15+ Unique Gifts for Teen Artists

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Buying gifts for teen artists is super duper dope. They most likely haven’t amassed a ton of great art supplies yet, so you can help pave their way for a lifelong love of art supplies.

There are 2 ways to approach buying art gifts for teens: The first is that you could start them out immediately with the highest-quality art supplies so they never have to know the terrible pain of using sub-par materials, or you could ease them into an art supplies addiction with a mixture of basic and professional supplies.

I’m going to go the second route here and offer up a smattering of good-quality art gifts that don’t break the old bank.

Gifts for Teen Artists

 Town Square Modern Brights Quilt Kit Marker Accordion Organizer Art Journaling With Watercolor, Ink & More

• This first gift idea is a kit with everything you need to make the quilt. It’s for teens who like to sew, or want to learn to sew. It’s perfect for beginners, but I’m thinking they’ll need to have someone with them who knows a little about sewing if they are a complete beginner.

• Teens who love their markers will go bonkers over this accordion organizer. Spread it out or fold it up into a cube, and they’ll be able to access their markers easily.

• This online class is such an amazing way to combine journaling and art-making, and what teen doesn’t need a little creative internal exploration?

 Drawing and Illustration Basics Make a Book of Their Art Prismacolor Mixed Media Set

• I firmly believe that every artist should have as much drawing instruction as they can amass, and the more teachers the better. This online class is perfect for teens who like to draw, or want to get better. If they can learn and practice a bunch of different drawing skills, they can apply this knowledge to any creative endeavor.

• Make a professional, hard cover book of their artwork. You can do a retrospective from when they were wee littles, or just include their more recent work. This is an AWESOME idea, if I do say so myself.

• This is the teen version of those art kits for kids that have all sorts of art supplies included. This more sophisticated version is a mix of various types of colored pencils from Prismacolor.

 Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera Mastering Hand-Lettering: Your Practical Guide to Creating and Styling the Alphabet Faber Castell Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set, Assorted

• Despite the great-quality cameras most teens have on their phones, they sure do love their retro instant cameras.

• Such a fun book for hand-lettering, and don’t forget the pens! We love this set from Faber Castell.

 Wacom Intuos, Small Black art tablet Gelli printing plate Sakura 24-Color Watercolors Field Set with Brush

• Am I wrong to say that any artist teen would go nuts over a Wacom tablet? I love how far down in price they’ve come, all while going way up in quality.

• I can’t stop recommending Gelli plates to everyone I know, and teens are no exception. These little things are so addictive and fun, and really easy to get going making monoprints quickly. Don’t forget the paints, paper and a brayer. See what you need for Gelli printing here.

• Yes, yes, yes to a set of Koi Watercolors with this cool little brush! This is non-stop painting fun in a cute little box. Show your teens all of these watercolor techniques to get them inspired. Sakura 8-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro Drawing Kit LEGO Architecture The Eiffel Tower

• It’s fun to see how 3D printing kits are evolving. This is totally out of my wheelhouse, but I would choose this one for my teen. (We bought a different one for my step son 2 years ago, and it’s already obsolete. But he LOVES it!)

• This is a no-brainer for teens getting into comic drawing. Just grab them some paper and markers for coloring-in.

• We bought this set for my daughter when she was 14, and she had the time of her life putting it together. Perfect for creative teens.

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gift ideas for teen artists

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