a fun and chaotic technique that breeds beautiful results. Instead of the usual painting, you can make this adorable canvas art with your kids. After you’re done with the pouring part, you can stick “MOM” letters in the middle of your canvas. And voila! You have a perfect mother’s day gift to brag about.

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DIY Mother’s Day Canvas

You can use watercolors or acrylic paints for this project, but you’ll need many bright shades to get the desired result. Since it requires adult supervision, you can paint the canvas with your kids. They’ll draw a heart in the middle with the word “mom” on it, then paint around it with different colors.

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Mother’s Day Banner

If you have an unwanted, old book, you can give your kids some papers out of it so that they can make this beautiful banner. First, they’ll cut a triangle at the bottom of each page to resemble an actual banner. Then, they’ll paint the word “mommy” on the banner, with each letter taking a page. After painting, you can let them decorate the letters with glitter.

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Mother’s Day Card Craft

This cute card will make a perfect gift for mothers on their special day. It has a colorful, bright design that kids will love. However, it has many details and might be challenging for them. So for better results, they should make it under adult supervision.

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Birds Mother’s Day Card

For a simple yet elegant mother’s day card, you can draw a mother bird with two little birds standing side by side. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to paint and won’t take much of your time. Also, you can print readymade bird templates to avoid the hassle of drawing them yourself.

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Hand-Lettered Mother’s Day Rock

If you trust your handwriting and painting skills, you can attempt those cute hand-lettered rocks. First, you’ll paint the stone in a swirly fashion with bright colors. Then, you can write the words carefully on it with a black marker.

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DIY Kids Mother’s Day Canvas Painting

This idea is perfect for little kids because of how simple it is. In addition, it’s tremendously fun to paint. First, the kids will paint beautiful roses with green stalks using a lettuce head and red paint. Then, they can write a short, sweet message for their mother on paper.

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Mother’s Day Portrait

If you’re a teacher and want the kids to create cute gifts for their mothers, you can give them those cute portraits to attempt. They can get creative and use whatever colors they want. In addition to the mothers’ appreciation for those adorable gifts, the kids will have tremendous fun creating them.

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I Love You Mom Glitter Painting

This idea is pretty simple, cute, and lots of fun to paint. First, you can encourage the kids to draw a giant butterfly with wings. Then, they can put glue over the areas they want to paint with glitter. Before the glue dries, pour the glitter over the paper for a sparkling effect.

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DIY Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

If you have a Cricut machine, you’ll love this idea. It’s fun to create, and it has a cute design that’s guaranteed to impress all mothers. And for the best part, this art project doesn’t require advanced painting skills.

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Floral Vine Mom Rock Painting

This idea is more suitable for adults because it’s challenging for kids to paint such intricate details on rocks. Also, it’d be best if you used paint marker pens for painting because they’ll come in handy when working on small pieces.

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Mother’s Day Canvas of Love

This idea is pretty fun to make with toddlers. You’ll need a rectangular canvas in any size you like and acrylic paint to get it done.

Then, after finishing the bright painting, you’ll add a final cute touch by letting your kids paint their hands or feet on it. It’ll be adorable documentation for their childhood and a perfect mother’s day gift.

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Mother’s Day Silhouette Painting

You can let your kids have fun with this easy silhouette painting. Since it’s colorful and lovely, you can hang it anywhere in your place. As a start, you can cut out the shape you want in the middle of your painting then attach it to a canvas. After that, you can let your kids paint over the shape using whatever colors they like.

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Q-Tip Dandelion Mother’s Day Card

Instead of painting with a brush, your kids will use Q-tips this time. First, they’ll use green paint to draw the stalks. Then, they can use white paint and dap lightly to create a dandelion texture. It’s worth mentioning that this card requires a dark background to bring out the white color.

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Scandinavian Design Mother’s Day Rock

Do you want to unleash your artistic talents for this year’s mother’s day? Then, you can attempt those remarkable Scandinavian design rocks. They might look like a challenge at first, but they’re pretty easy and fun to create.

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Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

You can challenge your painting skills with this elegant, heartwarming mother’s day card. You’ll paint various flowers on the card’s corners, then write a sweet message in the center. The card will take some effort on your side. However, by the time you’re finished, it’ll be worth it.

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Now that you have many mom painting ideas to try out, you don’t have to waste time thinking about this year’s mother’s day gift!

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She lives with a group of close friends and believes in the natural way of life. Joanne has built an outdoor arts and crafts gallery that overlooks the countryside in her hometown, which is where all of her creations come to life.

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