DIY Stenciled Birdhouses

This bird house project can be taken in a few different ways. I’ve included instructions for how to make your own bird house (out of a single piece of wood!), or you can buy a pre-made birdhouse and just paint and stencil it.

We made our stencils using the Cricut Maker, but there are plenty of stencils you can buy if you don’t have a Cricut. See how versatile this project is? It’s even fun to get the kids involved if they are ready for woodworking or painting.

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Birdhouse Supplies

How to Make the Birdhouse

Cut the board according to the diagram below. (Click on it to download a pdf to print out.)

diy birdhouse diagram for cutting and assembling board

  • Cut 3/4 inch off the length of one of the top panels — this will make the overhang even on both sides.
  • Sand all the parts smooth with 150-grit sandpaper.
  • On the front face, drill the 1-1/2-inch opening, three inches up from the bottom.
  • Glue the pieces together with wood glue according to the diagram.
  • Use masking or painters tape to hold pieces together while glue dries.
  • Add screws or nails for extra strength if wanted.

Painting the Birdhouse

Once the birdhouse is fully dry, paint it any color you’d like.

painted birdhouse with cut stencils

I found a stencil pattern in Cricut Design Space and resized it to match the sizes of the sides and roof of the birdhouse. You can access my stencils here, here, and here ( they are saved as 3 projects in Design Space), or use your own stencils.

You can cut these on cardstock or stencil plastic, and then use repositionable spray glue to adhere them to the wood before painting.

diy painted stenciled birdhouse

Makeup sponges make great stencil sponges, or you can use a stencil brush or foam spouncer. Apply the paint lightly and unevenly for a more weathered look, or evenly if you prefer that.

stenciling bird house

Let it dry and mount your birdhouse in a tree, or you can attach an eye hook to the top of it and hang it.

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stenciled birdhouse



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