How to Make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

Published: June 11, 2020

These DIY stepping stones make a garden or mulched area look extra fun, and you can choose from so many different items to make the mosaics with, and so many different mosaic designs.

You can make just one or a whole pathway, and you’ll have garden art that will last for years!

How to Make Mosaic Stepping Stones

If you get your kids involved in this craft, make sure they don’t touch the cement with their hands, and everybody should wear a mask when you are handling the dry cement powder – you don’t want to inhale that stuff.

Otherwise, make sure you have some newspapers or something else to lay under your work area to catch any messes.

Supplies for Mosaic Stepping Stones


or mortar

Bits of whatever you want to make the mosaic pattern with (we used pebbles)

Pie tins, plant saucers, or plastic stepping stone molds

Trowel for scooping mortar

Flat scraping tool for evening off the mortar after pouring

You could use this tool for mixing and scraping


*A note about the cement: We had a 20lb bucket of Quikrete and used that. It ended up making 2 stones, with a little leftover. It sets up quickly, so just mix up half the bag in the bucket per stone.

Lightly spray your mold with spray oil for easy release.

If you use mortar, mix up your mortar according to the directions on the bucket. You don’t want it too runny, about the consistency of thick cake batter.

mixing cement for stepping stones and a pile of river pebbles

Pour and trowel-scoop it into your mold and flatten the top.

Press your items in halfway so they will stay put after the mortar dries. Work fairly quickly, but don’t rush. You can use cement if you are just making one stone at a time; it sets up faster than mortar.

pressing river pebbles into a cement stepping stone diy

This stone is made with Quikrete cement because that’s what we happened to have, and by the end of my pebble spiral, it had gotten a little tough to push the pebbles in!

Ideas for Mosaic Stepping Stones

Mosaic Materials

  • marbles
  • glass beads
  • smashed old ceramics
  • glass shards
  • polymer clay beads
  • shells
  • pennies
  • painted pebbles
  • wooden beads

Patterns for Stepping Stones

  • spirals
  • randomly placed
  • star
  • concentric circles
  • swirl
  • arrow
  • flower
  • heart
  • pie wedges with different mosaic pieces/colors in each wedge

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