Sun and Moon Painting Ideas

Published: February 17, 2022

Now and then, every artist in the world hits a wall when trying to come up with a new painting idea, which is why they start looking for inspiration. And what better place to look for it than the internet?

If you’re thinking about a celestial theme for your next art project, you should check out the following sun and moon painting ideas.

We’ve put together some of the classics as well as some out-of-the-box painting ideas that are bound to inspire your next creation. So, keep reading and get those creative juices flowing!!!

Simple Sun and Moon for Kids

If you’re looking for something simple for your kid to follow, then this cute sun and moon is just the thing.

It’ll teach your kids all about warm and cool color tones, and they’ll be able to experiment with color gradation and shading.

But, most importantly, they’ll have tons of fun, especially when adding their own artistic touch to the painting.

Learn how to paint this Simple Sun and Moon for Kids on Easy Peasy and Fun.

Intermingled Sun and Moon

This intermingled sun-and-moon design is excellent if you want to paint on a small canvas. Its simplicity makes it accessible to beginners and kids, but it’s still quite polished and artsy.

Of course, you can always follow the original template and add your own touches here and there. But, even if you don’t, the painting will still be very cool and will brighten up your living space.

Learn how to draw an Intermingled Sun and Moon on Easy Drawing Guides.

Two-Set Sun and Moon

Who said you have to draw the sun and the moon in the same painting? Why not do each illustration separately but still link the two paintings somehow?

Whether you add an interesting background or draw the sun and moon in the same style, you’ll be able to see your creativity come to light as you try to find a way to connect the two paintings.

Make sure to check out the Two-Set Sun and Moon on Etsy.

Sun and Moon Flow Art

If you want to challenge yourself a bit, why not try this more intricate sun and moon painting? It incorporates free drawing, which is just giving rein to your artistic tendencies and letting go. So, get your painting supplies in hand, and let your imagination run free.

Get inspired by the Sun and Moon Flow Art on Arty Crafty Kids.

Floral Sun and Moon

If you think that flowers should remain in the ground and have nothing to do with the sky, then this art piece will change your mind. Not only does it add so much color and life to the painting, but it also adds an element of interest to a relatively straightforward idea.

So, choose your colors, and start painting your favorite flowers.

Take a look at this Floral Sun and Moon painting on Etsy.

Paint by Numbers

Do you want to have an incredible sun and moon painting but aren’t too sure you have the skill to paint it from scratch? Well, nothing will suit your purposes more than this beautiful paint by numbers sun and moon artwork. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also so easy to make. Kids can also paint it.

Follow the instructions for this Paint by Numbers idea on Paint by Numbers Canvas.

Abstract Sun and Moon

Beauty doesn’t always equate to intricacy. Sometimes, you can find it in simple things. So, if you aren’t that fond of detailed paintings, why not go with this abstract sun and moon design?

It isn’t too loud or complicated, but you can still see the sun and moon in it quite clearly. Best of all, when you paint it, you’re sure to end up with an artwork that’s one of a kind.

Check out this Abstract Sun and Moon painting on Etsy.

Yin and Yang

The yin-and-yang symbol is an ingenious way of representing the conflicting yet harmonious natures of the moon and sun. That being said, it’d make perfect sense to merge the two ideas.

This painting does just that, and it looks pretty impressive to boot. You can paint the yin and yang wholly in black and white, or you can whip out your colors for a more cheerful piece. Either way, the final artwork will be breathtaking.

Take a look at all the wonderful Yin and Yang designs on Yin and Yang Paradise.

Split Sun and Moon

For a more imaginative take on the sun and moon, this painting depicting a split sun with a moon coming out of it is truly magnificent. It captures all the mystical celestial vibes you should see in a sun and moon painting, yet it does so in a new and creative way.

Take inspiration from this Split Sun and Moon on Etsy.

Witchy Sun and Moon

If you’d like to incorporate another element into your painting, you might want to add a black cat to really bring about those witchy vibes.

This is an effortless way to spice up a sun and moon theme, and the resulting painting will also be so beautiful and mystical that you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Make sure to take a look at this Witchy Sun and Moon on Etsy.

Mandala Art Sun and Moon

Every so often, each artist likes a challenge. So, if you want a complex and intricate sun and moon painting, you can try out this mandala art-inspired piece.

Thankfully, it doesn’t require too many supplies other than some acrylic paint and some dotting tools. However, it’ll genuinely test your concentration and patience, so be ready to put in some effort.

Get inspired by this Mandala Art Sun and Moon artwork on Etsy.

Silhouetted Day and Night Tree

As beautiful as the sun and moon are, it isn’t always easy to make them the center of a terrific artwork.

That’s why you should try adding another point that’ll make them stand out more. Accordingly, it would help if you tried putting them in the background of this day and night painting.

This way, they’ll pop out more, and you’ll have yourself a genuinely marvelous artwork.

Learn how to draw a Silhouetted Day and Night Tree painting on Art Room Britt.

Astrological Sun and Moon

If you’re a fan of astrology and tarot cards, then you should try painting this other-worldly sun and moon painting. It showcases the beauty of the moon in all its different phases.

However, it also doesn’t undermine the lure of the sun. All in all, it’s an outstanding piece, and the cherry on the top is that you won’t struggle too much with the painting process.

Check out this awesome Astrological Sun and Moon painting on Etsy.

Zodiac Sun and Moon

Since both the sun and moon are related to astrology and zodiac signs, then it’d make perfect sense to combine these facets.

So, whatever your zodiac sign is, be it Libra, Aquarius, or Leo, you should try incorporating it into a sun and moon painting. The end product will look truly outstanding, and it’ll be a great way to start a conversation with someone new.

Take inspiration from this Zodiac Sun and Moon painting on Etsy.

Boho Sun and Moon

One more great painting that you can try your hand at is this boho-inspired sun and moon design. Honestly, its beauty lies in its simplicity, and as we all know, the simpler it is, the easier it’ll be to execute.

All you have to do is choose your colors wisely, and you’ll be just fine.

Take a closer look at this Boho Sun and Moon design on Etsy.

Sun and Moon Hourglass Design

Our final painting idea is this ingenious hourglass sun and moon design. It truly puts a new spin on an otherwise retro design, and most importantly, it makes for a beautiful art piece.

Still, the best thing about this idea is that it isn’t too hard to execute. Just paint a regular hourglass, then fill it out with all the sun and moon elements you like.

Make sure to see this Sun and Moon Hourglass Design on Etsy.

Astrological Sun and Moon

If you’re into astrology and zodiac signs, this idea will appeal to you as it’s always fun to paint something that coincides with your beliefs and interests.

However, if you’re not the biggest fan of astrology, it still offers beautiful aesthetic illustrations of the sun and moon to take inspiration from.

For more inspiration on an astrological sun moon painting, visit Pinterest.

Sun and Moon in an Hourglass

Before you start painting this idea, you should know there are a lot of variations of this to consider. For example, you have a lot of versatility in drawing the hourglass itself, like its shape and glass decorations.

You can also choose different things to put inside; For example, instead of drawing sand inside, you can draw little stars to fit the sun moon theme.

To learn more about sun and moon hourglass paintings, here’s an example by Red Bubble.

Sun and Moon Split Canvas

This is a painting that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. For starters, the two canvases can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical. You can hang them parallel but off-center for a unique aesthetic or go wild and complete the painting on more than two canvases.

If you’ve decided on this painting idea, here’s an example of a split canvas sun and moon painting by Gallerist.

Classic Outer Space Painting

Instead of looking for different ideas for your painting, why not go with the classic outer space painting featuring both the sun and the moon?

You can also create a very interesting background by adding things like space dust, distant galaxies, stars, asteroids, or nebula.

For an example of an outer space painting, visit Fine Art America.

The Sun Hugging the Moon

This is one of the more wholesome paintings on our list. And there are two ways to go at this – the first one painting little arms for the sun and moon for hugging.

The second is painting the sun and moon close together and having the sun rays act as arms that bring the moon closer to itself. In our opinion, the second idea is more captivating.

For reference, here’s a sun hugging moon painting on Etsy.

Sun and Moon Quote Art

This works by painting a background that’s aesthetic yet simple. Since the main focus of the painting shouldn’t be the drawings but the quote itself, putting too many details into the painting will only take away from the quote.

Then, in a font you like, you can either write a quote you love or do a quick Google search for quotes.

If you’d like to try this out, here’s an example of a sun and moon quote art by QuotesGram.

Half Sun, Half Moon

This idea can be implemented in two ways. First, you can paint outer space as the background and paint a realistic half sun and half moon.

On the other hand, you can also go for a more cartoonish look and give the sun and moon faces, which allows you to play around more with the painting – for example, giving the sun a happy face and the moon a sad one.

For reference, check out a half sun, half moon video tutorial by Trippydraws.

Solar Eclipse Painting

Technically speaking, the solar eclipse features both the sun and the moon. And you can paint the solar eclipse in two ways according to your skills as a painter.

If you’re a more advanced painter, you can paint a realistic-looking solar eclipse featuring the sunset-like sky that comes with it. On the other hand, for beginner and younger painters, a cartoonish solar eclipse is a better idea for you to paint.

For inspiration, check out this example of a solar eclipse painting on Fine Art America.

The Moon Inside the Sun

The most popular way of making this is by painting the sun split into two halves. The 3D version of this should have the sun looking like two hollow semi-spheres.

Then you can draw the moon inside the sphere. And again, this idea can also work by adding faces to the sun and moon.

For more information, here’s a painting of the moon inside the sun on Pinterest.

Abstract Sun and Moon Painting

Abstract painting allows you to step outside the box and assign the painting and its subjects your own meaning to them. This is a relatively personal form of painting that not everyone understands.

If you’re not feeling like painting another default painting of the sun and moon, try exploring abstract painting.

For an example of an abstract sun and moon painting, visit Artmajeur.

Tree Silhouette With the Sun and Moon

This is one of the prettiest and most captivating paintings on our list. For starters, tree silhouettes are always a win. And you can make the branches and leaves as detailed as you want.

On one side of the tree, you can have a few birds, the shining sun, and a generally cheery vibe associated with the daytime. And on the other side, you can paint an owl, the moon, and a starry sky.

To learn more about this fun project, here’s an example of a tree silhouette with the sun and moon on Pinterest.

Sun and Moon and Sunflowers

This is another painting idea with more than one implementation. The first one is drawing the sun and moon themselves as the sunflower. It’s sort of like the solar eclipse in the sense that the moon is placed in front of the sun as the center of the flower, and the sun’s rays shine behind the moon as the flower’s petals.

On the other hand, you can paint a sunflower field facing the bright sun and away from the moon. However, painting a field of sunflowers is a more laborious painting compared to the first idea.

For inspiration, check out this implementation of the sun and moon as a sunflower on Etsy.

Sun and Moon as Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese symbol that, in summary, means that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality. It’s a beautiful concept that can easily be implemented as a painting using the sun and moon.

You can either paint the sun and moon as the black and white half-circles of the yin and yang symbol or leave the black and white and replace the two dots with the sun and moon.

For more, view this video tutorial of the sun and moon as yin and Yang by Benmarx Art.

Sun and Moon as Eyes

This painting is one of the more difficult ones on our list. Mainly because painting a symmetrical and coherent face is a slightly advanced skill.

However, if you’re a beginner and still want to paint this idea, you can paint more cartoonish facial features that tend to be more forgiving than realistic features. And then replace the eyes with the sun and moon.

Here’s an example of the sun and moon as eyes on ArtStation.

Sun and Moon in Water Reflection

This is also a more advanced painting. The general gist is drawing a body of water, usually a lake, with the sunset over it. But instead of having it reflect the colorful sun rays, the lake reflects the moon and a starry night.

To further decorate your painting, you can draw a simple forest or mountains on the horizon behind the lake.

If you’re interested in painting the sun and moon in water reflection, check out this painting on Wattpad.

Our list featured ideas of different difficulty levels. So whether you’ve just started painting or you’re more advanced, you’ll find ideas that spike your interest and are appropriate to your skill level.

For instance, some examples of the more straightforward paintings on our list are the Yin and Yang, half moon, half sun, and the quote art. However, more advanced ideas were the sun and moon water reflection and the sun and moon as eyes.

Now that we’ve come to the end of all our sun and moon painting ideas, we hope you were able to find something that struck a chord with your inner artist. And we wish you the best of luck on your painting journey. But, most importantly, remember to have fun as you go along!



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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I especially loved the idea of using contrasting colors to represent the sun and moon in a single painting. It creates a striking visual effect that truly captures the essence of these celestial bodies. One additional insight I would suggest is to experiment with different textures to add depth and dimension to your sun and moon paintings. For example, you could use a palette knife to create a textured, impasto effect for the sun’s surface, while using a smoother brushstroke for the moon to create a contrast in texture. Another idea is to incorporate symbolism into your paintings. The sun and moon have been symbolic in various cultures and mythologies, representing themes such as balance, duality and transformation. Adding symbolic elements can add a deeper meaning to your artwork and create a more engaging experience for viewers.

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